The Darwyn Cooke Interview: The News Highlights

Did you check out our latest interview with writer/artist Darwyn Cooke? In the midst of all the gritty true telling, Cooke had a few interesting bits of news to share. In case you didn’t see the interview — or even if you did — we’ve highlighted those bits for you here.

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter is headed to iTunes

Darwyn Cooke to draw Jonah Hex #50

Darwyn Cooke has got a creator owned book in the works.


  1. One of my favorite issues of Jonah Hex was the one he drew. I can’t wait for at least another year of Jonah and hopefully another 25 to 50 issues.

  2. What format will The Hunter be in on iTunes??

  3. Im buying that creator own book


  4. Well, the creator owned book is a one shot. So I’m in.

    And I think I’ll jump onto Jonah Hex with his issue. 

  5. Oh and to Darwyne:

    Do it at Image or Dark Horse! 

  6. Wow this guy really knows what his talking about, and if he doesn’t than he is really shows confidents. i laughed my head off when he said the question was the stupiedest he ever heard. I’m gonna buy Richard Stark’s Parker: the hunter on itunes.

  7. iTunes seems to be the new comic hotness

  8. THE HUNTER was awesome =)