The End of Hellboy is Nigh? (Spoiler Alert)

For those of you who listen to the iFanboy Pick of the Week podcast, you've heard us the discuss the latest Hellboy mini-series from Dark Horse Comics, Hellboy: The Fury.  In those discussions, Josh has speculated ad to if Mignola might be putting the foot on the gas in terms of ending Hellboy. Yep, as in ending it. Finito.

Well, earlier over at Comic Book Resources, Mike Mignola spoke about the upcoming issue of Hellboy: The Fury #3, which comes out next Wendesday, August 10th, and it what it may mean for Big Red.


Do not read further if you don't want to know what happens.


Mignola explained the big finale to the end of Hellboy: The Fury #3:

"I killed Hellboy once before, but he came back pretty quick, I knew he was dead, and I was waiting for people to go, 'Oh shit! Hellboy's dead!' But nobody seemed to notice. So this time we're doing Hellboy's death where you'll go, 'No. He's dead, and he's not coming back in 12 minutes.' There was a little bit of work that had to go into that because this really is the end of him as that physical character that appeared in the very first issue. It's a weird thing to do, but it's fun."

So there you have it. Hellboy dies in the next issue.  Now what does this mean for the future Hellboy story that Mignola promised to draw? Well, that appears to still be happening as Mignola said he's drawn 4 pages already, but how it fits into the larger story remains to be seen.  Additionally, Mignola pointed out that 2012 is going to be the year of the B.P.R.D. and Lobster Johnson, so while Big Red may be biting it, the grander Hellboy universe doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Now excuse me while I go talk Josh off the ledge…


  1. First johnny then ultimate peter now big red?

  2. Geez…. thanks for the spoiler warning.  🙂

    I was just getting into Hellboy based on Josh’s reviews.

  3. Awww shit.

  4. It sounds like he’s leaving it open for a new “Hellboy” in 12 months time.

  5. Anyway, gonna be weird. You’d think they would’ve got Mignola to do Hellboy’s death. :/

  6. Well I guess this explains the lack of Hellboy (sans the OGN) in the immediate future.

    But I’m sure he’s gonna come back. Mignola said he isn’t done with the character just yet in an earlier interview. Plus Mignola said it’s the end of him in a ‘physical role’. So that could mean he isn’t completely gone.

  7. I did not expect this. I seem to remember Mignola saying that once Duncan Fredrego’s run was finished that Hellboy would become a completely different character and the book would change dramatically so this fits into that. I assume Hellboy might actually go to hell or some sort of afterlife.

  8. What Mignola failed to mention is that the new Hellboy will be an Austrian/Native-American named Gunter Running Deer.

  9. ‘physical role’ seems a weird choice. Maybe he becomes a Lobster Johnson for Abe and the B.P.R.D? Maybe as a comic fan I read way too much into everything? Either way I’m kinda glad. I like an ongoing serial but to me Hellboy was not made to be that. He works best in trades and when read with the same level of care giving to a peice of high quality artist literature as he is written with that same care. For he is just that. For me I like a closed narrative, or a linear narrative. He needed a beginning middle and end to enjoy his arc and I’m really glad we can now have the life and times of Big Red as a set staple set by Mignola himself

  10. Hellboy will live on in my TPB collection.

  11. I had a feeling Hellboy would come to an end eventually. This series has always been one of my top 5, and this is so bitter sweet. But hey all good things come to an end.

  12. Damn it, Hellboy is one of my favorite comics, none of the of characters in Hellboy are interesting enough to hold their own comics.

  13. End of him as a physical character to me screams ghost hellboy, probably not though unfortunatly.

  14. I thought that Minola had said, fairly recently, that Hellboy was a 3 act story and what we were in was the end of act 2?

     Does anyone else remember reading this?

  15. People seem to think this is the end of Hellboy but they isn’t the case. In the CBR article it says that Mignola is starting to draw tge next part. AlanRob is correct in that Act 3 is coming next

  16. @Walter  I could read an Abe Sapien solo book easily.  Loved the couple of mini-series.

  17. gives them time to catch up on the HC Library editions…

  18. this really is the end of him as that physical character that appeared in the very first issue’. So maybe that means he’ll die, and come back as something else?