The Pulls and the Fury! New Comics for 03/06/08

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

Highlights have to include Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso’s Logan, a new Justice League: The New Frontier Special from Darwyn Cooke, Terry Moore’s first issue of Echo, and even a new Cable series, if you’re into that.  That’s not even close to all.  This is an absurd week!

This week, it’s me with the Pick of the Week.  It’s also me who still has the beard for those of you still playing at home.

Bonus Question:  Are you a pet person?  Which kind, or why not?

I’m two days into this puppy thing, and all I can say is, thank God he sleeps a lot, because we just do not know what we’re doing here.  Hey look, it’s time to feed him!


  1. I’m looking forward to three things above all:

    Mouse Guard from last week (my shop didn’t get it in last week, so we’re getting it this week)

    Green Lantern 28 – really hope this is still good, I love where they’re going with the alpha lantern thing

     And, of course, The New Frontier special. What’s not to love about this? 

  2. Very much looking forward to Justice League Unlmited #43 this week.  This issue is under the radar I think.  Keith Giffen writing a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold story…who doesn’t want that?  It’s a mini JLI reunion.

    BQ: I love animals and I’m probably as close to being a walking Elmira as there could be but I’m definately a dog guy.  Unfortunately, due to my current living situation, I don’t have any pets at the moment.  Hopefully that will all change soon enough.

  3. Green Lantern #28 – can’t wait

    Teen Titans: Year One #3 – love it

    Ready to be done with Countdown, and Countdown to Adventure, and am ashamed that I’m still buying Lord Havok…yeesh!!

    BQ – Not an animal person.  Would like to have a dog someday, when I own my own house, but my condo would not be fun for any decent sized dog. 

  4. last week was friggin’ crazy for me. like 15 books PLUS Dyanamo 5 vol 1 came in for me and it was awe-frackin-some.

    looks like another big week for me yet again.

    Buffy looks like it’s gonna kick ass and i’m really interested in seeing what Bob "BTF" Gale does with Spidey. 

    Books like BKV’s Logan and such have potential of being good but these two are really on my radar.  

  5. I know so very little about Eduardo Risso’s art, so I don’t know what to expect from Logan… But it’s BKV, and I can only assume it’d be good… He said it’s been written for a couple of years or something… We’ll see, though…

    Other than that… Buffy. Heck la. Good stuff with the Buffy. That’s my little anticipationness followed by Green Lantern and then Pax Romana and Powers… let’s see what happens…

    BQ: I love the medium sized dogs, not the  huge ones or the yippers… the beagle sized dogs.

  6. Some of the books I am anticipating include:

    JONAH HEX #29
    DYNAMO 5 #11
    CABLE #1
    LOGAN #1
    POWERS #28
    TWELVE #3 
    BQ: I'm a dog person.  Have a golden retreiver and a new beagle puppy. 


  7. Can’t wait to read the new Scalped.  Also picking up Ennis’ Streets of Glory from Avatar, but I’m still not sure how I feel about this one, kind of glad its a mini, it just isn’t holding up with the Lone Ranger or Loveless as far as my the western’s I’m reading now.

    Looking forward to the new Terry Moore series, though I still haven’t finished SiP, down to the last Pocket Book.

    Anyone getting The Highwaymen trade from Wildstorm?  I picked it up in issues and was surprised how fun it was.  The story was a bit cliched, two retired bad-ass secret service agents (one an exact replica of the white haired guy from Planetary) brought back for one more job, but out of all the heavy stuff I was reading, it was a nice change of scenery.  Fast-paced and action packed.

    BQ:  I’ve always hated cats.  Always.  Now I have two, and they’re awesome.  But I still hate cats, just not my own.

  8. Logan does have potential, and I’m masochistic enough to check out Cable (I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d buy #2). 

    Uncanny X-Men is on the chopping block for me this week (though I’ll come back for #500).

    I don’t like it when they stack so many X-books together in one week. It makes me feel like a loser.

