Think the next Fantastic Four movie will suck? Maybe not..

I tend to not try to get excited or pass judgment on movie’s early in production, but if this pic is any indication, then the next Fantastic Four movie looks to be on the right track. I mean look at it! It’s the Fantasti-Car!

I’ve always loved the Fantasti-Car and all the other inventions and gadgets that went along with the Fantastic Four, and I think that’s what was missing from the first movie. This could be another case of while the first movie was what it was (I actually liked it), but it was level setting, like the first X-Men movie. It’s not until the second movie, where they have established the characters and all that, where the good stuff happens.

Now let’s hope they don’t screw up Galactus.


  1. in my opinion, you have to decided what aspect of a comic book entity you want to show. X-men, fantastic four, spider man, they all have rich and varied histories. I think spider man is dead on, and slightly less so with the x men movies, but i always felt like their rendition of the fantastic four was off. or maybe they just aren’t designed to be in movies. I don’t know. BUt with this new movies, I wonder what they are going to try and say. because unlike a comic where you can load it with all sorts of exposition and history, and take 50 issues to tell a story, in the movies you have to be succint. If the fantastic four an action movie or an adventure movie. I fear they don’t know which way to play it.

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  3. I enjoyed the Fantastic Four movie. I thought Dr. Doom was off, but I was expecting that. I am enthused about this one. My only concern is how Galactus will get portrayed. I am really hoping for an extremely large Kirby-esque cosmic god hovering over the Empire State Building. My fear is they will go with the Ultimate version (something with insects? I didn’t read any of those comics). Although, I bet Galactus will only get teased in this movie and they will turn this into a trilogy.

    Very cool pic.

  4. Eh it’s the Fantasticar. It’s certainly a part of their lore and the whatnot and I don’t know in what context it’s going to be used. As Fantasticars go….not bad. The first movie was just ok. Loved Thing and Torch, hated Reed, Sue, and Doom. I really think they made a mistake not rescasting Doom. He’s behind a mask. Who the heck would be able to tell, except for the fact that there would be some fricking menace in his voice. I’m hopeful, but it’s not even close to one of my most anticipated movies of 2007.

  5. I followed the link and saw that it was an article posted by Harry Knowles. Surprisingly he didn’t once lament that Sue Storm looked ‘a little too old’

    Wow I’m certainly impressed with that if not the Fantasticar

  6. The Fantastic Four has always been my favorite comic since I was just a kid. I was really excited about the first movie and must admit I was a little disappointed on my first viewing. After I watched it again on DVD, I enjoyed it much more. I think sometimes your excitement for something can lead you to be way too critical of it if it doesn’t match your expectations. This pic of the Fantasi-Car looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the surfer and Galactus. This movie has to be good! “I HUNGER”.

  7. Where does Thing sit? In the trunk?

  8. Now let’s hope they don’t screw up Galactus.

    Come on Ron, don’t you mean Galactucus?

  9. I liked the FF4 movie. What are the criticism of those who didn’t like the adaptation? Just curious.

  10. I liked the FF4 movie. What are the criticism of those who didn’t like the adaptation? Just curious.

    Reed and Sue are miscast. Dr. Doom was totally misused. The script and the directing were pedestrian.

    I didn’t hate it – but it was an extremely average movie.

  11. I had no problem with Reed and Sue’s casting myself. Overall, it was pretty average though. At least we didn’t have to deal with that Corman piece of crap. That was unwatchable! Stay away at all costs.

  12. I didn’t not like it, and I enjoyed parts of it, but it wasn’t what I would call “good.”

    But then, I didn’t expect anything from it. It was what it was. Johnny Storm was fun, but he’s sort of a 2D character anyway to me.

    I’ll give it this: It could have been much worse.

  13. I enjoy the Fantastic Four movie because it is one of the few comic book movies I can watch with my four year old nephew. There is enough action in it to keep his attention. The story has easy moments younger viewers can follow.

