Top 5: Comic Book Dogs

1. Krypto (Superman)

2. Bandit (We3)

3. Kemlo Cesar (Top 10)

4. Cosmo (Guardians of the Galaxy)

5. Lockjaw (Pet Avengers)


  1. Dude what about Ace?

  2. No but seriously, where’s Rex? He’s the WONDER dog. I’m just gonna chalk it up that he was too cool for this list.

  3. Krypto is honestly one of my favourite DC characters.

  4. It looks like Lockjaw has a fu manchu.  Which is awesome.

  5. I’d put Lockjaw at #2, but fun list. I wonder where Black Bag, the Famous Border Bin Liner ranks.

  6. Is G’nort a dog? He always looks like a dog to me.

  7. Krypto is up there with Scooby Doo as all time awesome doggies. 

  8. It’s so nice to see Kemlo on here. I love TOP 10. This article just reminded me that I don’t own it. I’ll need to rectify that.

  9. i can’t disagree with any of these, but at the same time, I’ve got to say Ace the batdog is such amazing joke fodder. Why does he wear a mask? is he scared that the other dogs might recognize him? And why the cape? The image of a Dog trying to glide is funny till you realise it would just be a dog falling….

  10. Ahh We3. I gotta read that again.

  11. is it sad that Krypto is my favorite Superman related character?

  12. Being a fan of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I would like to nominate Ms. Lion for honorable mention.  

  13. I think I have to read Top 10 now because that character looks ridiculous.


    I love WE3. Just reread it a month ago.

  14. What about Science Dog from Kirkman’s Invincible? That recent one-shot containing all the previous shorts was hilarious.

  15. just reread top 10 and kemlo is one of my fav characters. Nice Job!

  16. I love Krypto so much and was so happy when he came back to modern comics.  I think it was the return to Krypton story.  Awesome.  Shouldn’t he be following Superman on his walk?  I mean while he’s out there, he could walk the dog.

  17. g’nort isn’t a dog. He does come from a dog like race called G’newteans.

    Great list.Any list with Lockjaw in it is made of win! 

  18. Am I the only one who remembers Sasafrass? 

  19. I/m not sure about this one- but isn’t Lockjaw an Inhuman

    I mean- rather he’s not a dog but someone exposed to the Terrigen Mists?

  20. @ericmci: Who is now a dog.

  21. Well, let’s hear him out. I mean, I could be breaking the rules of my own silly little list. Perhaps I *should* edit it.

  22. @ericmci/conor/josh: Wait……Lockjaw was a human?

    I thought he was just a dog with powers…. 

  23. I’m not being contentious, I’ve just always wondered about it.

    Is that the story b/c I remember reading that somewhere but he certainly seems like a  dog now- but is there a human like mind in there or is he just like a really really smart dog?

  24. @ericmci: It’s a gray area, I think. I’m not an Inhumans expert but he is portrayed often as a super smart dog who is a bit more.

  25. The continuity has shown it both ways, and I don’t think there’s a single answer. I use the Paul Jenkins Inhumans issue (#7…?) as my signpost, and that is: dog.

  26. The human angle would explain the dog’s incredible mustache.