The Pictures: San Diego Comic-Con 2009

San Diego isn’t just black type against white background that comprises symbols that form meanings, oh no! And it’s not just a series of video shows that might be the thing that finally breaks us!

It’s also a bunch of still photos!

In the past I would serve as the resident iFanboy photographer, snapping away pictures that chronicled the craziness form beginning to end. Not so much this year. It was pretty nuts.

But we got some pictures taken this year! Head on over to Flickr to check out iFanboy’s official photographs from San Diego Comc-Con 2009!

And while you are over there you can check out Sonia Harris’ pics, and check out Jimski’s pictures, and also those of our buddy Chunk!

If you met us in San Diego and took a picture with us that you want to put into the official iFanboy photo set, e-mail them in to contact at ifanboy dot com!


  1. Thank you for these. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I’m primarily jealous of the food you ate. Damn that cake brownie looks good.

  2. how do you navigate this darn thing without pulling your hair out…

  3. Ah, got it, I guess.  Darwyn Cooke always look like a really fun guy to be around.

  4. So….did Thomas Jane pee all over that wall?

  5. Every year I see these photo sets, I feel the need to go the next year.

  6. can you guys make an "I <3 Sonia" shirt

  7. Is that an orange Power/Responsibility shirt Jimski is wearing in Sonia’s picture? Are you holding out on us or is the color just off in the photo?

  8. That’s just the red shirt under the harsh, unforgiving fluorescent beams of the convention center.

  9. @Jimski – Got you.  It looks good on you.

  10. Nice manpris in the check-in photo. No wonder he’s an intern.

  11. whats with all the Pikachu??

  12. Great photos. Man, these really make me want to go next year. Looks like SO much fun!

  13. What, indeed, was with all the Pikachu? He was everywhere, about ten years after I should have heard his name for the last time.

  14. Is Josh an alcoholic?

  15. I love that a majority of these photos were of food and drink.  This site should be iFood.

  16. Re: Pikachu — Pokemon TCG World Championships is in San Diego in a few weeks, so I imagine that they wanted to maximize promotional efforts, as in addition to being a tournament, it’s also kind of a weekend-long party with side events, cosplay, etc. that all can take part in.

  17. Josh passed out in the elevator wins picture of the Con. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it.

  18. @IRONMAN63: You should just replace ‘josh’ with ‘everyone’ 🙂

  19. =| jimski’s pic of that Black guy dressed as Captain America…. I wasn’t prepared for that… at. all.

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love the notion that we have secret orange shirts.  

  21. @Paul – Look at that pic and tell me it doesn’t look bright orange. How cool would it be if you did have Contributor Exclusive shirts? I’d be jealous.

  22. Nobody tell stuclach about the rings.

  23. @Jimski – Dammit! I knew there were rings. I could tell because the hands of "contributors" are never visible in any pictures (Hulk gloves were an obvious clue). You better be careful not to shake my hand when we eventually meet. #SincerityNotDetected

  24. Long before I ever gave a star-rating to a comic book, I was rating burgers.  The fact that amazing-looking burgers make up such a large portion of the iFanboy photos warms my heart immensely.  God, if I knew that delicious burgers were such an important part of the SDCC experience, I would have been there YEARS ago! 

  25. I’m pretty sure that the decision to go to Hodad’s was the best one we made the whole time.

  26. Those burgers are ridiculous. Not the In-N-Out one’s; those monstrosities that have a gallon worth of melted cheese on them.

    God I want one so fucking bad!!

  27. If I go to SDCC next year, can I party with all you iFanboys?

  28. the picture of Josh in the elevetor is priceless.Also was there a line to get a ride from Kirkman?

  29. iFanboy knows how to have a good time! I need a fake ID for next year.

  30. Can’t wait for the Kirkman interview.  I never get sick of those.

  31. Wow! Look at all the cool stuff! Kirkman, Cooke, The Todd. It warms my heart seeing all the comic book love. Comic fans in the hundreds of thousands! Outstanding! Thanks for bringing it home to us folks! Does that guy from Isotope EVER come outside without a suit?

    Ummmm… One more thing…

    really trying to not sound creepy here…

    and I say it with the utmost respect….

    but can we please get…..

    MORE SONIA PICTURES!!!!!! HOT DAMN! I mean I’ve always been a fan, but GOOD LORD!

  32. I shot that interview, and I don’t remember being passed by super speed beings the whole time.  Crazy shot.

  33. @RantzH – Wow. That guy in the pic with Ron looks like a total douche. I don’t look forward to hearing about how he is going to revolutionize the comic book industry to the delight of fans everywhere. His sideburns are almost as offensive as mine.

    @Josh – Obviously, you don’t remember them because they were moving too fast for the human eye to see. How long have you been reading comic books?

  34. yey kirkman! yey casey! yey cooke! can’t wait for this show!

    and if elaine benes ate steak, she’d cut it like you do josh.

  35. well that comment came out a lot harsher than i had planned…

  36. these are some great pictures! and great comments at the bottom too. had a great laugh reading these. greatgreatgreatgreatgreat!