The Comic Book Podcasting Companion Hits Stores On June 24!

In the summer of 2008, iFanboy had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fine people at TwoMorrows Publishing for their book on comic book podcasting, The Comic Book Podcast Companion.

And today it has finally hit the stores!

Here is how the book is described on TwoMorrow’s website:

Comic book podcasts have taken the Internet by storm, and now TwoMorrows offers you the chance to go behind the scenes of ten of today’s top comic book podcasts via all-new interviews with the casts of AROUND COMICS, WORD BALLOON, QUIET! PANELOLOGISTS AT WORK, COMIC BOOK QUEERS, IFANBOY, THE CRANKCAST, THE COLLECTED COMICS LIBRARY, THE PIPELINE PODCAST, COMIC GEEK SPEAK, and TwoMorrows’ own TUNE-IN PODCAST! Also featured are new interviews about podcasting and comics on the Internet with creators MATT FRACTION, TIM SEELEY, and GENE COLAN. You’ll also find a handy guide of what you’ll need to start your own podcast, an index of more than thirty great comic book podcasts, numerous photos of your favorite podcasters, and original art from COLAN, SEELEY, DC’s MIKE NORTON, and many more! With a spectacular new cover by Mike Manley.

We’ve seen an advanced copy of that book and TwoMorrows has done a great job! If you’ve ever wondered about the stories behind the podcasts that you listen to this book will prove invaluable.  It’s chock full of pictures (I hope you like looking at Ron…) and really interesting and meaty interviews from the featured podcasts. Hell, our interview is 12 pages!

Here’s a sneak peak at the first page of our interview:

The Comic Book Podcasting Companion is also available through Amazon and at 15% off through TwoMorrows’ website.

TwoMorrows does excellent books focusing on a lot of different aspects of the comic book industry, and if you haven’t already you should check out some of their stuff.

UPDATE – Due to a delay with the printer, this book isn’t hitting stores until June 24!


  1. I ordered my copy through DCBS, should be in my next box!

  2. 12 page interview!  Pictures of Ron (and his awesome sideburns)!  Josh making his zoolander face (blue steel) in the top picture and with blonde hair in the bottom picture!

    I’d buy that.  If we buy it from Amazon through the link you provided on this page do you get your Amazon kickback or do we have to go through your Amazon store page for you to get the kickback?  I just want to make sure we maximize your revenue, so you can keep provided enjoyable content.

  3. This is so awesome that I think I’ll buy two!

  4. It looks like it will be worth it for Josh’s expression alone…

  5. nice I’ll have to pick one up on my next amazon order

  6. @stuclach: Using the link works just like going through the Amazon store. Thanks!

  7. No, in fact I don’t like looking at Ron.  But Conor is another story.  😉

  8. @conor – Thanks for the info.  I will make my order ASAP.

  9. Coolio!!  I’ll be picking this up durin my next book order. 

  10. im gonna order mine!!!

  11. You know what sold me?

    The hair ron had on that pic you provided. This is gonna be a fun interview 🙂

  12. Update added to the original post.

  13. Hit stores to…..I mean next week!

  14. wow awesome picture

  15. Ok, what the fuck is up with Joshs’ old hair.  Was he a hipster.  I bet he was a hipster.  

  16. @Gabe: No. It was just the 90s.

  17. Damn you iFanboy! So I watch your Astro City video show today and then run home and order all the trades off Amazon because of the praise you all gave it. Admittedly, I had been meaning to read Astro City for a while, this just pushed the books to the top of my priority list. Now, I open the webpage after dinner and see another book to go back to Amazon for…damn!

     All kidding aside, grats on being in the book guys, looks like it’s going to be a great interview. Can’t wait to read it, and to see what other Podcasting poersonalities are in there. Ordering mine now.

  18. my god… you three looked just like crazy kids I knew when i was a kid.  Conner, you looked just like my neighbor who made swords out of pipes, Ron, you looked like a kid in school who had a 6th finger on his lift hand, and Jash, you looked like a kid i knew in kung fo class who kicked my ass.  And im not making it up!  Its freaking crazzy…

  19. Josh in the b&w pic….creeps me out but also makes me kinda turned on.

    Is that a problem?

  20. Get up. Get on up. Like a sex machine. Stay on the scene. That’s the soundtrack to my fantasies.