Things to Look Forward to in 2009!

Coming up with a list of things I am excited about in 2009 was actually quite difficult for me. The reason is I tend to not “plan” what I am going to read/buy/watch – rather I like to happen upon things – and then count my blessings that I did.  

Regardless, I thought I’d try to make a list of things that I am absolutely excited for – however this list is a work in progress. It might change with every trip to the LCS or movie preview or some other factor.

In no particular order… here the list of things I am looking forward to in 2009.

Watchmen – I’d be stupid to not mention this. I know that there is a lot of hype already surrounding the movie – and I’m buying into it.  I think this movie will be great (I didn’t say perfect – I said great). I can’t get enough of the trailers… I just keep watching them over and over. I especially love the second trailer with the Philip Glass sounding music.

Alan Moore is what finally got be back into comics when I read V for Vendetta in 2003. After finishing the book I saw the movie and was amazed (it was a pretty good adaptation). Would it be cooler if these kinds of things had Moore’s blessing? Yes, but hey – he’s a grumpy hermit – so let’s just let him be. I read Watchmen (shortly after V for Vendetta on my calendar) I thought it was a really good book.  It’s not the most amazing thing I have read – but I understand the significance of it in graphic novel history.

Additionally, I think that bringing Zack Snyder on to direct is going to be awesome! Did I mention that I loved 300? Mark your calendars – 03.06.09 (pending some legal issues).



Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, Volume 4 These books are like crack. Have you read them yet – either the first time around – or this time around? If not – go start. But don’t get upset that you are done with #1-3 – and you have to sit around for a few weeks and wait for #4 (that the position I am in now).

These books are like reading a comic version of the Bourne movies… but with Jason Bourne replaced by a British lady. Oh… and they are all actually working WITH the government not against it. Regardless – they are GOOD! They’re published by Oni Press – #4 hits shelves on 02.18.09.



Sherlock Holmes – Here’s how I imagine the pitch for this went…

Lionel – “Let take one of the greatest characters of all time…”
Guy – “Yeah, OK…”
Lionel – “And we have Robert Downy Jr. portray him in the film!”
Guy – “Brilliant!”
Lionel –“Wait… it gets better…”
Guy – “No – stop. I can’t take more…”
Lionel – “…we get Jude Law to play Watson!”
Guy – “Oh, I just can’t stand it!  It hurts so good!”
Lionel – “Elementary, my dear Ritchie.”

So, in case you hadn’t heard, Lionel Wigram wrote a graphic novel as a vehicle to get it turned into a movie (smart man… good timing). Now, before you go digging around — the comic book has not been released and I have no idea when or if it is coming out. Anyhoo, Guy Ritchie is directing and the casting is AWESOME! The only problem with this movie is we have to wait until 11.20.09. Boo.



Absolute V for Vendetta – Like Queen & Country this isn’t really “new” but it is still important. Not just for me personally, but for comics in general. Absolute Editions, aside from being really expensive, offer something unique to the reader. They offer some very interesting insight. V for Vendetta has, in my opinion, a lot of historical/societal significance. As a matter of fact, if England had still be into censorship in the 1980’s (like they were in the 1580’s), I believe this book would have been banned.

If you get all into political upheaval and recent history – this is worth reading. And, with a little bit of luck, Alan Moore temporarily removed himself from his hermitage and wrote some more notes about his thinly veiled smack in the face of the British Government for this Absolute Edition. This will start breaking shelves 08.11.09.



Star Trek Space is the final frontier and we should celebrate that fact by watching a totally awesome movie. Before The Dark Knight (or maybe Iron Man) we all saw the trailer. It was “cool” in the way that reading the Star Wars Encyclopedia of Weapons and Vehicles is “cool.” Basically we saw a bunch of dudes putting together the U.S.S. Enterprise. For a lot of people that was enough to get some cheers going.

When the second trailer came out – it was like absolute madness! It was now a movie for even casual Star Trek fans – and probably people who could care less about Star Trek at all.  Prepare for warp speed on 05.08.09.



A few things that get an honorable mention – The return of Lost (01.21.09) – I like this show, but I’m done with this show… so let’s finish it, PLEASE; the continued implosion of Heroes (02.02.09) – I don’t even watch anymore… I just love hearing how much people can’t stand it anymore; finally I will read Scott Pilgrim (??.??.09) – I know… I need to read it; heading to San Diego Comic-Con (07.??.09) – the convention gets crazier each year, but it’s still sort of fun and I get to see lots of fun people; and last but not least – my return to the video podcast (??.??.09) – it’s coming…

Here’s hoping for a great year!