  9. One thing I’m looking forward to that isn’t on the list is Cemetery Blues #2. It’s funny and cartoony, yet also dark and spooky at the same time. I love the artwork in it too.

  10. I’m most looking forward to Twelve #3 and Logan #1. Big week for me with five books total:)

  11. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Looking forward to two new mini-series starting in [b]Dead Space[/b] (Ben Templesmith on art) and [b]Logan[/b], one mini-series ending in [b]Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons[/b], and more Liberators antics in [b]Uncanny X-Men[/b].

    BQ: Yes. Dogs. 

  12. Could this be DC’s first week (at the new ifanboy) with the top pulled book?

  13. This week is a bit unusual, with books by two guys who have written things I like, but I have no idea if they can write comics —

    Drew Goddard on Buffy season 8 (TV writer on Buffy, Angel, Alias, and Lost) and Duane Swierczynski on Cable (a novelist, and lately the author of an entertaining essay in the back of the latest "Criminal").

    I would really like both of these to be good.  I would particularly like Cable to be good, because I have an unironic love of Cable (okay, it’s kind of ironic — he has a metal arm!  it’s awesome!).   

    And there’s no danger of my dropping "Uncanny X-men" but I would really like to believe this series has a point, which it doesn’t seem to so far. 

    I like dogs; I don’t trust cats, and they give me sinus infections.  Apparently comics fans are a dog-loving people.


  14. I’m so excited for the new fontier special – Its going to be so good!

    I felt the same way when I got my puppy Josh, I just didn’t know what to do with him. But don’t worry he’ll get you trained pretty quickly 😉

  15. I love my 3 dogs to pieces but there are times where I need to be reminded why I have them to begin with..

    Anywho, I’m looking forward to All New Atom and Echo..  

  16. I’m most looking forward to Buffy, Logan, and Teen Titans: Year One. I’ll probably skip Detective comics since its Milligan behind the words and not Dini. I’m not totally sold on End League yet, but I’ll give it another shot.

    I might check out Echo and Young Liars, mostly because I’ve never read much of Terry Moore or David Lapham.

    I wish I could of gotten the first issue of Pax Roman, but I read the first issue online, and I’ll defintely be getting it in trade when it comes out.

    I believe thats it for this week. I’m still getting over 10 comics, but I’ll survive.

  17. I’m looking forward to Green Lantern and Teen Titans: Year One. I also think it be cool if TT: YO went to a monthly book after the mini.

    BQ: I have a cat.

  18. Really looking forward to Logan. I just got into "Y the Last Man"(late to the party but better late than never) & want to see what BKV does with Wolvie.

    I also have an old, inexplicable love for Cable, so I’m looking forward to that against my better judgment. I can still remember being excited about the 1st Cable #1 & thinking the cover looked cool! Ahh, the 90s…

    Also – Dark Tower – just ’cause it’s a trip.

  19. Really looking forward to Terry Moore’s new series, Echo. I adore Moore’s work. Strangers In Paradise is one of the finest comics I have ever had the privilege to read. Hope this new series is every bit as rewarding.


    Also looking forward to Young Liars and Pax Roman this week. =)

  20. Forgot the bonus: Yes, I love animals. Dog lover, myself. I’m sure you and your wife are going to be  good parents to your new dog, Josh.

    Best of luck dudes!

  21. Crap, I forgot about the pet question.

    I am a pet person, I love animals. I currently have a bunny rabbit named Kate Austen, she just won’t stop running. The chick is always trying to escape, but I love the fir ball.

    I’m mostly a cat person, I love an animal that always looks like its in the wild.  

  22. I forgot the pet question, too. My wife & I have a black cat – Holmes – & he’s awesome. Plays fetch, comes when you call him & is a total love bug. He thinks he’s a dog.  We’re hoping to get a puppy soon, too. Good luck with the puppy Josh!

  23. Pax Romana has to be my number one looked forward to book for the week.  I am also looking forward to Detective, Green Lantern, and Jonah Hex. X-Force 2 looks good as well (just fooking kidding). 

    I love pets.  I have a cat at the moment, but looking at getting a Boxer pup this spring.  

