The iFanboy Letter Column – 01/29/2010

Friday means many things to many people. For some, Friday means freedom as the work week has ended and the weekend can begin. For others, they’re just starting to work because they don’t work on a traditional Monday through Friday schedule. Maybe they work nights and weekends and maybe they’re silently damning you for humming “Working for the Weekend” under your breath on the subway.

At iFanboy, Friday means it’s letter column time.

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What music style would each of the Corps listen to? Red Lanterns obviously listen to some sort of death/thrash metal.

Along those lines:

Which Corps is more New Age: Blue Lanterns or the Indigo Tribe? Or do the Blue Lanterns listen to some sort of Christian Praise music and the Indigo Tribe listen more to World Music? Does the Sinestro Corps listen to… country?

As fans of both comics and music, I hope you can ponder and solve these burning questions.

Pozr Du, iFanboy Member

First of all, are you the same sort of species as Kilowog? Because that’s a weird name you got there. Second of all, I hate these kinds of questions. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you asking it, but rather me answering it. This is like one of those writing exercises, and I suck at those writing exercises. Realistically, if you saw a Sinestro Corps member flipping through the radio dial in the pages of a comic book, you’d march to the DC offices and demand your money back. Well, maybe you wouldn’t. Unless you’re Jim that is. Jim would.

But what of your actual question? I have no idea. But I’ll give it a shot, and rest comfortably with the fact that the commenters will likely do a better job than I ever could, and I can feel confident that the question writer doesn’t feel shorted. I do this for you Pozr. You.

  • Blue Lanterns: Gospel.
  • Red Lanterns: Muzak, the true sound of rage.
  • Indigo Tribe: All didgeridoos and aboriginal music.
  • Green Lanterns: Skynyrd.
  • Sinestro Corps: German techno, which scares the hell out of me for some reason.
  • Orange Lantern: Queen’s I Want It All, on a continual loop.
  • Violet Lantern: Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Otis Redding, and Wilson Pickett.

Josh Flanagan

Two Batmans and two Captains America — how to make it all work.

The original Captain America leads The Avengers while Buck-Cap is a “special forces-style” Captain America — the Wolverine equivalent who can do the jobs (i.e. shoot people to kill them, rather than pitchfork them to death a la Wolverine) that Steve-Cap can’t do, but what needs to be done at time in our dangerous world of asymmetrical warfare (unless the upcoming Heroic Age wipes out ALL grittiness).

The original Batman is more difficult. The current iteration of Dick-Batman plus Damian is just too damn interesting to even want the original Batman back. Solution: Bring back Bruce Wayne only, but not the Bruce-Batman. Bruce Wayne could lead JLA (like Steve-Cap leads The Avengers) and do special things — like another Oracle-type character more sparsely used — while the newer version gets the Batman title book for continuing adventures.

Ed (thevision)

What to do, what to do, what to do indeed. An embarrassment of riches is what we have here on our hands. Mostly. Steve Rogers is already back with Bruce Wayne to follow at the end of this year, supposedly. But what happens after they come back?

Captain America and BatmanThe prevailing theory that most people have had for months is that Steve Rogers is going to temporarily forgo a return to the Captain America identity to let James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes have a go at it for a while while Steve takes over for Norman Osborn (hopefully after punching him in his stupid face) as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Where this leaves Nick Fury is anyone’s guess. Steve Rogers, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the odds-on favorite scenario as of right now, but how long will it last is the big question. One way or another, Steve Rogers will eventually be back as Captain America. You can take that to the bank. Could there be two Captains America as Ed suggests? Sure, I think there could be. (Maybe Bucky could be Lieutenant America!) Do I want there to be? No, not really. I think Bucky is a better and stronger character as Winter Soldier than he is as Captain America. I also don’t think that Bucky would agree to being a Black Ops Cap, as evidenced by the arc where he had to do “bad things” and he did them in the Winter Soldier costume instead of his Captain America one.