  1. "The only problem with this movie is we have to wait until 11.20.09." Sorry but the only problem with this movie will be Guy Ritchie.

    Looking forward to your return to the video show though. And Maybe this year I’ll give Queen and Country a go. iFanboy has made it sound very intriguing

  2. Scott Pilgrim’s Myspace says that Vol 5 is out the first week of February. (Wonder if there will be color pages?).

     Watchmen has ALREADY been on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? Ugh. I refuse to get hyped for this. I’d rather go in with medium expectations and then be pleasantly surprised. What’s the alternate? Getting hyped 1) might lead to disappointment and 2) could lead me to buy a bunch of fanzine/advertisements that I don’t need. This might sound mean, but a sizable part of me hopes that the courts really do prevent this movie from coming out. Having the Hollywood lose over $100 million dollars in production and advertisement costs? I’m for that. Alan Moore and I will laugh all day long if that happens. That’d actually work out to be a good masterplan: get everyone hyped for the movie in order to sell copies of Watchmen to those who need the excuse of there being a Hollywood adaptation in order to read something–and then the movie doesn’t come out after all. Hilarious.

  3. Yeah, I’m baffled by that one too. Every Guy Ritchie movie is a truly horrific experience. Maybe it’s a US/UK thing. As a Londoner, I tend to see his films through very different eyes to someone from over the pond and he just nauseates the hell out of me with his posho version of chirpy cheeky prankster gangsters and headache-inducing 80s MTV cutting.

    Q&C though… YES!!!

  4. Let’s not forget the long awaited wrap up to Battlestar Galactica.

  5. the second watchmen trailer with the philip glass sounding music is not just glass-sounding – it actually is glass!

    i’m curious about the new star trek movie – the trailer makes me nervous.

  6. Given the performance of both The Punisher War Zone (or whatever it was called) and The Spirit, I’m cautiously optimistic about the Watchmen living up to the hype. Sure, we comic people are excited for it, but it seems the general populace (I love referring to people like that :D) is a bit leery of comic movies that aren’t any of the ‘known’ characters (Iron Man did have a number of cartoon shows through the years, so he was arguably ‘known’). I’ll see it, and I’m sure I’ll like it, but I don’t expect it to live up to this level of hype with the movie-going populace.

    Guy Ritchie only started making bad movies when he met Madonna. Now that the albatross is gone, hopefully he’ll get his mojo back.

    I’m not a Star Trek fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m looking forward to that flick probably second only to Watchmen.

    Queen and Country needs to come back.

    Good picks, Paul. 

  7. Yeah I saw Sherlock Holmes and got really excited, then I saw Ritchies name on it and got pissed.  I was dragged into seeing RocknRolla.  Man, it blew.  The whole movie just screamed "hey, look how cool we are and how cool my movie is!  If you don’t like it, you’re not cool."  Wanted to puke.

    Star Trek looks like it will be fun.  And Watchmen I am being optomistic about, lets hope it comes out!

    And I feel bad for resisting picking up Queen & Country.  Maybe this year.  Great list Gordon!  See you on the videos

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Dan – I can’t claim credit for this one, as it was Gordon’s list.  😉

    Also, for this iffy about Guy Ritchie, Steven Moffat (Dr. Who and the upcoming Tintin) is scripting a modernized Sherlock Holmes project for the BBC featuring Martin Freeman as Watson.  There was also talk of a Will Ferrell/Sacha Baron Cohen Holmes movie.  

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Not sure which of these Holmes adaptations I’m more hopeful for.  I like RDJ, but I also like Moffat’s writing.  That said, there already is a modernized version of Sherlock Holmes and it’s called Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 

  10. Sherlock Holmes is one of my fave characters and it hurts to see the shots that they released. It looks like Holmes joined the Fight Club…

  11. AHH i am excited for ALL of these especially the Star Trek movie!!

  12. Let’s see. Robert Downey Jr plays an alcoholic in Iron Man and now gets to play a morphine addict in Sherlock Holmes. Sounds like typecasting to me. Heh. But seriously, I didn’t know that one was coming out. Thanks for the heads up Gordon. 