  24. This week, I’m most excited about Logan, a series I didn’t know was going to exist until about a week ago; Buffy comes in a close second. I am most trepidatious about Bob Gale’s Spider-Man.

    BQ: I love animals, which is why I leave them free to live their lives in the woods, hunting for their food with their genitals unmutilated. People should live in the people houses; any time you invite an animal to be your roomie, you end up resenting every animal-like thing he does and expect him to ask your permission to go to the bathroom. What kind of life is that?

    A cat lives in my house, scattering his litter and his hair. As soon as I figure out how to make it look like an accident, he’s gone. 

  25. Highlights – New Frontier, Green Lantern, Remender on Atom, Powers, Boys – another all-around amazing week.

    Hopefully Vertigo will give Young Liars a long, healthy run. It’s like the late-90s all over again (in a good way) – new books from both Lapham and Terry Moore in the same week!

    I implore you – check out Resurrection. I commented there, but wanted to bring attention to the book here because I think it’s something a lot of folks on here will dig.

    BQ: I’ve got a long, sad dog story involving college, a marriage, divorce and a pet-less apartment building that’s just too damn depressing to get into. I’d love to have a dog, but me and the missus are gone about 12 hours a day and it wouldn’t be fair to keep a dog alone that long every day. If circumstances ever changed, I’d get a dog in a second.

    @Josh – don’t you just love puppy breath?

  26. Anything Brian K, Vaughan is writting, he can simply do no wrong.

  27. My pull list is filled with creators whos work I love, this is an exciting week!

  28. I keep forgetting about the BQ with the new format: Yes, Fish, they’re easy.

  29. Looking forward most to Scalped, The Twelve & Northlanders.

    (And 2000AD, but thats a given every week).


  30. Ok, so I just got engaged this weekend, which means that money is now officially too tight for me to be picking up as many weekly comics as I have been.  So here’s what’s dropped/not being picked up for this week…

    Amazing Spider-Man, Logan, Detective, Northlanders, Young Liars, Punisher: War Journal

    Even with all of this, I’m still looking at a hefty week.  Dropping comics is hard 🙁

    Most looking forward to Scalped because that book is all sorts of awesome, and strangely, I can’t wait for The End League #2.

    BQ: I love dogs, but very much dislike cats because they always make you feel like you’re the inferior species.  As for other types of pets, they’re hit or miss for me depending on their fun level

  31. I think I need to trim the fat on my comics.  It just feels like I’m paying way too much each week on books.

  32. I used to be a real pet person. I had Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Hamsters as a kid. But I live in rental accommodation, now. The Girlfriend desperately wants a cat, but it’s a no-go by the terms of our rental agreement…

    The big pulls for me this week are Alan Davis’ Clandestine #2 and JMS’ The Twelve #3. Both series offer something different in Marvel’s universe, and I’m enjoying them a lot.

    Further to those, Ill be picking up:

    Uncanny X-Men #496: Interested to see Logan, Kurt and Poitr’s road-trip. We haven’t had one of those kind of stories in far too long.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 #12: Drew Goddard is taking this story. So far this series has been incredibly strong, I hope this continues.

    Cable #1: I am not – if I’m honest – entirely bowled over by the concept of this one. I’m not even sure if I’ll enjoy it. To me, there have been very few writers who have made Cable work as a solo series. Bob Weinberg being my favourite. It was a large part of the justification for pairing him with Deadpool. But I’ll give it a go.

    X-Force #2: Not exactly blown away by issue 1, but interested as to where they might be going with Bastion – a great, but badly used, X-Villain in my eyes.

    Penance Relentless #5: As part of my need regular Thunderbolts fix…

    Lord Havok and the Extremists #5: Really big fan of Liam Sharp’s art. Marvel have so missed a trick with this guy in the past. Lord Havok is everything Death’s Head SHOULD be in Marvel – but they were too daft to realise that.

    Plus, I’ll get last week’s books with the mail order bundle these are in.