The Batman problem is a bit trickier because Dick Grayson as Batman has lead to some really interesting story territory. But we also know that Bruce Wayne is on his way back and will probably return from his journey across time by the end of the year. Can Dick Grayson remain Batman if Bruce Wayne returns? No, I don’t think so. It all boils down to the fact that Bruce Wayne is Batman. He can’t retire. He can’t pull back and stay in the background and out of the action. He can’t just be Bruce Wayne because there is no Bruce Wayne. This is certainly a tricky one. I can picture a world where Steve Rogers is back but not Captain America. I don’t like it, but I can picture it. I can’t say the same for a world where Bruce Wayne is back and not Batman. (Yes, it happened briefly after his back healed from Bane breaking it. The first time Dick Grayson was Batman.)

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how things shake out in the coming year with the Captain America Situation at Marvel and the Batman Situation over at DC.

Conor Kilpatrick


  1. i could see the sinestro core listening to german opera non-stop; fits in with the sinestro-as-hitler vibe.

  2. in regards to what the e-mailer said, I think metal has more to do with willpower than rage.

    and might I add some Smokey and the Miracles and the Temps to that Violet playlist of love. 

  3. Pfft. Blue Lanterns wouldn’t listen to Gospel music. Christina Rock all the way. And I can see Atrocitus listening to Tool when he isn’t bathing in the blood of his enemies.

  4. Green Lanterns-The Oa station…All Oa, Oa the time…

    Red Lanterns-Rush Limbaugh

    Violet Lanterns-Love Line

    Blue Lanterns-Billy Graham’s Hour of Power

    Indigo-a secret Ham radio station with GOD on the other end of the line…

    Sinestro Corps-Enclave Radio or Fox….Probably FOX….

    Orange Lanterns-Commercials that tell you to buy BuY BUY!!!!

    The Guardians-Ifanboy Podcast



  5. Blue Lanterns-Billy Graham’s Hour of Power

    Indigo-a secret Ham radio station with GOD on the other end of the line…

    Sinestro Corps-Enclave Radio or Fox….Probably FOX….

    Orange Lanterns-Commercials that tell you to buy BuY BUY!!!!

    The Guardians-Ifanboy Podcast


  6. Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers should each take back their old jobs, but offer to let Dick and Bucky put the cowls back on at 12:05am. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

  7. "Sinestro Corps: German techno, which scares the hell out of me for some reason"


    Probably one of my favorite Josh quotes …ever

  8. When they bring back Steve in the suit, which will be excellent, I have a feeling it will be "In vogue" to say "Now that Steve Rogers is Captain America, it’s boring, nobody cares, and nothing is happening!"  Watch, it will.

  9. @KickAss: I hope you’re wrong but given the fickle nature of some of our people I fear you may be right.

    Steve Rogers as Head of Shield could be interesting. Do you reckon they’ll give Thor a go as well so each of the big three in the Avengers can have a go at it? Does anyone know if Secret Warriors is still going after Siege ends?

    I agree with @Conor as well. Bruce is Batman and if he was back he couldn’t NOT be Batman. Not sure I see Dick going back to being Nightwing though, at least not right away.

    Battle for the Cowl 2: The Quickening 

  10. I think Black lanterns would be death metal instead, like Cannibal Corpse(I hate that band but it suits them with the zombie lyrics and all)

    Sinestro Corps would be The Omen soundtrack, its very haunting

    Blue Lanterns definitely Gospel

  11. Black Lanterns would either just listen to whatever they respectively liked when they were living.  or nothing at all.

  12. I think blue lanterns would be 80’s pop. Everyone was upbeat and hopeful in the 80’s… except The Cure.

    Plus, I just really want to see Saint Walker and that Elephant-looking guy rocking out to The Cars.

  13. I figured that Bruce Wayne returning would make him Batman, but Damian wouldn’t be his Robin; neither would Tim because he’s grown into something of his own as Red Robin. I think Cassandra Cain would come back to the fold as Robin (thus something of a switching of roles with Stephanie Brown), since I seem to remember her giving up the fight without Wayne in the picture. Dick and Damian would take on the roles of Nightwing and Flamebird respectively.

    That’s just my thoughts though. 

