Three Fables Family Covers from Vertigo

Vertigo wants to get people excited for the coming months in the Fables books, so they sent us a tasting trio of sorts, all due out in February.

First up is the cover to Cinderella: Fables are Forever, written by new Superman scribe, Chris Roberson, with a cover by Chrissie Zullo.  All right, I'll admit.  It's a little sexy. This is the second mini-series starring the sexy spy version of Cinderella.



The middle course will be provided by none other than the legendary Brian Bolland, and his cover for Jack of Fables #50, where Jack is clearly not a dragon. Unless that's not Jack.  Either way, big milestone issue right there.


Finally, the grandaddy of all Fables books is February's Fables #102, the start of a 5 part story called "Super Group," which was also the title of a Powers arc, as well as a show on VH1 with Sebastian Bach and Ted Nugent.  That show was awesome.  This cover is by Joao Ruas, and it looks like the book has finally caved to market pressure and turned into a superhero book.  It was a good run…



  1. I’m very excited about Fables #100.  There’s a lot happening in that book.  I’m also excited (for the first time in a while) about Jack of Fables.  The main man (that isn’t Lobo) is coming back.  I’m excited.

  2. I"ll be jumping on the Fables bandwagon next year with the oversized HCs Vertigo has started releasing, great treament to a great series

  3. That Cinderella is a wee bit sexy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I did enjoy the first mini, so I’m on board for this one.

    Fables has been great recently, and I think this Super Group story could be a way for Willingham to address the super hero idea through a Vertigo lens – could be really amazing.

    RE: Super Group the show – everyone should replace their drummers with a beat boxer. True story – I was in Vegas while they were filming, and ended up at the surprise concert on Freemont Street, where the singer climbed up on the amp stacks. Pretty interesting, and if you look very quickly, you can see me and the missus in the crowd. My one and only television appearance. Not really proud or embarassed by that – it just is.

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes. I dropped Jack of Fables a while ago (after he turned into a dragon). But I’m ready to give it another chance with #50. And yeah. The Cinderella cover is mad sexy. No shame.

  5. FYI it has been announced that Jack of Fables #50 is the last issue.

  6. I loved seeing Chrissie Zullo’s original art at Heroes Con.  Her style is so unique, it’s very eye catching.

  7. Cinderella: Top notch! The first mini was fantastic and a great continuation of what we learned of Cindy’s exploits in the Fables series. I cannot wait for this.

    Jack of Fables: Can we please stop saying #50 is the final issue? I’m having a hard time dealing with that. It will be nice to have Jack Horner back in his proper form though I have to wonder what will become of Jack Frost…I haven’t warmed up to him all that much but I’ve gotten used to having him around.

    Fables: ‘Super GROUP’? This looks like three pictures of Ozma of Oz. (symbol on her shirt is a dead giveaway)I waswondering ifshe would be trouble after #100. If Totenkinder/Bellflower doesn’t survive her duel with Mister Dark then there will be nearly no one to keep Ozma in check. Unless she has a chance in heart.

    Finally…why are there no posters of Fabels covers? I have wanted these for years and have had a hard time voting for anyone because no one will promise to get me Fables posters if they are elected.

  8. I love the Fables family of books! Haven’t caught up yet but getting there. Need to read the Cinderella mini. I like the slow but enjoyable pace of my reading it.

  9. I didn’t know Jack of Fables was ending at issue 50. I have no problem with this. I’ve always felt that the series should have ended with the "Great Fables Crossover." (As much of a distraction as that was from the main book, it made a great climax for JoF.) So I won’t really be sad to see this one go. I’ll still definitely be checking out #50 though!