The Redemption of Mike Carey?

Mike Carey has a new series coming out from Vertigo called Crossing Midnight.

Now I know I’ve spoken of him in the past, excited about what might come. It turns out that Wetworks and X-Men were not everything they might have been. But maybe it’s just that he doesn’t do the best superhero work. That’s possible right?

I still hold up Lucifer as some of the finest comic writing in recent years, but most of his recent work hasn’t really held up to my expectations. However, once again, color me optimistic.

Who’s with me? It comes out later this month.


  1. I’m definitely with you, although it’s more because the story sounds really damn cool rather than because Mike Carey is working on it. I give pretty much every Vertigo book a try when they first come out. They have such a great track record with me that I end up sticking with about 75% of them.

    I think you may be onto something with Carey’s superhero stuff. Which of his books have been the best? In my opinion: Lucifer, Sandman Presents:, Hellblazer, My Faith in Frankie, and Neverwhere. The stuff I haven’t liked: X-Men, Wetworks, UFF, and UXM/FF. Stick to Vertigo Mike!

  2. So I had fallen behind a bit on my adjectiveless reading and tonight I caught up. Carey’s story isn’t that bad. Bachalo’s art is horrid though. I can’t even tell what’s going on half the time. I was so happy to get a fill-in artist for 191 and so upset to see that it was only one issue when I got to 192.

  3. i like both carey AND bachalo on art(visual clarity is overrated). i’m gonna check out the first issue of crossing midnight but its gonna have to be really good because my pull list has exploded as of late.

  4. visual clarity is overrated
    huh wha?

  5. Bachalo drove me off of X-Men. I mean, I think he did. I couldn’t tell if the story was any good or not because my eyes hurt so much.

    But I have yet to be overly impressed by anything I’ve read from Carey.

  6. it seems that bachalo never met contrast that he actually liked. the backgrounds were all either so dark or so similar to the characters that each panel was like a fucking puzzle

  7. what do you have against muddled, nonsensical art?

  8. Who’s worse? Bachalo or Liefeld?

    For my money, I’d take Bachalo’s lack of clarity over a Captain America with Breasts any day.

  9. agreed
    Liefeld is inexcusably bad; Bachalo just sucks

  10. I love Carey’s current run on X-Men and i Love Bachalo’s art. Rogue looks better than ever. and if i was given the choice i couldn’t have been as creative with the team selection.

  11. Bachalo’s art is awesome if you disagree you are a nut hugger and probobly smoke chode.

  12. yes i’m probably gay because i dislike indistinct shit pencils. Someday I will be cool enough to bite insults from Beavis and Butthead

  13. I think there should be a minimum IQ to post here…

  14. It’s been so good here for so long. Let us act as gentlemen in our discourse.

  15. Agreed. I always try to. I just thought the ridiculousness of his statement needed to be pointed out.