  13. Good article.  You just forgot to mention the new Wolverine movie and Batman’s new PS3 game.

  14. I’m only a casual Trek fan, the original series the only one i ever really liked. but when i saw the second trailer it made me crazy excited for the movie. plus it has Harold, Shawn and Syler in it

    The new Scott Pilgrim can’t get here fast enough.

    More Y and Starman HCs

    Morrison Vertigo comics


    New Albums from The Decemberists, Grizzly Bear, Swan Lake, Morrissey, Animal Collective(already out), AC Newman, Black Lips, Jackie O Motherfucker, Akron/Family, The Boy Least Likely to(finally!!!) ,Andrew Bird, Heartless Bastards, Antony and the Johnsons, Bats for Lashes, Bishop Allen, Matt & Kim, Dan Deacon, Goblin Cock, M. Ward, Handsome Furs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beirut, Architecture in Helsinki, Neko Case, Sonic Youth, These are Powers, Bosque Brown, The Thermals, Bonnie Prince Billy and Jay Reatard. plus more

  15. Other than Morrissey and Sonic Youth I am unfamiliar with those other groups, I have to get out more…

  16. I’m a Sherlock Holmes purist so the new movie both excites and terrifies me.  Although it’s not because of Guy Richie, I love his films (that I’ve seen).

    I’m also excited and terrified for STAR TREK.

  17. Couldn’t agree more with you Conor.  I love that Trek is coming back and is bold about it and many of my friends, who don’t like Trek, are looking forward to it.  But as a Trekker myself I am more than a bit scared that this will be a black eye on the franchise if not the fatal blow.  Time will tell.

  18. @DarthDuck: I’m not worried about it being a black eye – the franchise is dead now anyway – there’s not much more that can be done to it at this point. 

  19. Batman’s new PS3 game– and is the DC MMO RPG finally going to come out this year…?

  20. So if you believe the franchise is dead, what is there to lose?  Warp speed and engage!

  21. Exactly.

  22. Great adaptations already exist to Sherlock Holmes so it will require people to lower expectation. It will probably either be atrocious or enjoyable or mediocre.

    That was the case with the mediocre "The Pursuit of Happyness" – there’s a far better version I can’t remember the name to unfortunately, about a mom and daugther living in a very poor part of town and having to sometimes sleep in places for homeless people – really poorly kept ones, and it was much more heart wrenching and had a really big dilemma and a sad ending.

    Sherlock Holmes is either made into a caricature, parodied with some success, or people adapt books to movies almost scene for scene which is sometimes enjoyable, or take the character and do something new with it:

    "Young Sherlock Holmes" did a great job, "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" did a brilliant job.

    I doubt it can surpass even one of the two. It will be at best enjoyable.

  23. Wait, Alan Moore wrote new notes for the absolute V for vendetta.   You just sold me!

  24. @Gabe: That’s not exactly what Gordon said:

    "And, WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK, Alan Moore temporarily removed himself from his hermitage and wrote some more notes about his thinly veiled smack in the face of the British Government for this Absolute Edition."

  25. Am I the only person who thought the dialogue was actually Lionel Richie and Guy Richie speaking to eachother? Cuz that’s what I thought the joke was, before it was explained.

  26. At least I have plenty of time to save up for that Absoulte V for Vendetta.

  27. @ Gordon and Paul – Sorry about that – that’s what I get for posting at work. 

    So, however overdue, let me say, "Good list, Gordon!"

  28. for me, it could be a good year. star trek, terminator 4, wolverine, gi joe, watchmen, transformers 2, s darko (sorta but possibly in a hey look at that car crash way), avatar, a good ten episode wrap up for galactica, some more awesome strangeness for lost, doomsday and the legion on smallville, petrelli brothers duking it out on heroes and season 3 kyle xy. i’m hopeful for success but i’m not gonna be worried if they fail – for me i’d rather that they tried.

  29. Not only is there a new "Scott Pilgrim" book due out, but Edgar Wright is starting production on the feature film version in January (or February) of 2009.

  30. Biggest expectation for 2009 – Hover cars. 

    Every year post 2000 I’ve been expecting the announcement.  Any day folks, any day.  To the skies!

  31. michael cera better pull it off or i’m going to have to kick him in the balls

  32. So you suggest forming the Michael Cera Ball Patrol?

    MCBP. Geeks all over the world will follow his balls around and have one foot ready at all times. We will prevail! 

  33. it’s the only way to truly be safe. my foot is locked and loaded.