  14. Both Steve and Bruce would have  to be back as the main Cap & Bat by the time the movies come out.

  15. German (or any sort of Euro) techno really fits for the Sinestro Corps! Even more light-hearted Kraftwerk or Air or Daft Punk works. I could imagine Sinestro getting indignant with someone if that music didn’t make them as happy as it made him.

    I’m not sure how Bruce will get back into the Batsuit exactly, but I’m sure Morrison will endow the transition with enough strange ritualistic stuff for it to work.

  16. "Indigo Tribe: All didgeridoos and aboriginal music"

    If you were in australia you would be considered a massive racist now, Josh.

  17. The black lanterns would obviously listen to Emo, it’s intended to draw emotion. And in regards to batman v batman I say they make a core like in The Dark Knight Returns only “legit”

  18. I couldn’t agree more with Conor’s response about Bruce and Steve (I hope I can call them Bruce and Steve).  Bruce has to be Batman, purely for the fact that Dick wouldn’t be able to take all of the leering over his shoulder and back seat Superheroing from Bruce.

    The only reason I don’t want to see Steve as head of S.H.I.E.L.D is mostly related to how much I like Nick Fury in that role.  I’m oddly cool with Steve taking a vacay, I mean if any superhero has deserved it, it’s Steve Rogers.

  19. The Indigo Lanterns would listen to the Indigo Girls.  Duh. 

    (ready to dodge rotten tomatoes).

  20. @edward – Why? If I’m a racist, so are the music producers on Survivor.

  21. How on Earth is suggesting that a group of people who dress in an aboriginal fashion would listen to aboriginal music racist?  The members of the indigo tribe appear to be rather racially diverse.

  22. First Marvel is putting out a ‘racist’ Deadpool variant, and now Josh has racist musical tastes.  I love this overly P.C. world.

  23. Did anyone read the "What If?" issue where Steve heads SHIELD and Bucky becomes Cap? Eventually, they decide to switch, because Steve can’t stand not being out in the field and Bucky is a better spymaster.

    Some additions:

    Indigo Lanterns listen to ambient techno. Everyone knows that.

    Orange Lanterns love Queen’s "Gimmie The Prize" from the Highlander soundtrack.

    Black Lanterns just play all the music from The Crow.


  24. @Josh: kind of, yes

  25. Why would the Red Lanterns listen to Rush Limbaugh? He’s not angry. Well, he’s angry, but for the same reasons I’m angry. But his show is mostly satire and comedy, hardly the domain of Red Lanterns. 

    I don’t want Bruce Wayne to come back. Ever. I love Dick and Damien as Batman and Robin. And like Conor said, there really is no Bruce Wayne. it’s just a character that batman plays.  

  26. Either Blue or Indigo would listen to Enya. I can’t decide.

    I think it would be awesome for Dick and Damien to remain a team as Nightwing and Flamebird.

  27. Wait, Hickman is writing that Shield book right? Now I wan to read it.


    I agree with TehDave, Wagner is the preferred composer of the Sinestro Corps.

  28. Red Lanterns: Amon Amarth, Tool

    Sinestro Corps: Blotted Science, or the song "Behind My Camel" by the Police 

    Indigo Tribe: A Tribe Called Quest 

    Green Lanterns: The Sword, Cypress Hill, Electric Wizard, Hawkwind 

    Star Sapphires:  The Carpenters, The GoGos, Stevie Nicks

    Agent Orange: everything, and he’s the type of guy who gets mad when a lesser known indie band that he likes suddenly increases in popularity and becomes well known for their new music which is completely different( and terrible) compared to their old stuff, i.e. Modest Mouse 

    Blue Lanterns: Gregorian Chants 

    Black Lanterns: Gravediggaz, Cannibal Corpse

  29. The Red Lanterns having Muzak playing in their minds that is constantly going and never stopping, Muskrat Love ever driving their rage, they keep killing to stop the muzak. 

    But it won’t stop the Muzak, why can’t anyone stop the Muzak!? 