  33. @ Neb – Congrats!  Me, I love being married.  Best thing that ever happened to me.

    Can I just say again that this week is absurd?  I keep looking over that list and seeing all the new things, and I’m blown away by the (high possibility of) quality this week.

  34. @josh–Funny, I keep looking at this week’s list and I’m blown away by the (high possiblity of) suck.  I wish I had your positive outlook.  I am looking forward to a bunch of stuff, but can’t imagine that anything but maybe 5% will meet my expectations.  I hope the writers and artists prove me wrong yet again.

  35. Buffy The Vampire Slayer #12
    Echo #1
    Moon Knight #16
    Penance Relentless #5 (OF 5)
    Twelve #3 (OF 12)
    Uncanny X-Men #496
    X-Force #2


    Another mini-series over! Woohoo! I love looking at my pull list and being excited over my comics. Remember peopl, if you don’t love it, DROP IT. 

    BQ: I’m not a pet person. I’ve lived with cats most of my life and I’m pretty much tired of it. I hate dogs. I’m fine with caged animals, but I really don’t want to take care of anything ever again.



  36. Buffy The Vampire Slayer #12
    Echo #1
    Moon Knight #16
    Penance Relentless #5 (OF 5)
    Twelve #3 (OF 12)
    Uncanny X-Men #496
    X-Force #2


    Another mini-series over! Woohoo! I love looking at my pull list and being excited over my comics. Remember peopl, if you don’t love it, DROP IT. 

    BQ: I’m not a pet person. I’ve lived with cats most of my life and I’m pretty much tired of it. I hate dogs. I’m fine with caged animals, but I really don’t want to take care of anything ever again.



  37. Can not wait to read Jonah Hex #29 and the The New Frontier Special. Going to wait for the trade on the Logan book. Plus I’m glad we only have two months left of Countdown.

    BQ: Yes, Dogs.

  38. I honestly can’t decide if I want to buy Logan in issues or just wait for the trade. You KNOW it will be traded. And you know it’s likely to be very good. So…do I even need the singles? Or can I just not wait?

    I’m curious about Echo, and I’m also interested in Cable ONLY because it’s written by a crime novelist who Brubaker has been championing for awhile. And any friend of Bru’s…

    The New Frontier Special is a must-have, as is Buffy. and I’m also looking forward to The Twelve, as I enjoyed the first two issues.

    Still very curious about books like X-force and Brubaker’s current direction on Uncanny. 

    Oh, and curious about Lapham’s new Vertigo book this week!

    The week is definitely filled with potential. 



  39. @ Josh-  Thanks!  The whole thing has been very surreal but fun.  And the fact that both families are really stoked about it makes it all the more exciting.  I’m really excited for the whole thing.

    @jstump- Dude, I hear you.  My comic habit has gotten way out of control.  I’ve got some soul searching ahead each and every week from here on out.  Man, I just need a higher paying job.

  40. I’m excited about Pax Romana,

    And Logan, it looks super cool.

    Plus a new Ms. Marvel trade, I like that book.

    BQ:  I have a fluffer of a cat. (not THAT kind of fluffer…)


    Titans Year One is the one im really excited about tho.

    Bonus Question Answer: Its a dog. I have one. It isnt that difficult to operate.

    Quick Dog instructions:

    Put Food and Water for it in bowls. Thats 2 seperate bowls. One is for the water and one is for the food. Dont put both the food and water in one bowl and leave the other bowl empty. You follow?

    This food and water eventually has to come out someplace (Dont worry. The dog can handle this part.) If at all possible, try and teach the dog WHERE to do this activity. OUTSIDE the place you live is optimal.

    Other than that, reward the good stuff the dog does. The dog had no idea what money is, so reward it with affection, and doggie treats.

    Items within the dogs reach when they are young, are considered ‘chewable’ by the dog. (Put the signed New Frontier OUT of it’s reach.) 

    Dogs DO NOT like Fables, or ANY Vertigo titles. Dont try and get the dog to read it.

