The Winner of the Award for Most Awards is … Comics!

An award is something given to a person (or group of persons) to recognize excellence in a certain field. It's open for opinion on who determines who is most deserving, but I think some thought should also go into who should do awards.

At current count there are 16 separate groups of awards given out in English-language comics. At the top of the heap would be the Eisner Awards and the cartooning-centric National Cartoonists Society Awards. Behind that are a healthy assortments of awards group, organized by conventions, publications, non-profits and even some informal groups of people. Here's a list — tell me any I've missed:

    Eisner Awards
    Stan Lee Awards
    Harvey Awards
    Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards
    Eagle Awards
    Inkpot Award at SDCC
    Doug Wright Awards    
    Lulu Awards
    Glyph Comic Awards
    National Cartoonists Society Awards
    Comic Buyers Guide Fan Awards
    Diamond Comic Distributors Gem Awards
    Ignatz Awards
    Inkwell Awards
    Joe Shuster Awards

Awards can be given by anyone, but the prestige and importance of those awards usually depends on the award-giver's status. By having so many various awards, each colored by their judges opinions, it detracts from any overall impact the awards may have. Johanna Draper Calrson asked as much in a 2007 blogpost aptly titled "Do Awards Mean Anything?", and she admits to helping organize two awards groups.

The newest addition to the crowded awards-giving field is Mark Millar's Stan Lee awards, to be given out at his 2011 KAPOW convention. In an interview with Newsarama's Albert Ching, Mark Millar said he wanted to give out awards to honor people as a way to honor the award's namesake.

"I just always thought it was odd that we did have the Kirby Awards, but Stan wasn’t honored — to co-create Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four, and the Hulk and so on, and leave more of a mark than probably anyone else in the history of the medium," Millar explained. "And really, for three generations, has been a name that the average person on the street probably recognizes, in a way that they don’t with myself or any contemporary creator, I just think it’s bizarre that we didn’t have Stan Lee Awards."

Interesting note — there was a Stan Lee Award, given to Mark Millar himself by Wizard back in 2007.

Millar also stated that the Stan Lee Awards were created as a mainstream answer to the Eisner, whom the creator feels "tend to award the books that are a little more niche and possibly minority interest."

Out of all the awards, which ones matter to you? And no, you can't say Marvel's No-Prize.


  1. If I had to choose one award to recieve or event to be able to watch on TV/ IPTV, I’d choose the ‘Eisner Awards’, and have one of the Eisner Awards be called the ‘Stan Lee’ Award for taking comics to a higher level 

  2. well its time to make the “iFanboy awards”

  3. It’s sort of disingenuous to lump in the Doug Wright and Joe Schuster prizes with these others. Those two are Canadian-based awards to honour Canadian creators, so it’s not as if they’re competing with other awards honouring the English-language comics industry as a whole. It’s like saying the Grammys make the Junos redundant — they’re nowhere near as prestigious, but they’re still important, because the Junos are a celebration of Canada’s national culture and the Grammys aren’t. (That is, until Arcade Fire wins one, and then Canadians are gloating all over the place. Suck it, Eminem!)

    That said, if, of all of the general-industry awards, there could be only one, Highlander-style, the Eisners would be it for me.

  4. Is there an award awarded for the best award show?

  5. @harwellpkg There SHOULD be! Sweet! A new future Article/Poll for the iFanbase, lol

  6. 16 doesent seem like that big a number really, given the number of creators and publishers that exist at the moment, if not the number of people actually reading the damn books. There are dozens if not hundreds of music, book and film awards but only a few are actually taken seriously/ have mainstream recognition (EMAs, Grammys, Brits, BAFTAS, Golden Globes, Oscars etc) Look at the average foriegn/ indie movie DVD cover nowadays and they have hundreds of ‘laurel’ style ‘awards’ on it in an attampt to cash in on the Palm D’or/ Grand prix prizes at small independant/ International festivals. I can quite honestly say that the only ones on the list I recognise would be the Eisners, Harveys and Eagle awards, and of those, only the Eisners really resonates with me (and even then, i couldn’t really care about them either as as you guys are often keen to point out on the podcast they often make some strange choices). 

  7. I would love it if the Eisner’s were televised. 

  8. The real question is; is Mark Millar fucking kidding everyone?