Bruce Timm discusses ‘Superman: Doomsday’, ‘New Frontier’

Newsarama has a good interview with Bruce Timm in which he talks more about the straight-to-DVD DC movies in development. There’s quite a bit more information here than was discussed in his panel at Wonder Con, including more of the voice cast for New Frontier than has been revealed before.

This part is really interesting to me because he really didn’t say much about New Frontier in San Francisco:

NRAMA: How is New Frontier shaping up?

BT: I think it’s going to be really, really good. If anything, it’s more of a challenge than the Death of Superman. It’s a really big story, not in terms of page count but it was easier to cut stuff out of the Superman storyline. In the Superman story there were many stories that were tangents. New Frontier even though it’s a big sprawling thing kind of does dovetail. There’s all these great bits throughout the entire novel that don’t initially seem to go anywhere, but ultimately lead up to the big finish. I hated to do it but some of my favorite parts had to be cut out just to get that whole story down to the 70-minute length. Ultimately we managed to keep what we think is really important without throwing the baby out with the bath water. I was amazed that when I watched the animatic a little while ago. All I could think is ‘Wow! That’s New Frontier,’ and not just a Cliff Notes version of it.

NRAMA: There’s a lot of characters in New Frontier. Who are the primary characters?

BT: That was actually part of the problem of turning it into a movie. We had to find the focus of it. It’s not that hard to figure out in the end, Hal Jordan is the primary. He’s the guy who gets more focus than anybody else. It’s an odd structure, because it’s not initially obvious that the story is about Hal. I jokingly say this but it’s true, it’s kind of structured like a Robert Altman movie. It’s got all these different stories happening at the same time. It’s only towards the end of the movie that you realize it’s dovetailing into the origins of the Justice League.


  1. FYI: The last set of Justice League Unlimited comes out on DVD today. Some great episodes staring the Blackhawks, Hawkman, Deadman, Warlord and the Legion of Superheroes. Nightwing makes an appearance too, but if you blink you’ll miss him. The last set of Batman Beyond comes out too, but I am holding off on those DVDs.

  2. Picked up the JLU season 2 DVD today. Looking forward to cracking it open.

    Bladwin and Masters. Interesting. A radically different direction. Two of my favorite actors though.

  3. judas contract would be interesting…if they don’t go the manga style like on Cartoon Network. they really haven’t exposed us to the titans much in JLU and the other animated series. it could be hard for new viewers to jump in on also, don’t you think?

  4. Speedy made an apperance in JLU, but it was in one act in one episode. He was a Titan, right?

  5. He was the fifth person to join the team!

  6. Hey, I am a Marvel guy. Do you want me to list all the members of the New Warriors?

  7. Off the top of my head with no internet help:

    The founding New Warriors were:

    Night Thrasher
    Justice (was he Marvel Boy then?)

    Am I right?

  8. You are correct, sir.

    And I enjoyed the hell out of that title for a while, until I stopped reading comics sometime in the mid-nineties.

  9. So the Teen Titans don’t require members to take drug tests?

    Yep, that is the first NW roster. Get this man a cigar!

    Let me try the Teen Titans…

    Kid Flash
    Beast Boy
    Wonder Girl (Donna Troy???)
    and apparently, Speedy

  10. I’m a bit shocked because two of these stories have already been animated, albeit heavily adapted. The Judas Contract was done in the CN Teen Titans series, and JL or JLU did the death of Superman, though it ended up being a bit of a misdirect. Anyway, I’m glad to see DC/WB is still cranking out cartoons. I miss JLU and Teen Titans. There’s no good reason to watch CN anymore.

  11. Let me try the Teen Titans…

    You were close…

    The original Teen Titans were

    Kid Flash

    Then Wonder Girl (created specifically for the book) joined in their next appearance, followed by Speedy soon after.

  12. I forgot Aqualad, but he went on to be Tempest. I know that much.

    I know the founding members of Young Justice were Robin (Tim Drake), Impulse, Superboy, and later Wonder Girl and Arrowette.

    I got the JLU DVDs and there are no commentaries. Just short segments where they comment on one act from three different episodes. LAME!

  13. I really, really, really want the Batman, Superman and JLU DVDs but I can’t bring myself to buy lots of DVD sets until the next DVD format shakes itself out.

    I am really looking forward to them because the only series I watched comphrensively was Batman. The other two I’d catch an episode here and there so the series would be entirely new to me.

    Good work on the Young Justice lineup.

  14. JLU was a much much better show than Justice League was. Justice League eventually became really good, but JLU was ten times better. There was an arc with Cadmus that brings Green Arrow and the Question into the forefront. Also a Superfriends parody. Gail Simone and Darwyn Cooke get some writing credits. Task Force X, Vixen, Superman vs. Captain Marvel, and an adaptation of the Alan Moore story “For the Man Who has Everything.” If you’ve never seen them at least put JLU on your NetFlicks. It would be cool to hear you guys talk about them on the show.

    I have all the sets except for the most recent Batman Beyond one. I look at them on my shelf and I am so proud. Then you go an mention the next DVD format. You’re an evil man.

  15. I know the founding members of Young Justice were Robin (Tim Drake), Impulse, Superboy, and later Wonder Girl and Arrowette

    Don’t forget Secret who was introduced around the same time as Wonder Girl(2) and Arrowette.
    Peter David wrote Red Tornado as their “mentor figure” so he was a defacto member after they took over the Justice League cave.

    I did a picture of Speedy a few moths back (done in the style of the original Teen Titans artwork like Alex Toth). Anyway if you wanna take a peak here is the link. (inked) (Not inked)
    And yes I know the nose is wonky, give me a break I just started trying to do comic style art. I have been painting for a year and it has given me confidence.

    The Teen Titans and expecially Robin has always been my favorite, favorite comic characters (tied with the Marvels of course). Since I found comics so early (4 or 5?) I really loved the idea of kids being superheroes as well. I loved Batman more as a child than I do now but even back then I wanted to be Robin more than Batman.
    I had a Robin costume tailored when I was 11 for halloween (it was great, but the lady just couldn’t get the shoes right.. remember his “elflike” shoes) and I am not ashamed to say I would wear it someotimes even if it wasn’t Halloween. hahaha

  16. I just realised you would have to be logged into myspace to see my first link.. sorry about that.
    Just hit the second one, it isn’t inked, but it’ll give ya the idea.
    This was Speedy before the drugs (aka when he still had baby fat and a big smile constantly plastered on his face).

  17. I love Timm’s work, I won’t like, I am a bit bummed that the design and voice actors have been changed from that of the JLU characters, but I trust Timm.

    I just want to hear Kevin Conroy do Batman again, because to me he is the voice of Batman. (I know it’s a Superman cartoon they’re doing, but eventually)

  18. I thought these videos were going to be 300-style adaptations of the comic book stories they are based on. I didn’t know how they were going to pull that off, but my job is to watch them not make them. The way Timm describes these movies, they are pretty much the opposite of that. Keeping the spirit of the story, but rewriting it to fit an animated film. That’s cool to, I have faith in Timm. It would have been cool to watch the whole Justice League fall to Doomsday. Especially since the League was full of c-list characters at that time (I think). It might have been the only chance for those characters to get featured in something other than a comic.