    Norman Osborn sent him running out of the room and I have a feeling he would react similarly to Sabertooth. Apparently, Dr. Doom isn’t as scary as William Dafoe

  14. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first movie. Apathetic maybe. I’m sure I’ll see the next one. The Spider-man movies are the truest to the spirit of the comic to me.

    I have said this before, but I want to see the comic come to life on the screen not an adaptation for the movies like we’ve gotten for the most part. I’m thinking the X-men here. Has anyone seen the cinematic in the beginning of the marvel ultimate alliance video game? I would love a 30 minute episode of this stuff rather than the saturday morning cartoon type stuff they are currently making. Like those avengers animated movies. I know it is expensive but hey, you get what you pay for.

  15. I have said this before, but I want to see the comic come to life on the screen not an adaptation for the movies like we’ve gotten for the most part.

    This is why I’m really, really excited/hopeful/scared about the DC straight-to-DVD adaptations they have in the works.

  16. Nope, I’m pretty sure it’ll still suck. All the cool flying cars in the world can’t save the movie if the directing and writing still suck (and yeah, it probably will since it’s the same directing/writing team).

    It’s sad, but the one thing I remember most from the F4 movie was that Mario Menunous (the hot nurse that took Johnny’s temperature) was in the movie, doing her duty of being hot.

    Oh that and Sue Storm’s nose bleeding. That moment was the nail in the coffin.

  17. Isn’t any comic book story put onto the screen going to be an adaptation? Don’t you have to adapt it when you take it from one form of media to another? Besides, if nothing is going to be changed…Why not just read the comic? I don’t mean to say it needs to be changed for the sake of change. I think when they make the movie version of these stories, they are trying to make the best film they can. At least that is my hope. I don’t think a more pure comic book version of a film would make a better story by default.

    Am I missing something?

  18. Am I missing something?

    Not at all. You’ve nailed it.

  19. Not to change the subject (I think the car look rockin’), but, have you guys seen the trailer for that animated “The Invincible Iron Man” straight-to-DVD flick Marvel is putting out in January? **YAWN**

  20. Here’s the link for the trailer:

  21. Dave’s dead on. The comic exists. It’s good. Why do more?

    If you need to do more, then why do exactly the same thing we’ve already seen?

    As far as adaptations go, there are different restrictions to creating stories in different media. That’s why stories are adapted. The problem is when they adapt them badly, in which case, I couldn’t disagree, in that I loved the first 2 x-men.

  22. When speaking of ‘adaptation for the movies’, I am referring to what that connotes rather than denotes. I mean to say reworking, modifying, revamping content to the point that it is less familiar than the original. It’s like family or friends coming to visit, only it’s not them. It’s impostors.

    I do read comics as we all do. But I also watch TV and see movies as we all do. I want them to improve and I think they can. What I think is an improvement may not be the same to others. I feel that some of the story lines and asthetic in the recent comic movies were made for the fast buck rather than artistic reasons. I think that comic creators many times try to make something they can be proud of. It seems to me that the creators of these movies are more proud of what they bought with the proceeds from these movies rather than what they produced. It’s reminiscent of top 40 radio being shoved down our throat before 5 years ago. Thanks to the iPod that’s over.

    I have seen moving picture examples of what is better to me as I sited earlier.

  23. The reason I like the spider-man and sin city movies more than then X-men, daredevil or electra movies for example is because the characters are like the comics coming to life for me. I guess we have a difference of opinion on this. I want to see the comics in the movies when I go to see a movie based on a comic.

  24. In the same vein of “how much should comics change from page to screen?”, here’s Adam Hughes on designing the costumes for the… *shudder*… Watchmen movie.

    �When you get on the other side of the fence, you sort of understand that there are certain things that wouldn�t survive a direct translation from comic to screen,� Hughes explained. �Superman and Spider-Man look virtually identical to their comic book counterparts. Batman doesn�t, but yet he still has Batman�s silhouette, and that seems to be enough for most people. But continuing, the X-Men hardly resemble themselves at all � but they still work.

