Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers Behind the Scenes #4

Here's your final taste of the work behind the scenes at Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers. The last episode is available for your enjoyment, and here's the last bit of how it's done. One thing is clear: this wasn't some rinky dink project.

Get an all-new look at the critically acclaimed Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers animated mini-series! The animators from Magnetic Dreams take you behind the scenes and show fans how this epic tale came to life. Adapted from the acclaimed story by superstar creators Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic, Loki finally has a chance to tell tale of his brother’s crimes…and inflict the punishment he has craved for eons. It’s the series that has everyone talking so don’t miss how this Marvel classic  came together  from the studio that brought it to life. Don’t forget to download the fourth and final episode of Marvel Knights Animation’s Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, a best seller on iTunes (Animation, Animation Season Pass and Television categories), Xbox LIVE, and PlayStation®Network – on sale today!

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