The New Writer of ‘The Spirit’ is… Sergio Aragones! (UPDATE)

Conor and I were going through the news coming out of the Baltimore Comic-Con and Conor picked up on this little nugget that seems to have slipped through the cracksSergio Aragones will be replacing Darwyn Cooke for writing duties on The Spirit. He will be co-writing with long time collaborator, Mark Evanier. Wow.

For those who may not know who Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier are, their most notably known for Groo, as well as work for Mad Magazine.

DC did not announce who would be handling the art after Cooke departs — join us as we analyze this and speculate on the potential artist.


Now the official iFanboy analysis of this is that it could either be really awful or a genius move. Aragones spoke on the panel of his fondness of Eisner’s original work on the title and everyone knows how much of a staple in the industry both Aragones and Evanier are. I can’t think that this would be anything but quality work put forth.

The open question is still the art. Cooke’s writing as well as his art worked in concert to give The Spirit the retro-modern look that made it such a stand out to us. Those are going to be pretty big shoes to fill…I’m curious to see who gets the gig.

Given Aragones and Evanier are writing, who are the best candidates for the art on the title? Kyle Baker and Jordi Bernet provided art in issue #7, the summer special with smaller stories. Could that have been a preview?

Here are the top 4 artists, that have worked for DC recently, that I think that would make swell artists on the new run:

1) Tim Sale – We’ve seen him recently on Superman: Confidential and perhaps his own “retro-modern” style could apply on The Spirit and give a chance to flex his artwork beyond the Superman and Batman work he’s established himself with

2) David Lapham – His most recent work was Silverfish for Vertigo. Primarily known for crime related drama comics, don’t you think that if his work was colored (unlike most of his work, i.e. Stray Bullets) it could be fantastic? Especially given that The Spirit is more based in a somewhat realistic world, this could be a good fit.

3) Josh Howard – Coming up the ranks of indie comics, Howard recently did the art on a Minx book, Clubbing. His work is a little less refined from the above, but he could have an opportunity to do some career defining work. Similar to Cooke’s animated style of art, Howard’s would be familiar but unique enough to be different. Could be an interesting experiment.

4) Norm Breyfogle – I know, out of left field right — but I was talking to Augie De Blieck Jr. about this topic and he threw that name out and we both thought about it… and you know what? That would be pretty cool. He could provide that combination of classic comic book art with a touch of the dark that he did so well on the various Batman books he’s worked on throughout the years. Think about it.

Of course I have no idea who will get the job and it probably won’t be any of the above, but you never know…


  1. whichever one of those artists (baker or bernet) who didn’t draw the third story (the one that was about the millionaire who was killing her assistants) gets my vote. That art was god awful

  2. That sounds awesome! I am still really disappointed that Darwyn Cooke is leaving the book. I think a good candidate for the book would be maybe Karl Kerschel… or Kerchel… or Kershcel… or whatever. He sis great work on All-Flash and he needs to be doing more work. He’s great and there is no good reason he is not working on the Flash book.

    PS: Is there any word on what Darwyn Cooke’s next project will be?

  3. Karl Kerschel would be a good choice. But at Baltimore DC let it slip that Daneil Acuna was leaving Flash, they would be stupid to not get Kerschel for this. But, it’s possible…

    I thought that Sergio Aragones was a weird choice, as I’m only familiar with his Groo and Mad work, but like Ron said, it could be bad, or genius.

  4. Jeff Smith could do it, but I bet he wanted to write and draw it.

    My dream choice would be David Lloyd, but this wouldn’t be a monthly then.


  5. Does anyone know when Cooke’s last issue is? Last I checked, he still had quite a few months left on the book, but I may have misread, or DC isn’t being forth coming about it.

    I think this is an interesting pick, and I’ll give it a couple of issues. I just can’t wait until they collect Darwyn’s run in either hardcover or Absolute. Oh my god, an Absolute of it would be so awesome.

    I’m a big, big fan of having Tim Sale do the art, but I don’t know if he would leap at the chance. Also, hasn’t Superman Confidential been late because of his art?

    Here’s another suggestion: Matt Wagner. How perfect would that be?

  6. Hey Neb, Darwyn Cooke’s last issue is number 12.

  7. Fantastic, I couldn’t think of any modern writers who seemed to fit the book. I’ve loved Cooke’s run so much, and with that fill in issue I thought I’d definitely be dropping it. Now i am intrigued.

  8. p.s. Tim Sale is beautiful on anything. Breyfogle is a longshot but would be Great. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the name google it. The art is clean, colorful, and dark.

  9. Any one of these artists would be an awesome pick. Sale would probably run into a lateness problem – seems everything he’s worked on since Daredevil: Yellow has been running behind (not that I mind – it’s usually beautiful when it arrives). Wagner would be a great get as well. I just hope whoever it is carries on that Eisner style that Cooke has – although an Aragones Spirit would be — just wow.

  10. I actually began enjoying Sergios work pre-Groo. One of the primary reasons I would buy Mad as a kid was for the Mad Marginals, the little tiny cartoons Aragones would do on the page margins. They were quite often the funniest thing in the book, along with other pantomine art like spy vs spy.

  11. PLOOG.


  12. I’m against anything that would impede the production of issue #41 of Stray Bullets.