Threadless Launches New Line of ‘Comics-On Tees’!

Today Threadless launched a new line of t-shirt designs developed by comic artists. The first four shirts feature art from Jill Thompson, Tony Moore, Cliff Chiang and Art Baltazar.

The shirts go for about 20 bucks and are available in male and female sizes. You can even order all four together for $70. More are on the way, but it's a pretty nice start with great designs from some of our favorite artists.


Jill Thompson's design


Tony Moore's design.


Cliff Chiang's design.


Art Baltazar's design


  1. Probably get that Tony Moore.

  2. Awesome!

  3. ummmm omg awesome. especially the tony moore one. *buys*

  4. Cool shirts!

  5. Threadless ROCKS! I’ll never buy my T-shirts elsewhere *partying*

  6. Wow, the Cliff Chiang and Tony Moore shirts are pretty damn cool.

  7. I want the Tony Moore and Cliff Chiang ones.

  8. Well there goes $80.

    If I converted it to pounds it would feel like more somehow.

  9. I love that there’s a narrative between the shirts. Very cool.

  10. Darn, I was just at their Chicago store a few weeks ago before they had any of these. Definitely great designs all around, though.