The Next Guardian of the Globe is… who now?

OK, I'll admit that maybe this is starting to wear a little thin.  As far as we can tell, Outrun is a new character from Robert Kirkman, who's got some experience in the create-a-hero field.


Yes, it immediately made me think of this:


  1. Man, I was hoping for a hero named Vectorman.

  2. I don’t care if it’s marvel, Image or DC, i for one am getting sick of these "Daily rollouts"

  3. No, thank you.

  4. Maybe if they had interspersed the fake with the real it would have been better.

  5. Hmm, glad to see Kirkman making new characters. Still if he was making a new speedster I was hoping it would be a new Red Rush, though he was too much of a rip-off of The Flash I suppose.

  6. Cool. I like the character design and the costume.

  7. @dannydanger agreed. I noticed the goggles and how much sense they make on a speedster. 

  8. The name and quote would suggest that, like Jack Noseworthy, she has a limited timespan.

    Any old people pick up on that reference?

  9. @josh – I’m old, but don’t get the reference.  Maybe I’m not old enough?

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Dead at 21? More like Dead on Arrival! 

  11. Paul and I are having a shared moment today.

  12. I’m jealous.

  13. The hate begins and my interest picks up!  Typical!

  14. I was hoping there would be a speedster on the team.  I bet she will turn out to be Red Rush’s daughter.  He was a player.

  15. eh

  16. Kirkman is the savior of comic…YAWN.

    Sorry, I just got really sleepy.  Seems to happen everytime they roll out a new Kirkman project that will save the comic book industry. Like Haunt.

  17. Is it just me or does  she kinda look like Yvonne Stravhoski?

  18. Im glad for it. So far his line-up seems better than the Avenger academy line up

  19. @heroville:

    Her legs aren’t sexy, just weirdly muscular!

  20. RE: sexy muscular legs – i used to go out with a cyclist that rode on a national level a few times. Huge legs.

  21. This will give Brit someone to try and sleep with.

  22. Yeah now I definitely want Obama on this team.

  23. I used to really like Dead at 21…

  24. His best work was the Bon Jovi video "Always," hands down.

    Question, but how would a female Flash-type speedster like Outrun travel at super speeds without knocking herself out from her boobs whipping her in the face at sub-sonic velocities?  I know that Flash wears a formfitting outfit to keep his tackle in the box, but even the sturdiest sports bra would not be able to hold those mammaries in place at anything over a light jog. Ever watch female soccer players? Now imagine that at 600 mph. 

  25. She has strong boobies?!?!

  26. "Man, I was hoping for a hero named Vectorman." -DrStatic

     I was thinking the same thing when I read the headline.



  27. @ Josh, that comment made me feel way too old.

  28. How is this supposed to "save the comic book industry"?  It’s a six-issue mini-series.  This isn’t so much a judgement of you (kmob181) in particular, but the internet as a whole…  I am absolutely sick to death of the prevalence of poeple for whom everything is feast or famine, and most often famine.  Why feel the need to hate everything?  I just don’t understand it?

  29. @Jon – A fair criticism but I don’t think it applies.  I rarely hate on anything and I think my pulls demonstrate that I am far from a one taste kind of guy.  I commented on Kirkman because of his shameless self-promotion as a comic book messiah (check out some of the interviews he gave in the last couple years).  That would be fine if he was Alan Moore.  But he isn’t.  I appreciate that Invincible and Walking Dead have a big following but I don’t get it.  This is a guy who basically retreads old Marvel and DC characters in familiar formats or writes a Black and White zombie movie done a hundred times.  I appreciate his homages to the Silver Age but he is hardly unique in that capacity.  And I appreciate that some people like his sense of character but again this isn’t unique.  So when he rolls out a Flash with knockers I’m not impressed.  If you want to be considered a messiah, do something worthy of the title.  This isn’t it, and I have yet to read anything of his that comes close.  So in a very roundabout way, I am basically trying to say that my criticism of this project is a reflection of what I see as the contrast between Kirkman’s self-image and the work he delivers, not the title itself which may in fact be entertaining.

  30. @kmob181: Believe me, Kirkman doesn’t consider himself any kind of comic book messiah. That’s a bizarre label that many fans have tarred him with ever since his video calling out Marvel.

  31. @Kmob: I’ve read and seen plenty of interviews, not one time did he act like a "messiah".

  32. It’s the first time I heard anyone label Kirkman as some kind of comic messiah (maybe on his message board), to be honest. For sure he didn’t do it himself. That’s just…weird.

  33. This was sort of amusing when it was a Marvel parody.


    But what is the difference now between what is being done here and what Marvel is doing?


    And personally I am not ok with ripping off the logo design- be origianl at least.

    Marvel should sue actually.  There isn’t any reason to not come up with a real logo for the series on their own.



  34. @all – I went back and looked at the interviews and especially Kirkman’s mission statement.  You are all absolutely right.  For some reason I thought that Kirkman’s plan to "save the comic book industry" was more about him than the material actually supports.  I was wrong and I apologize.  Thank you for calling me out.  I actually found myself agreeing with a lot of what he said although given the dramatic sales disparities between Marvel/DC and Indy books its tough to think its going to happen.  I do like the idea that Marvel and DC should embrace their role as gateways to new readers but I also think their are problems with the Indy market that need to be addressed.  That being said in the future I promise to do my homework before speaking. 

  35. Someone admitted he was wrong on the internet. There still is hope for humanity, after all.

  36. was ok as a parody..kind of loses the impact when they actaully copy it.  Now it just looks lame.  But its getting attention and I guess thats the point..

  37. I like her and I just met her.