The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Anticipation is a funny thing.

I’m the kind of person that tries to keep a level head when it comes to anticipation; otherwise I have a tendency to work myself up into a mental frenzy. I’ve got a strong and active imagination and when I spend a lot of time thinking about something that I am looking forward to, when whatever it is I’m looking forward to finally comes to pass there is often disappointment. These days I try my best to let anticipation happen naturally. I try not to force the issue.

Every Tuesday I start to get the comic book itch. It happens like clockwork and it is an amazing phenomenon. Monday… I feel nothing. I guess it’s that at that point Wednesday seems so far away so there’s no point in getting worked up about it. But every Tuesday around 2 or 3pm I start to get the comic book shakes. I feel it in my gut. I read over the “What’s On Your Pull List?” thread and my sense of anticipation becomes almost physical. Every Tuesday afternoon I want nothing more than to have a big stack of new comic books in my hand.

Amazingly, I feel none of that on Wednesday, the actual day I am able to go buy the new comic books. I am happy to go get them, and I look forward to reading them, but that powerful sense of wanting that I feel on Tuesday is just not there. It’s weird. Maybe it’s because I know that now I can actually go pick them up whenever I want that there isn’t a tremendous sense of longing. It’s never as exciting to actually have the thing. It’s always seems more exciting to want the thing.

I think about this now on the day before Preview Night for San Diego Comic-Con 2007.


  1. I tend to feel this Monday (when the new podcast comes out). This is often the time when I re-read last week’s books.

    I’m a little bugged that it looks like I may not have time to pick up my books tomorrow. I even warned my comic shop that I might not be in until I get back from San Diego. *shrugs*

    Anyway, I totally know what’cha mean.

  2. I relate.

    You know when I first check the upcoming week’s shipping list? Wednesday night. When I actually get to the store, though, I can’t remember what’s coming out.

  3. I don’t feel that way exept durring the last bit of the first half of my day on wednesday. I go to the shop durring my lunch break, and i am excited, but I am not excited any other time durring the week, exept if I get a box of trades in the mail.

  4. Take what you feel on Tuesday, and place that on about every day of the week. This is my life. Whether it’s a new movie, video game, or comic book, I am constantly plagued by that desirable, insatiable need to own things. It gets even worse when I take 30 seconds and look over my trades on my bookshelf and think, “You know, I do really need to get the rest of those Fables trades.” Ugh.

    But then there’s that disappointing disappearance of the need for something once you have it. I still have a pile of trades to read even though, when I bought them, I couldn’t live without them.

    I guess that’s what they call “the spice of life.”

  5. I only feel that way when it is Wednesday and I can’t get my books. Like this week. I am not sure when I will be getting to the store or when I can block out the time to read them once I get them. It is quite depressing.

  6. I relate, Tuesday is when I feel the itch of having the comics (I don’t buy much, 4 per week is my average) because I see exactly what’s coming out, on Wednesday the anticipation continues and I always leave my job early to get to the LCS asap, mostly because some books sell out very quickly.

    Funny thing is… I read the books over the weekend no matter how excited I was to having the book on my hands, with the exception of Buffy’s new issue, that I read on Wednesday night.

  7. You know that you’re really just anticipating my announcement at the top of the This Week thread tonight. 😉

    I guess Preview Night sounds pretty cool too.

  8. I’m a little loonie on Tuesdays myself. But even more so when there is a nice shiny statue or bust that I ordered that is coming out. In this case, the Bowen DD busts (Yellow and Red). Also, the Alex Ross Batman from the Black & White line. I have only avoided two of these statues from the B & W line. I’m going nutso excited this morning. No work done yet.

  9. The chase is always more exciting then when the thing you chase is actually yours. It’s just human nature. Once we get what we wanted, it satisfies us for a wee bit and then we just want something else. It must be the greed and gluttony in all of us.
    We always want what we can’t have and aren’t happy with what we do have.
    You can apply that to many situations…girls especially come to mind.

  10. So, is comics an addiction? For me, I can’t say I get that longing feeling quite as regularly. But I do feel it from time to time, especially when I miss a week. It’s interesting to me because I’ve only been back to regular collecting for a little over a year and I fully expected that the weekly ritual might wear off again at some point. But it hasn’t. And I can’t foresee stopping anytime soon.