The Dark Knight Rises Fan Poster Stirs Further Excitement

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. announced the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy as Bane in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises set to premier in 2012.

Already there are a plethora of questions, rumors and speculation regarding the film's plot and the involvement of the aforementioned characters, with the major dispute regarding the role Selina Kyle will have in the film. Some argue that there will be no Catwoman and just Ms. Kyle, others say that this will show Selina on the road to becoming Catwoman or that Catwoman will be a major player through its entirety. Whichever theory you prefer, one thing is for sure – this fan made poster totally rocks! 


(via Only Metahuman)


  1. Very reminiscent of Batman returns. Bring on Danny DeVito!!!

  2. What no costume made out of leather purses?

    Still, looks nice.

  3. It has that gritty Nolah feeling… love it!!!

  4. Wow!  I wish this was the real poster.  Nice job to whomever made this!

  5. I hope the movie goes for the current Catwoman outfit, its perfect for a cat burgler

  6. Very cool.

    Tangent: Batman Begins’s color palette was primarily orange tinted. Dark Knight’s was blue. I predict Batman3’s will be green or red.

  7. I’m getting a bad feeling about this. I could be wrong but this is way too familiar

  8. @ato220  You do realize that this is not a real poster right?

  9. CATWOMAN!  From Joker to Catwoman?!!

    I just hope Spider-Man never has Black Cat in the movies, soaking up screen time.  It’s awful for either Batman or Spider-Man.  The various cat comics are ok, but putting them into a big storylike this  just sounds so lame.  An acrobatic cat?!

  10. Niiiiiiiiiiice.

  11. @KickAss Do you just have a problem with female characters in general? This is what you’re sounding like.

  12. Definitely a cool poster.  Who knows what the movie will bring, but regardless of its quality, I’ll still love the first two films.  It is Nolan, so it will probably be awesome.

  13. @comicBOOKchris  Or cats.

  14. Wow! That is very cool. It is ALMOST like the ending shot of Batman Returns. At least, that is what I think of when I see it.

  15. Nice mock-up, fan made stuff always feels great.

  16. WHERES THE BANE ONE!!! lol….this ones good tho.

  17. Nice real life version of the Darwyn Cooke costume

  18. Nice poster! I’d like to see a Bane one, too. I’m pretty meh on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, but I have faith in Nolan.

  19. Pretty solid execution. Would have been really nice to see them try something new instead of copying the art direction from the last film. That being said i think its pretty well done for a fan poster.

  20. @kickass What? That makes absolutely no sense. Both of those characters are kind of a big deal to their counterparts. Also… how is an acrobatic cat any more lame than an acrobatic spider or bat? 

  21. Anne Hatheway?  Meh.

    Just hope Bane is done properly this time.

  22. @Anson17  Because bats and spiders have penises.

  23. Anne Hatheway is not a good actress. And whenever i see her face i just feel like she’s full of herself. This movie is not off to a good start…. already. (IMO)

  24. @OttoBott  Oh my God. You’re right. 

  25. @oopsxlandmine  My response to that is when has Nolan ever steered us wrong?  His work, and not just his batman work, has not had anything close to a stinker yet and I don’t see any reason to think this is going to turn out any differently.  If I remember correctly everyone was initially apprehensive about Heath Ledger as The Joker and look how that turned out.

  26. @Spoons  It’s funny, I went way back in the archives of iFanboy to find the story about Heath Ledger’s casting and no one in the comments was really apprehensive about it. A few people were bewildered but the vast majority were positive.

  27. @conor  link to that?

  28. @Gabe  Here.

  29. @conor  Yeah after I wrote that I thought ‘everyone’ was a bit of a overstatement but I would argue that bewilderment must have an inherent quality of apprehensiveness as a result of its reference to a state of confusion on the part of the party in question.

  30. @conor I wasn’t part of the ifanboy community at the time, but a lot of my friends were very speculative about Ledger being cast.  I was more ‘wait and see’.

  31. There’s apprehension over every casting for every comic book flick. Then it usually turns out fine. It’s one of the basic stages of the comic book movie cycle.

  32. I’m no scientologist, but I’m pretty sure cats have penises too.

  33. I’m also pretty sure that Bane has shrivelled testicles.

  34. I would be so much more excited to see Hush or Talia al Ghul, but the past two Nolan movies were pretty cool so I got good faith.

  35. Anne Hathaway?, won’t she be dead now? i’m not an expert or anything but Shakespeare lived in the 16th century

  36. @spoons well i actually hated Batman: begins. I hate christian Bale as Bats and I only liked the Dark Knight for Ledger (which i knew from the beginning would be good). Sorry if to offend. haha.