This Captain America Dunkin Donuts Ad… is Wonderful

Yes, it's just a TV commercial, and they're trying to sell two things that having nothing to do with one another, but damn if it's not well done and clever. And quite frankly, I kind of want a Cherry Coolata. Steve Rogers has the kind of metabolism to be abe to drink those things all day from what I understand.

I would also have loved to see a ripped and shirtless Chris Evans just gorging himself on a box of donuts.



    Now that was pretty funny.

  2. Awesome.

  3. That is actually pretty funny. I like it.

  4. Thats awesome. Very clever…i just love those kinds of commercials. 

  5. We need more action scenes in commercials, like that Michael J Fox commercial for Diet Pepsi Here’s a link for those too young to remember:

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love it!

  7. I’m still waiting for the day where they make a live-action or animated version of those old Hostess Marvel ads.

  8. Did you catch the name of the dog….clever!

  9. brilliant

  10. Is that part about a how you would “have loved to see a ripped and shirtless Chris Evans just gouging himself on a box of donuts” a homoerotic fantasy of yours Josh?

  11. That’s some quick-drying blue paint.

  12. @supertrackmonkey  No. It’s more of about subverting images of sexuality and gluttony at the same time, but if you want to go for the lowest common denominator, go for it.

  13. @finbarbat  ha ha!  I didn’t catch that at first.

  14. That was friggin brilliant!

  15. On a side note, coolatas are really freakin’ great.

  16. I didn’t get the name of the dog. Billy? Dilly? Can you help a brother out.

  17. This is a good ad, really fun. However, there is a bit of my brain that can’t get past the sad irony of Captain America hawking donuts.

  18. The dog’s name is Stanley. 

  19. He never lets go of the drink!

  20. Funny!

  21. @praxJarvin. thanks dude. Awesome…Bucky would have been great too…:)

  22. Hands down the best Captain America footage I’ve seen

  23. Great idea and execution.

    Also, is that a SHIELD logo on the truck at :04 of the video? 

  24. One of the better tie-ins.  Very funny.

  25. Just yesterday I was saying how much Dunkin Donuts sucked, now it looks like I’m going to break my promise to never step foot in one. That is how a good ad works!

  26. Rather than make a marvel version of Emeral Nights as a fan friendly lead in to the film, they did this.  Either way, now i want a coolata.

  27. horrible. i mean, that anyone would eat at dunkin donuts, not the ad

  28. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @edward  People usually just go in and get the food and leave. 

  29. That was a stupid commercial.  I strangely crave something cold and sweet though….

  30. @Boomergirl — Dunkin’s chocolate chip muffins are yummy!  Dunkin Donuts is an unconventional partner for an action/adventure movie.  I wonder whether Marvel will also partner with a fast food place like McDonald’s or Burger King.

    @PraxJarvin — He’s Captain AMERICA!  The business of America is business, dontcha know.     If anyone is a proud capitalist, it would be Cap.

  31. Far better than the olf Marvel-Capital One commercial. 😉

  32. ***sigh*** ….typing in the dark, I meant, “old”.

  33. The dog’s name is Stan Lee.  Get the joke?  He was co creator of many of Marvel’s characters such as Spiderman Thor and Hulk.  He along with Jack Kirby brought back Captain America to the comics in the 1960s

  34. @Invasionforce  I was speaking as a former Dunkin Donuts employee. If you knew what I know…

  35. Heh, quite fun