The Sounds of ’52’: A Movie in Your Mind!

Sure, you loved reading the weekly comics event 52 by DC Comics. But have you ever wondered what it sounded like? Well now you can, with the Audio CD version of 52, for which part 1 recently became available. In case you’re curious, we’ve got a few clips for you to peruse:

Remember when Black Adam addressed the people of Kahndaq? Of course you do. Now, hear what Black Adam sounds like! Surprisingly a lot like your favorite cereal vamipre, Count Chocula:

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Or if you’re looking for something more sultry, remember when Renee Montonya was woken up in bed by the Question?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably using Safari or another browser that doesn’t like this code – go use Firefox!

Why do I think this is not how Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison imagined their stories and characters to sound?

Now I know that audio books are a huge business, and that a lot of these sort of things are to be expected in order for DC to maximize their business, but you can’t tell me that those clips aren’t just hysterical. Now given the tone set with these clips, can you imagine what the rest of 6 hours of Part 1 sound like? The packaging bills this audio CD as a “a Movie in Your Mind!” I don’t know if it’s THAT good, but its pretty darn descriptive. I wonder how they would handle some of the weirder bits of 52. I can only wonder what the descriptions of the Mad Scientists and Lobo will sound like.


  1. That Black Adam voice clip is downright comical. Comics should not be read aloud. No.

  2. Macho man is lobo…

  3. Sound effects are stupid in audio books.

  4. Ahem…

    …can I just offer a counter-example of an audio series that (I hope) isn’t cheesy…?


  5. There is a difference between an audio series and an audio book, though.


  6. Is this a read along thing? Will they tell me when I need to turn the page?

    No. I have to agree with Labor Days and say comic book dialogue should never be read aloud (the only exception is when it is read by Stan Lee). It could be rewritten for a prose novel and THAT could be adapted for audio. But please don’t ever read it straight from the wordballoon.

    Also it sounds like it is being narrated by a high school English teacher.

  7. This appears to be the audio version of the novelization:

    Not directly the comic series itself.

  8. Oh, well, I still think it sounds awful.

  9. Nothing quite like a little HLAudio, eh? Primo!

  10. hahahahahah ahahah aha ahahaha ahaha…!

  11.! That IS The Count. One– Two– Three– FOUR MILLION DEAD PEOPLE!

    Hey, just be thankful they didn’t use Elmo’s voice there.

  12. I actually heard their version of Infinite Crisis, it was really good, the sound effects and the voices were great. I’m giving this a chance.

  13. Hahahahaha!
    Is there actually someone buying stuff like this?

  14. For me, Nine Inch Nails “Meet Your Master” off Year:Zero is the soundtrack to Countdown.
    Count down to the end
    Gotta make it come faster faster
    Right around the bend
    Is a coming disaster
    Count down to the end
    And we’re headed there faster
    Come on down my friend
    It’s time to meet your master

  15. Oh shit. I got 52 confused with Countdown. Too much wine. Sorry everyone.

    But, that was a pretty sexy recording. Great sample. Ron, you’re a magnificent editor.

  16. “There is a difference between an audio series and an audio book, though. Right?”

    Yes there is a difference, but I think the difference here is between bad acting vs. good acting, as in good voice acting vs. bad voice acting, good direction (“less, don’t over act, not so hammy, and don’t do the dumb sounding accent” vs. bad direction (“MORE! Play it up more! And give me MORE of that really stupid accent!”).

    “All Audio” is its own medium with its own requirements to work well in that format, but that still does not mean bad acting and sticking in things that are not in the original. “All Audio” is a developing medium still struggling to get back to the heyday when people knew how to do it in the glory days of radio (before television), it is a great medium well suited for the internet and distribution by CDs, but it is NOT a license to do crap that professionals working with other media would hardly tolerate.

    If DC (and WB) wants these audio books to sell well, then I suggest they may want to rethink how they do them. Otherwise, they are just soiling their own brand.

  17. I have their Kingdom Come and I kinda love it.

  18. @Conor – Yeah, there’s a difference. But this was an audio book that sounds like it slips into actors performing dialogue, and also include music and sound effects….so they’re creeping into audio dramatization territory. 🙂

  19. “Is this a read along thing? Will they tell me when I need to turn the page?”

    They should have that little “ding!” when it’s time to turn the page, like my old He-Man readalongs had when I was a kid.

  20. Did any of you guys ever hear the Infinite Crisis audio book? I thought it was pretty awesome.

  21. Oh dear God, this is worse than the Infinite Crisis production, and that was horrible.

    I admit to some bias — I write/direct/act in audio productions for Pendant (at and if we produced something like this we’d all shoot ourselves I think….