    �In doing something like this, I find that I end up thinking about two completely different groups within the movie�s audience at the same time: the die-hard comic book fans who will not permit even an iota of alteration; and then you�ve got your non-comics readers who will be turned off the minute somebody walks out in a leotard. You have to come up with something that allures and entices them and their debit cards and their dollars without being so radical that it turns off the die-hard fan. It�s actually pretty hard work.�

    More in link.

  25. I don’t get it Mr. Hughes. What does that have to do with Wonder Woman?

  26. I think the fact that Dr. Doom didn’t manage to frighten a 4 year old pretty much sums up the problem with the first movie.

  27. i think its interesting they chose to do doom as his ultimate counter part

  28. I liked the first movie, but not until after I left the theater. After I left I finally understood that it was made for kids, not fanboys. Fanboys don’t like it because it is not “grown-up” enough for them. Batman Begins and Spiderman were grown up versions of the super heroes we loved as kids. I mean who didn’t watch SuperFriends? So Marvel makes one for the kiddies, cool. Better than watching Electra.

  29. It is possible to make an FF movie that is both immensely engaging for comics fans and suitable for the kids, which is why Pixar made it.

    As for the live action FF movie, I waited for video and then it didn’t burn my eyes like I was warned it would, so it won the game of diminished expectations. At the same time, there was a lot of stuff in that movie that made me think, “Oh, shit, I didn’t tell any of my friends I like this stuff, did I? I need to make some calls.” The “Sue, it all depends on you taking your clothes off” scene leaps to mind, with the “Reed fetches the toilet paper” scene close behind.

  30. Ah ha! I had blocked it out! Another reason why Fantastic Four was so disappointing – The Incredibles was about a billion times better. It proved that great writing and directing can make a Fantastic Four movie that everyone can love.

    It doesn’t matter how many nods to the comics and the fans there are, or comics fans entering some weird form of denial and lowering their standards just to see their favorite characters come alive on screen (I’ve been there – Batmans Forever and & Robin). It’s all about the quality of the writing and the directing and the acting.

    We shouldn’t accept less.

  31. The Incredibles was a much better movie than FF. I will concede that point. Sometimes, a cartoon is a better way to go for super heroes.

  32. The Incredibles was way better than the first ff movie. The first ff movie had like one hey that’s cool moment for me. It was right in the beginning when i realized that vic mackey from the shield was playing ben grimm. it was all down hill from there

  33. Well the Incredibles makes my point. I would like to see some marvel or DC comic movies done with computer animation at the quality of that movie. More can be done than in live action movies and wolverine could wear his leotard. I think they could get away with more becasue it’s animation and these movies are so much more visually specatular that they appeal to wider audiences. Of coarse if the writing and directing were terrible, the movie would be too.

    Heck I think Sky High was more fun than most of the movies we’ve discussed.

  34. but a cartoon is a different animal entirely

    if u are going to talk about cartoons and animations, you might as well throw in the 90’s x-men cartoon which was amazing.

  35. Norman Osborn sent him running out of the room and I have a feeling he would react similarly to Sabertooth. Apparently, Dr. Doom isn’t as scary as William Dafoe

    cf. Weird Al – Spiderman

    Then he’s ridin’ around on that glider-thing/
    And he’d throw in that weird pumpkin bomb/
    Yes, he’s wearin’ that dumb Power Rangers mask/
    But he’s scarier without it on


    The first trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer will be attached with Night at the Museum, which reaches theaters on Dec. 22.

    Look for the trailer to be available that same day on Apple’s web site.

    In other Fantastic Four news:

    * The first reveal of the Silver Sufer will happen before the trailer, probably in USA TODAY, where Fox has revealed several images before on Fantastic Four, X-Men and Daredevil.