“The Shadowland”: Marvel’s 2010 Event

This past weekend at Mini-MegaCon, artist Billy Tan let slip the name of briefly talked about Marvel’s planned 2010 event.

Apparently it is called “The Shadowland” and will feature Marvel’s street level characters.

That is, literally, all we know at this point.

Begin the rampant speculation!

EDIT: Newsarama has since completely altered their story (including the title) about Billy Tan leaking the name of “The Shadowland”


  1. I got it.   Marvel bought the rights to "The Shadow"  and he is going to have a big event next summer.

  2. is this what they keep saying dark reign will lead into

  3. The Shadowland , does not "sound" cool at all.   It might be a great event , but look at the names of the last few events.   War of Kings , Dark Reign , Secret Invasion , Civil War , etc.  I am just talking from a pure marketing aspect.

  4. this is the event that will introduce miracleman, who will attempt to start a new world in the next event but will be stopped by steve rogers!

  5. Even better,   Alan Moore has signed a deal with Marvel to write  Deadpool .  

  6. Wait  I figure it out.   Bruce Wayne is going to be reborned in the Marvel Land.  Bruce Wayne will become …The Shadowland.

  7. It sounds like an expansion pack to a video game.

  8. Maybe this "event" is kind of like the Noir line of titles.  "Event" is such a loosely used word in the industry these days and can apply to so many different ways titles can be put out.  That said, it’s a fairly lame ass event name.

  9. After becoming an Oxford Don and, of course, writing a series of successful Children’s fantasy novels, Captain Britain finally finds love with the bombastic and American Black Widow only to find out that she has cancer.  

  10. Wait, the Black Widow’s not American.  I may have written the above joke too quickly.  Let’s just say she got her green card somewhere along the way.  

  11. Actually, this has already been known for a while. It’s apparently a "Street-level" event…and I believe the writer has already been named too. I’m pretty certain it has nothing to do with Thor, Miracleman, or anything like that.

  12. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=archive&type=kw&key=shadowland


    Here is a link to the Cup O’ Joe from a month ago, where Joe Q. announces the event.

  13. it definitely is or is not one, all or none of the suggestions made above

  14. Holy shit, Narnia crossover!


  15. I  hate it already.

  16. I am saying that Norman Osborn will win, put all (or most) of the big name heroes behind bars.  Enter the "street level" characters to save the day.

  17. So much for my dreams of ‘Cap-Wolf II’.  maybe 2011.

  18. This is not the "big event" of 2010.  It is just one of many Marvel projects for next year.  Otherwise Quesada would have never announced it the way he did last month.

  19. @cenquist I like the idea, too bad it’ll never happen. The Shadowland thing better step it up, DC is killing right now while Marvel is really lagging behind.

  20. Here’s my 2 cents: Doom!!!!!

  21. Evidently, it’s all about true ghost stories.   Scary.



  22. This just in: Humberto Ramos will be drawing the first tie-in for this event called "The Candyland"

  23. Maybe it’ll be what helps resolve the big hanging thread at the end of Daredevil #500

  24. I just hope the event is Norman Osborn free.  I’m having a breakdown from Osborn overload.


  25. @ohcaroline – Ah crap, you beat me to the Lewis reference.

  26. What is going to happen is that Cloak from cloak and dagger will lose control of his powers and suck all of new york into his "cloak". Everything will be completely black and everyone will be bumping into each other. Enter Daredevil and other street level characters who have no problems operating in the dark.

  27. With the Hood starting to crash and burn, Daredevil the head of a network of assasins, and something else not yet revealed, this could be a fight between factions of heroes with morality in various shades of gray (Spider-Man and Cap at one end of the spectrum and Daredevil at the other end, with Punisher as the wild card).

  28. It says "an event," right? Could be this is a little side event that gets even less attention than Annihilation or War of Kings.

  29. Since Marvel announced this a month ago, will iFanboy fix their mistake?

    No, I know in the past I’ve pointed out their mistakes and they wouldn’t own up to them.

  30. @KickAss. Wow. That was just mean. (That and 9 times out of 10 when someone corrects the iFanboys they tend to at least mention it at a later date on a podcast or in a post.) Calm yourself.

  31. @KickAss-Marvel didn’t announce this.  Where did you get that information?

  32. I have a good feeling this isn’t going to be an ‘event’. More of an idea that’s going to happen in the near future.

    I agree with @Neb. It might be how they introduce the Noir line. This could be a number of things and not an earth shattering event.