  30. I guess it would be too easy to say that the Red Lanterns would listen to Rage Against the Machine…

  31. So Dick is Conan and Bruce is Leno?

  32. Bruce travels even further forward in time to dispense justice and train Terry.

  33. @Edward- Don’t see the logic at all there. That type of music fits in with nature themes, it is not limited to a certain race. Saying it belongs to the Indigo tribe doesn’t define a race.

    So Bruce is traveling through time right? What if he winds up in the present as a youngster? He is Dick’s Robin. EPIC!

  34. @Ruo: Sure, equating indigenious australians to a group of loin cloth wearing conan-ish savages isn’t racist. you’re right.


    and the music producers on Survivor are actually the most culturally sensitive group on the planet

  35. So aboriginal music doesn’t evoke thoughts of a more primitive, tribal time?  That doesn’t happen?  And thinking it does is outright racist? That’s it is it? If there was a negative value judgement, maybe, but it wasn’t, and honestly, I don’t appreciate the heavy handed label.

  36. @Josh: no. it makes me think of indigenous Australians. who aren’t really primitive or tribal.

    why it’s racist

  37. So that musical style is a recent invention then?

  38. doesn’t matter if it’s recent. you have to consider the culture as different rather than primitive.

  39. Well, I’m done with this. Think what you will.

  40. yes. it is hard being right all the time

  41. @Edward- Josh never attributed the music to belonging to "loin cloth wearing conan-ish savages" those were your words. He never said anything about a race; again those were your words. He simply explained an interpretation of a character.

  42. @Roi: ok, sure.  what does "Indigo tribe: All dideridoos and aboriginal music" imply than?

    See, it’s bit of a sticky situation. It’s the same as saying something like "Black Lanterns: Hip/Hop, Rap and R&B" You could see how that’s a little insensitive, right?

    I know some people that would be pretty offended by that. Sorry to say.

    I realise it wasn’t intentional but it is a little racist

  43. Blue lanterns — the young new lanterns are listening to stoner rock, but Brother Warth and Brother Hynn are all mad and only listen to the Mama’s and The Papa’s all day.
  44.  wow… i gotta sorta agree w/ edward 

     not racist though, it’s just stereotyping (which is what that the question called for — and if the Black Lanterns were in fact of black ethnicity / racial group then most of us here would probably ASS(outof)U(and)ME they listen to Rap and or HIP/HOP)

     ’nuff said 

  45. @Edward- "It’s the same as saying something like ‘Black Lanterns: Hip/Hop, Rap and R&B’ You could see how that’s a little insesitive, right?" No actually I can’t. The Black Lanterns are all deceased people/aliens from a variety of planets, cultures, and backgrounds. Ascribing Hip Hop music to the entire universe is not insensitive in the slightest. It is a terrible creative choice that might be offensive to the artistic community because it doesn’t fit the theme of the Black Lantern at all.

    The Indigo Lanterns are also a people from a variety of cultures, planets, and backgrounds. They are a nomadic "tribe" which might lead a person to think about "tribal music". They seem to live in nature and to be separated from technology. Thus leading one to believe that they wouldn’t listen to Techno, Industrial rock, synthesized voice, large pop ballads, or a Bass Guitar. Matter of fact I doubt they would listen to anything studio recorded if the characterization is done correctly. It is the sound, not the creator of the sound that leads someone to ascribe the sound of didgeridoos to the Indigo Lanterns.

    I think you are a tad bit confused about what racism is, but keep reaching.

  46. @Rou: listen to me. I’m telling you flat out "Indigo tribe: All dideridoos and aboriginal music" is racist.

  47. I have to agree with MisterJ. Anyone see the movie PCU, where nearly all the college students are all divided into groups who protest EVERYTHING at all times of the day? I really hope we arent going in that direction.

  48. OK, you made your point. We’re gonna let this subject drop now.

  49. Sorry guys,

    I was just hoping to have a fun conversation about music & comic books.

    I’m now going to use my non-denominational, chromatically neutral ring to construct a corporately ambiguous mp3 player to listen to some generically non-confrontational, gender inspecific music.