The Second Secret Avenger Has Been Revealed – War Machine!

Considering he's playing a big role in a gigantic movie that comes out in about a month, this one is a no-brainer.


War Machine


Who's next? You can see the other silhouettes here!


  1. Damn are they gonna do all of them today? That would be awesome. So glad that both reveals are characters I always liked but don’t read enough of.

  2. interesting I think i may need to revisit the originals

  3. I really like that they have been leaving details out of the silhouettes… Not making it too easy for us.

  4. Just like Beast, many guessed correctly but were thrown off by the subtle changes to the silhouette. So far, Marvel is 2-for-2 with membership. This is shaping up to be a must read for me.

  5. Damn you Marvel! ::Shakes fist.:: Two of my favorite characters on a book I wasn’t going to pick up. 

  6. War Machine alright! Definitely getting this now!

  7. Ugh, now I have to buy this too.  Goodbye paychecks, it was nice thinking I’d get to know you.

  8. Nice! I can’t wait for this now. I like War Machine but hes written poorly all the time. The ongoing was just painful, I hung on for 9 issues. But this one should be good.

  9. Well we knew it had to be him or Iron Man.  I think he works better in team settings, as his solo adventures have never done much for me.  Kind of like Martian Manhunter.

  10. I’ll take a stab at it and say that  "excel through adversity" is Angel. 

  11. Wait, what the hell am I saying?  It’s Wonder Man.

  12. It feels like a cheat with the silhouettes not really matching.

  13. @NawidA: It’s a good thing that there is nothing actually at stake and it’s all in fun.

  14. @conor lol

  15. Again like Beast; glad to see someone is gonna use some good ‘B’ level characters.

    Fail to see how a man in an armor suit with machine guns and rocket launchers is considered ‘Secret’ though. He’s gonna be noticed right away. 

  16. "I am in control of my life" is Scarlet Witch.

    "I lead by example" is covert ops Steve Rogers (would make sense with Brubaker writing).

    "I excel through adversity" is Marvel Boy. Quote fits, and it would make sense to put him on the "secret" team considering the nature of his early adventures on Earth, coupled with the fact that he was on Osborne’s team. Only other possibility is the Falcon, who I’m kind of sick of at this point to be honest. I’d prefer Noh-Varr.

    "I strive for redemption" has me the most confused. Could be the Sentry, but the posture doesn’t fit the character. And if it is, they wouldn’t be able to reveal it until after his fate at the end of Siege is revealed. Maybe the Hood or Taskmaster? But they are so firmly placed in the villain ranks that I don’t see Steve Rogers leading either of them. Unless we see Parker Robbins return to the more sympathetic and relatable character that he was in his original BKV mini. Also, I hear rumor that the Dark Reign: The Hood mini did a lot to bring him back into that light.

  17. @Actual: Taskmaster wouldn’t be much of a stretch I think. He could be one of the many anti-heroes or just villains wanting to get inside the heroes type of mentality.

  18. Scarlet Witch, Taskmaster, Namor, and Steve Rogers…. those are my guesses.

  19. scratch that. Valkyrie, Taskmaster, Namor, and Steve

  20. While I love Taskmaster and it can be applied him as well as to Scarlet Witch, I’m really hoping "I strive for redemption" is Moon Knight.  It makes sense with his fall from grace in the previous Huston series and now trying to go the more heroic path in "Vengeance".  He was also previously a member of the West Coast Avengers, so he has history with the team.  I’d love to see him incorporated more in the mainstream Marvel U.  

  21. @skeets – I think your first hunch was correct (i.e., that it will be the Scarlet Witch instead of Valkyrie).

  22. BTW I meant The Hood, as some people have guessed, not Scarlet Witch.  Got a little overwhelmed making my first post on ifanboy.  D’oh.

  23. I dunno, I think Scarlet Witch is going to be a big part of Children’s Crusade and wont be used until then.

  24. heh they left out beasts claw’s and war machine’s gun in the shadows to mess with us.

  25. I know there’s a 1% chance it will happen but I’m kind of hoping "I strive for redemption" is Cloak.

  26. I’m not typically a Marvel guy (no offense), but this lineup is intriguing.  If the rest of the lineup is as interesting I may pick up #1.

  27. @kmob181  That would be awesome. 


    Since they’re leading out some parts, the fourth avenger could be Hank Pym in the Wasp costume without wings.

  28. For some reason I keep thinking "I excel through adversity" might be Nova.  As an espionage force I guess I figured they’d have to have a cosmic link.

    Probably wrong though.

  29. I may be way off but here are my gueses.

     "I am in control of my life" The image says Valkyrie to me but the quote says Scarlett Witch (she controls chaos magic).

    "I excel through adversity"-  My heart says Jack of Hearts, but my head say’s Nova.  He deserves the spot.

    "I lead by example".  Here is where I’m going out on a limb.  Patriot.  In many eye’s he may not have earned a leadership role, but he leads through his actions….?

    "I strive for redemption"… I’m guessing Taskmaster because I love his 1st appearance and he has been ssociated with the Avngers over in the initiative.

     Hmmmm?  We’ll see.




  30. Have rhodey and beast been on a team together before?

  31. Not that I can recall, Matrix, but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing them interact!


  32. I’m at least going to get the first issue of this series, really interested to see what its going to be about.

  33. @diabhol – cool thanks! me too, actually a bit more now than adjectiveless avengers (avengers legacy?). just a bit though!

  34. I know Marvel’s marketing campaign on this has been poked fun at but it does seem to be effective (i.e., it’s generating some buzz/speculation and has people talking).

  35. I believe the quote "I excel through adversity" is Noh-Varr a.k.a Marvel Boy, because why would the dark avengers annual end with Steve Rogers spying on him and saying they should recruit him if they had not intention if using him? Oh and his an awesome character, they just need to change that stupid new costume.