The X-Men Family Tree

It's easy to forget who is related to who, which characters have romantic pasts or remember the various bonds and ties certain figures share in the X-Men universe. Well London-based graphic designer, Joe Stone, artistically crafted a great key to keeping tabs on the who and what of the X-Men's relations. 


(full size image available here)



Austin Hartman is a huge X-Men fan and had his weekend made upon the discovery of this image. 


  1. Colossus dated an eyepatch-wearing-mullet-rocking dude??

  2. Colossus dated Callisto

  3. I think I have a problem… I understood it completly… I’m screwed :S

  4. @gobo  Who looks like a dude, which is why his confusion is completely understandable  😉

  5. Wow…I sent this picture to my brother yesterday, then he sent it to Ron and now…here it is on iFanboy. The interwebz is pretty cool!

  6. @MisterJ Definitely, although not while they were dating.

  7. who’s the casey jones looking “other relation” to Magneto Guy.

  8. Xorn

  9. As a fledgling X-Fan, even Wikipedia isn’t helping me make sense of this…

  10. @Slockhart  Man… you need to read a lot, even the crazy sh*t from the 90’s when there were mutants from about 30 diferent realities… make a list and we’ll try and explaint it to you

  11. Here’s a guide 🙂

    Magneto, Juggernaut, Professor X, Cassandra Nova
    Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Polaris, Xorn, Gabrielle Haller, Moira MacTaggert, Lilandra, Deathbird, D’Ken
    Rogue, Gambit, Iceman, Legion, Corsair, Deathcry, Bishop
    Forge, Storm, Callisto, Havok, Vulcan
    Colossus, Magik, Cyclops
    Kitty Pryde, Sinister, Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey, Emma Frost
    Miss Sinister, Stryfe, Cable, X-Man
    Archangel, Apocalypse, Domino, Rachel Summers
    Azazel, Mystique, Sabretooth, Dark Beast, Wolverine, Deadpool
    Nightcrawler, Graydon Creed, Beast, X-23, Daken

  12. @gobo Thanks for the labels. Too bad I only know about half of those names. Off to Wikipedia…

  13. I’m not sure “offspring” is the correct way to label Mr. Sinister and Miss Sinister.  when I read that story, I took it as they were one and the same.

  14. It’s one bad enough that I didn’t even blink at this and understood it completely. It’s even worse that I noticed how woefully incomplete it is. We’re missing Proteus, Storm, Forge, and if Madelyne Pryor fits in here, then how about Joseph? Other Xorn? Bishop’s sister Shard? Banshee, Siryn, Madrox, the Guthries, M, Emplate, and Penance?

  15. @ActualButt I agree about Shard, Joseph and Proteus (we have Storm and Forge), as for the rest he said he had to stop somewhere 🙂

  16. I wonder if @ron reads this going, “Of course, this all makes sense. Everything is in order here.” I want to know if even he can get this.

  17. this is like a family tree for the mob

  18. (2 Minutes ago)

    “Oh this looks like a fun chart”


    “My brain is melting!!!!” 

  19. Too cool.

  20. To be a non muttant fan, I knew all of them. Well………

  21. Forge and Mystique are destined to be together??

  22. @LadyHandGernade    Destiny (Mystiques precog/blind lover) foresaw it in a vision. 

    @ABirdseysView    With Mr and Miss Sinister, I think using the word “begat” inplace of offspring is appropriate.

    BUT, can anyone, tell me when the hell did Bishop and Deathbird date?

  23. Yeah the Forge/Mystique thing threw me too

  24. @LadyHandGrenade  Read Brian K. Vaughan’s Mystique series. You’ll understand.

  25. My brain feels better.

    Hey shouldn’t Wolverine be more connected to everyone? I mean he is a bit of a whore. 

  26. They should do an avengers one where hawkeye and black widow are connected to everyone via hookup

  27. Okay, once I decoded who the little icons stand for, I understood this completely.  Hell, I could expand on it.  

  28. Which reminds me, where the hell is Havok, Polaris and Rachel Summers?

  29. @tomdpimp
    En route from space. So they can be background characters and get maybe 1 or 2 lines every other issue. Personally I would have rather’d an X-Jammers series

  30. Professor X dated his offspring Gabrielle Haller?!?! The issue where that was revealed must have been good

  31. @ActualButt  Amen, brother.

  32. haha, in looking at it again, I noticed that “nemesis” is one of the connections.  that’s awesome.  design-wise, this really is a good chart.  the visual shorthand used is perfect.

  33. @vaughan  Yeah, I read it that way at first. But it just means they had a son. Talking of, I LOVE Legion’s icon. The hair is awesome.

    @AlanRob  Bishop and Deathstroke dated after Bishop was stranded in space. Pretty sure that happened after a bunch of the X-Men (and Trish Tilby) were teleported into space by Gladiator to fight the Phalanx while the others were busy with Operation: Zero Tolerance… Then came back just in time for the Trial of Gambit in Antarctica. I’ve read too many X-Men comics…

    @TheNextChampion  I though Wolverine would have dated more, but he tends to whore around outside the X-Men… If we were doing a whole Marvel Universe tree, he’d be a nexus of dating points…

  34. No Ruby Summers?

    Then again, Cyclops really doesn’t need more children…

  35. I was a little freaked out, I know old chuck can be a bit creepy but for a moment I thought this chart would seem to imply that he dated Gabrielle Haller and fathered her as well. But then I noticed the same thing with Scott and his red heads which I know made it make more sense.

  36. I understand Xavier dating Lilandra and Moira. What’s the other thing. The Black blot with 3 red dots.
  37. @Simon- that’s Gabrielle Haller.

  38. @markish  Thanks for the info.   And BTW, I would totally read a comic where Bishop dated Deathstroke. He could go back in time and take out Terra out of pure jealousy. 🙂

  39. knew about 75%, not bad…

  40. @AlanRob  Wow… I totally didn’t even realise I’d done that…

    Too many Death(blank)s in comics, ha ha…