  42. I am geeking at the anticipation of late 50’s era Superman and Batman duking it out in Cooke visuals. How can Batman do it without all his cool modern era gadgets!?!?

  43. Probably most looking forward to Green Lantern and the New Frontier Special. I won’t be picking up my books until Monday, though, since I’m leaving town for a few days to go skiing. Can’t wait to go, but damn I’ll have a lot of reading to do when I get back! Why can’t it be a light week?

  44. What a time to be broke!  In my two years of comic reading, this will be the first week (next week being the second) that I don’t even have enough money to buy books.  I’m tempted to go in and pick up the books that I know will sell out, but I know I won’t be able to control myself!

    Hopefully, I can get my LCBS to hold onto "Echo" for me.  That is, if he’ll even carry it…

  45. Two weeks in a row with too many books!



    Terry Moore's Echo #1, $3.50


    Sisterhood #1 (of 3), $3.50


    End League #2, $2.99
    Goon Fancy Pants Limited Signed HC Vol 02, $24.95


    Fables 1001 Nights Of Snowfall SC, $14.99
    Teen Titans Year One #3 (of 6), $2.99
    Young Liars #1, $2.99


    Dead Space #1 (of 6), $2.99
    Overman #4 (of 5), $3.50
    Pax Romana #2 (of 4), $3.50


    Clandestine #2 (of 5), $2.99
    Logan #1 (of 3), $3.99
    Omega Unknown #6 (of 10), $2.99
    Twelve #3 (of 12), $2.99


    Resurrection #3, $3.50


  46. Twelve #3, Clandestine #2, Teen Titans Year One #3, Northlanders, and Queen and Country Definitive vol 1.

    Can’t wait for queen and country, I love Rucka’s Checkmate stuff and I heard queen and country is x10 better. I’m interested to see where clandestine goes, I really like the character cuckoo(think thats how you spell it), as well as The Twelve #3.

    Unfortunately I dropped Scalped, I’ve been digging it for a while, but I’m really starting to get sick of the whole grimey reservation, characters, etc. I love the writer but I can’t find myself enjoying anything else in that world. (ghost rider took its spot, god damn what a good first issue!)

  47. This week will be Logan, Halloween Night Dance, Transformers Spotlight Mirage and Scud. Basically 2 good books and 2 guilty pleasures. As for pets; being allergic to anything with fur/hair I don’t really like dogs, cats, etc. I used to have salt water fish but they got too expensive and took away from my ability to buy comics and DVDs.

  48. I’m looking forward to Green Lantern, Teen Titans Year One, and Buffy.


    Bonus Question: Not really, but if I were, most likely a canine. I want to have a wolf, or a bad-ass looking dog. I want my pet to look vicious without being reptilian. 

  49. I’m looking forward to Pax Romana, Green Lantern, Teen Titans Year One and Powers.  Recently purchased and bought Cooke’s New Fontier TPBs, so I might pick up the Special also this week.


    BQ – Yeah, I’m a pet person.  I have two cats. 


    Looking forward to Buffy & Echo, but seriously, where the #$)*#$ has POWERS been? Get on the stick,  Bendis! *#$ the #)*#$ing Skrulls!!!!

    In good news, man am I glad I got on the Scalped bandwagon and have that to look forward to every month.

  51. @PatK – Dropped Scalped?  The hell you say?!  Actually, it’s a fair assessment, and I certainly can’t fault your reasoning. 

    Will 2 more take his place!?

  52. Man, fairly big week for me. I guess I am most looking forward to Pax Romana, Amazing Spider-Man, and Green Lantern. I had never read Green Lantern, but decided to pick up the Sinestro Corps War hard cover, and I loved it.

  53. Today I was the first guy in the comic shop, before he’d got the books out.  Oh yeah, I’m that nerd.


  54. @Josh. I really hate it when that happens. Because I inevitably miss picking something up, because it hasn’t been stacked yet, or I stand around like a lost lamb waiting for everything to BE stacked up. Either way I always feel like a complete plank for being too early…

  55. I love my girlfriend’s dog, but I would never want to have my own.