The Next Guardian of the Globe is….The Walking Dead?

Ok now this is just getting silly.  Is The Walking Dead even IN the Image Universe superhero continutity?  I have to admit, it's still making me laugh.


We can hope that Rick only appears in black and white in the comic.


  1. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ant-Man was the next member of the Guardians of the Globe.

  2. I hope with all of my heart that this team becomes a reality.

  3. So if anyone had any doubt that Kirkman was just screwing with us..

  4. if this does happen, will he remain in black and white or be in colour, or what, im confused, if this is real can i assume kirkman is writing? I love that guy!

  5. SO AWESOME!!!!

  6. hahaha, awesome in every way. Nobody would fuck with Rick. Nobody.

  7. Ha Ha! Now I’m on board. Awesome

  8. Add in a leprechaun and it would really be a party.

  9. Amazing! hahahahhaha

  10. Up next, Battle Pope!

  11. Let me guess who’s next…G-Man?  His quote would be, "Girls are icky"

  12. I’m with Conor, I want this team to happen so bad now.

  13. If this actually happens it will be the greatest event in the history of sequential art.

  14. @stuclach-What you say, it is not at all hyperbole. It is fact.

  15. Where’s Edward when I need someone to call me on my hyperbole. 

  16. Ha! It’s like that joke from yesterday, but again!

  17. what if this becomes a reality and Rick is black and white while surronded by colerful costumes like Invincible’s?

  18. @Patman2 that would be awesome.

  19. The Guardians first adventure should be a quest to find out how they can colorize him, and should involve a final battle with Ted Turner.

    The next member should be Cheeseburgerhead, from the first Popgun anthology!

  20. Cool, so GOG’s like Image United but with good characters? 😉

  21. At least a FOB issue or something……

  22. This could be regular continuity Rick, and Walking Dead Rick could be Rick MAX. Let’s see it happen. I’d love to see the tension between Rick and Astounding Wolfman.

  23. They’re just taking the piss out of Marvel, as they should.

  24. Well, it’s nice to see they’ve found their Wolverine. Now if they add Rick to at least half of the books Image publishes, they can really make good use of him.

     This is a great gag, although I will admit that if this book happens, I would buy it in a second.

  25. Is it strange that my own comment made me want to see Carl next to him dressed as Jubilee?

  26. Rick does appear in color on the covers. But this team would be so freaking cool.


    Admit it….you would buy an Ultimate Image book

    i would almost salivate over an Ultimate Spawn….by a real writer 


  28. Fantastic! Kudos to Image for sticking with this, this has been awesome. Especially the quotes

  29. Please, please, please, please. Breathe. Please, please, please, please, please.

  30. I’m in.  When do I pick this up?

  31. Damn zombie trend!

  32. “An event of… eventful events!
    That’s what this would be if it happned. This is now my favorite hero group line up. Yeah, we need a preacher type hero. We need battle pope in it, to combat demons and stuff like that you know. And maintain moral rectitude, avoid turning into the boys. Wait, that sounds weird.

  33. Best $3.99 I’ll ever spend…

    I think we’ll find out if it’s real come May if it shows up on solicitations.

    Also I think it makes sense since in Invincible’s universe there exist a multiverse, so I suppose they’d write Rick off as someone from an Earth where there are zombies instead of superheroes.

    Also I guess that’s it for his missing hand. I mean they got crazy technology in Invincible’s world so I guess he’ll be rockin’ a mechanical hand soon enough…

  34. Yea, add Carl and this would be the bomb diggity. Carl is a badass.

  35. It would be awesome to read about this team, maybe over 3 or 4 issues and then kill them all.

  36. Have we figured out whose art this is yet?

  37. I reallllyy hope this isn’t fake, because this team looks awesome

  38. Battle Pope?  No, what this team needs is Richard Fell.  Whether or not this happens, this comic is exactly as real to me as the Avengers books, but more awesome.

  39. this is great

  40. With ricks leadership this team is unbeatable. granted i’m only 5 volumes in to walking dead but still

  41. @Stuclach: Every time i comment on one of these ads conor deletes my post immedicately so i learnt not to say anything.

     But, yeah, what you said was a bit over board however it does seems interesting.

  42. This was funny, but now I’m bummed out.

    I was hoping this book would be real . . .

  43. Everytime I see Rick’s stump I got the willies.  Such an awesome book….

  44. Ha!  Nice.  These are good times from the Image crew.

  45. Prediction: Kirkman writes himself as the next member of the team.

  46. At least give us a one-shot featuring this ‘team’!

  47. Funny.  But predictable that fanboys like these ads, yet when Marvel gets competitive, people bitch.  This is low.  Sad thing is, no one really likes Image other than Kirkman’s work, which I love.

  48. No one likes Image? News to me.

  49. @KickAss: how can u be an ifanboy member and say that? Image gets lots of love from this site and it’s member’s, including the non-kirkman stuff!

  50. I don’t really like anything image does but Invincible

  51. Oh well, in that case, they should just shut the whole thing down.

  52. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirkman and Bendis were in on this. It seems like the kind of good-natured fun those two like.  I find these add pretty funny myself.

    The bulk of Image is not shared universe comics; in fact most of it is just an eclectic mix of creator-owned titles.  Saying you hate Image is like saying you hate Random House or Penguin. Not liking the output, sure; but hating a publisher like that? I guess everyone needs an enemy.

  53. snarky, josh, so snarky

  54. @Simmons~  Then, he would be at the level of Stan Lee, who is writing himself into a superhero book he’s putting out through Archie Comics.

  55. @Kick-Ass. Of course people like these, they’re meant as a joke. (Although I’d read this book if it saw shelves) Plus, it’s someone with a lot less market share parodying someone with the most market share. You can’t hate the underdog. Plus, where you do you get the idea that no one likes image? Seriously, they put out some of the best stuff in the industry. You act like no one liked I Kill Giants or adored Four Eyes (when it was coming out.) Phonogram was an industry darling (mostly critical, not so much on the sales side) and Image as a whole reshaped the industry. Seriously, you think no one likes Image?

  56. Damn, I think this proves that this is probably just a joke and nothing more. Seriously, how could this work if it does happen?

    The tagline is so damn funny though… damn funny. I hope he is just black and white for the whole series. How awesome would that be? 

  57. @TNC – It’s simple! I think Richard Fell and his bodyguards Invincible and Dara Brighton will be called by Warden Spawn to a Maximum Maximum security installation to meet up with Supreme, so as to find out if he may or may not have murdered his wife. Unbeknownst to them Scud arrives on the island at the same time to break out a few inmates. While Invincible gets pummelled by some redshirts he’s saved by Shaft with a few well aimed arrows to the nads. Jack Staff leads them all to some sort of land that appears quite savage where Rick shows up out of a wormhole, only to have Dara sever his other hand when he starts making jokes about coloured folk. Fin.

  58. @KickAss, Marvel gets competitive by telling people to rip comics up to receive something special. DC gets competitive by allowing purchase of rings once a certain number of issues are ordered. Image "gets competitive" by running sarcastic ads. Yeah, Image is sooo low.

  59. The only things Image has ever done that i’ve liked were The Maxx, Walking Dead, Dynamo 5, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Sam and Twitch, Astro City, Danger Girl, Dawn, Fell, Gen 13, I Kill Giants, Jinx, Liberty Meadows, Fear Agent, Kabuki, Bone, Wanted, DV8, Scud, Proof, and Meltdown.

    other than that though, the company really doesn’t do it for me