This Week: New Comics on Thursday in the US!

Yes, because of the July 4th holiday, new comics are scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on Thursday this week in the United States. 

What does that mean?

Well, it means that our Canadian friends usually get their books on Wednesday and then laugh at us as they read comics while playing hockey on a rink of frozen maple syrup. And it also means that the occasional US store gets lucky and gets their books on Wednesday and then there is mass confusion.

Unless our sources are completely wrong check back here on Tuesday for the updated new comics list and Thursday for the Pick of the Week!


  1. Crap. I HATE the push to Thursday after a Holiday.

  2. w00t! Being Canadian pays off for once

  3. And considering this is an Event week (SI #4), I’m sure there will be some people going postal.

  4. secreat invasion. haha. i’m more annoyed that i’ll have to wait for Astonishing X-Men to be shipped to me.

  5. DARNIT!! why does this haveta happen to meee!!!!! o well.

  6. Secret Invasion really needs to step up this week. First three issues have disappointed.

  7. Rahahahaha.*French-Canadian laugh*

  8. Does that mean we can rate our books on wednesday this time? Last time this happened the ratings were locked.

  9. Thanks s1lentslayer!!! Ever since checking my pull list here on iFanboy I forgot about checking Diamond. Very excited about Jason Aaron writing Joker’s Asylum The Penguin, Sale and Loeb’s Captain America White #0 and All Hail Megatron #1. Monday got just a little bit better, too bad I have to wait until Thursday to read ’em. Still trying to decide about Detective Comics #846 (at least that part of the RIP story might make sense).

  10. Er… I hate to complain, but the holiday was last week, Steve Geppi.

  11. As much as I like Long Halloween and Dark Victory, I’m so hesitant to buy another Jeph Loeb comic.  Can’t wait for Action Comics and Invincible Iron Man though 

  12. I just dont get it. We have the same holidays every single year. How is it that comic producers and distributers havent figured out a way to deliver comics on time after a holiday in the last 70 years???

  13. I always pick my books up on Thursday or Friday anyway, so it’s all good for me!

  14. Thursday is always new comics day for me, being in Australia, but this week I won’t be able to check the iFanboy Pick Of The Week before I hit the comic shop.

    Boo hoo for me.

  15. @JediShaft – Ratings won’t go active until midnight on Thursday.

  16. Every time this happens, I forget and end up buying books twice.

  17. word up. i work at a comic shop in south oc, ca and we’re apparantly getting our books tomorrow… so?… hmmm, right?


    by the way we’re called Nuclear Comics & Skate Shop, in Laguna Niguel CA, if any of you guys are in the area you should stop by! 

  18. See this is what it’s like! We get our books on a Thursday normall in the UK. However we get them a day late when you have one of your weird holidays.

  19. @SamMorgan Is that what they teach you about the 4th of July over there?!  Weird Holiday? 

    "Dear King George,

    Suck it.


    The USA"

    That was a rare bit of patriotic fervor from me.  But that John Adams mini series was very good dammit!  And don’t even get me started on bank holidays!  Now, those are weird! 


  20. @sammorgan. Weird holidays? Weird? Helloooooo? Guy Fawkes day? Boxing Day? 😉

    @Josh. Thanks for you pithy description. I’m going to use it with my students next fall.

  21. @SamMorgan- American Revolution; War of 1812

    U.S.A.- 2


    stick that in your pipe and smoke it ( I tease because I love)

  22. It’s Wednesday and no new books. It feel wrong to not hit the comic shop today. So I guess I’ll just pick up something old that I’ve never gotten around to reading.

  23. Look on the bright side, only six days until the next batch!

  24. He he. You all bit!

    Guy Fawkes day (or Bonfire Night as we call it here) isn’t a holiday but it is as weird as having one because of a crappy 90’s film with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

    Actually I was in America once and some one asked what we do in the UK for the 4th of July! I replied "Oh we have a big party to celebrate losing!"