  33. @English: With most of the heroes/villains stuck in "Shaowland" Howard the Duck takes over the world. mwahahahaha!!!

  34. There’s no factual mistake in the few lines that comprise this article.

    I don’t really have an opinion on this tidbit. I’ve liked Tan in some things, less so in others. The writer will make or break it. Interesting that Newsarama called it an event, but Quesada called it a "project" in the other link. I personally think it’s tougher to do an "event" with the street level characters. the nature of events seem to be better geared toward big cosmic things. But I could see a "project," a la "The Marvels Project," working better.


  35. @JesTr I like the way you think.

  36. Penneis on the dollar its basically a remake of No Man’s Land from Batman about 10 years ago.

  37. sounds kinda….ugh

  38. Might be another knock-off from Astro City 😐

  39. Shadowland will be the Marvel U’s realization, having been eclipsed by the currently much greater DCU. A realization in which it’s only a shadow of its former self. Thus, "Shadowland".

    it’s likely to be an epic battle between the wicked bias of contemporary podcasters and Wolverine.

    Everyone will be thrilled by the first issue and fed up with it by the second. 

    Ron will be hard pressed not to pick atleast one issue as POTW. Many will call him "crazy". Many will come to his aid.


  40. @FACE let the battle for the internet begin!

  41. I got the impression, from something Bendis said on one of the Marvel panels at Emerald City Comicon, that Marvel was gearing up for an event featuring their supernatural/mystical characters, much in the same way that Annihilation showcased Marvel’s cosmic characters.  Basically the words he used later appeared in New Avengers #54, which happened to be penciled by Billy Tan, when Daimon Hellstrom said, "Man, look around you … this is the end of days. All that madness you guys are involved in every single second of every single day.  It weakens the barriers between this dimension and the nones that would keep an a-hole like Dormammu away from us."


    "Shadowlands," as a title, fits the supernatural characters better than the street-level ones.  And given the recent events in Ghost Rider, the fact that Marvel is releasing two new mystic/supernatural-themed books soon—"Strange" and "Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural"—and that JMS supposedly left Thor because he didn’t want to be involved in the next big Marvel crossover, it does seem like some sort of supernatural apocalypse is on the Marvel U’s horizon.

  42. @dandoody: It would be nice to see more of the supernatural elements of the Marvel Universe. In fact, why not do it for the DCU as well? Everyone focuses on mutants, aliens, monsters, and the like. But Ghosts and mysticism seems to be ignored by the major publishers.

    Maybe ignored is a bit harsh; more like ‘minor characters’ then anything else. Shadowpact is in Blackest Night right now, but they aren’t going to be the main players thats for sure.

  43. @dandoody – You took the words right out of my mouth.  Bendis does like to build on seemingly minor happenings in other books and turn them into large events.  I knew, or rather hoped, that Hellstrom’s ‘prophecy’ was exactally that. 

    Did they perhaps wait to see if this arc in New Avengers was well received before planning such an event?

  44. This sounds like a bad 1980s role playing game. Maybe everyone will get stuck inside of Cloak’s ….. uh ….. cloak?

  45. KickAss rules this site. I really hope you keep making your posts. It’s one of the things that helps me tolerate all the ifan-zombies. A crossover with street level characters makes me want to puke. Sounds like just another opportunity to give the incredibly overrated Luke Cage more face time. Sigh… I find myself hating comics more and more every day.

  46. @TheNextChampion: Yeah, I’d like to see more of supernatural characters in the MU too. At the moment, Marvel’s supernatural characters seem to be floating around the periphery; Dracula appeared in the late, lamented Captain Britain, and the Legion of Monsters were the main protagonists in Marvel Zombies 4. I hope there’s a reason behind all of these (seemingly unconnected) appearances.  A few years ago, no one seemed to care about the cosmic characters until Annihilation, which led to ongoing titles for Nova, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and, ultimately, the War of Kings mini.  More to the point, Jason Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider has broaden the character’s appeal and turn the series into a critical & commercial success. Both examples prove, if you get the right writer(s) with a fresh approach you can revitalize previously obscure characters, making them fun & interesting in unexpected ways.

  47. I can’t wait to read Shadowland: Young Avengers/Runaways.

  48. It will be about Matt Murdock turning evil with power from being the leader of the hand and it will take his best friends to stop him down. Which will feature heavily with Spider-man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, and Jessica Jones to stop him.

  49. Whatever…Hey I was thinking the other day.  What the hell happened to the end of Old Man Logan??? Is Millar still busy signing autographs at Comic-Con??

  50. @marshak75-solicited for October, and double sized