The Big Man’s Gettin’ Old

It seems that Conor has finally joined Ron and myself in our third decade. But don’t worry, we’ll still waste our adulthoods talking about comics with you fine people.

So I want to say Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, and wish him my sincerest condolences on this most difficult of birthdays.

And while we’re here, what’s the best comics related birthday present you ever received?

I’ve gotta say that for my birthday I got the Absolute Dark Knight, not once, but twice. One from my good friends, Ron and Conor, and one from my mother and sister in law. I did return one and get a stack of other good stuff, including the 3rd and 4th Brubaker Captain America trades, so it was a good deal all around. But I’ll have that giant book full of Miller’s timeless work for decades, and I’m really happy about that.


  1. Happy Birthday 🙂 I hope you have a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday, Conor. Doesn’t the premise of Logan’s Run seem foolish now?

    Count your many blessings, among them: good friends, a squirrelly kind of fame derived from your hobby, and living in a time when baldness has been made into a style choice.

    May your blessings increase a hundredfold. Same to the other iFanboys, interns and significant others.

    Damn, I’m getting misty.

  3. Happy birthday Conor.

    My favorite comics related gift was the entire run (1-9) of Y. Wrapped in an old toaster box. WIth color newspaper comics.

  4. Happy Birthday Conor!

    My best comics related gift has to be the 1001 knights of snowfall fables hardcover. Not a b-day present but a surprise easter gift. Go figure.

  5. Happy birthday, Batman Conor.

    Last birthday, the wife got me the Frank Miller Daredevil omnibus. I remember being so excited I tried to eat it.

  6. Wow, thirty, congrats! You’re as old as Batman. It is time to start thinking about getting yourself ward.

    Comics for my birthday? Never happened. I got Ultimate Alliance for Christmas last year. And when I was really young, I think it was J.C. Penny, had a box of either fifty or one hundred single issues of Marvel comics and I got that for Chrismas. I think I got How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way for my birthday.

  7. hmmm 30, your a huge DC fan like myself, your a libra, but your 30.. still got five years left. yay me. Happy Bday.

    Comics for bday: convinced my dad to buy me the First storyline appearances of Gambit back when Storm was de-aged…wouldn’t she be really distrubed by the return of evil gambit…argghhh x-men makes me sooo mad sometimes…sorry tangent…..

  8. Happy Birthday Connor!

    Saddly, I’ve never received any comic related gift for my bday, if anyone is interested my birthday is next Sunday (I’ll be turning 29). And I do need an Absolute Long Halloween 😉

    I thought that Ron was the younger of you three…

  9. Happy Birthday! I haven’t gotten a comics related birthday present since I was a kid, because none of my family or friends, who are not comic readers, would have the slightest idea what to get.

    But my brother’s birthday is this week, too, so that makes me think of the unending stream of silver age comics that I had access to as a kid – it was the early 70s, he and his friends were 6 years older, so I got to read a lot of the really best stuff from between 1965-72. My father did give me a present when I was six or seven (Barnabas Collins cape and walking stick), and claimed it was from Stan Lee…I was pretty excited and jumped around alot until my brother said the “from Stan Lee” note was just a gag (mean sense of humor at my house). At the time I was reading Swamp Thing (Berni Wrightson, before Alan Moore) and Tomb of Dracula (Marv Wolfman/Gene Colon).

    So, you ain’t so old, Conor. Me? I’m old. Hope you get great presents!

  10. Happy 30th, you whippersnapper! Don’t believe the hype; it’s no big deal.

    (Though I did go from 0 to 60 in four seconds that year. The year I turned thirty I got a new job, got married, and bought my first house within a six-month span. But your mileage may vary, of course.)

    My best comics gifts… I got a Marvel Masterworks: Spider-Man volume when I was in junior high that blew me away, but I think my favorite so far was last year when I got those DVDs of every X-Men and every FF ever. They are completely overwhelming and much too daunting to read, mind you, but it’s the thought that counts.

  11. Happy Birthday Conor!

    30 is easy. 35 is when it hits you. halfway to 40, and in a different survey group bracket, hoo boy.

    I got a Cap America for President shirt on my last birthday. I think that’s it. Once I came home to find Gambit on my doorstep with a note written in his distinctive patois. But I don’t think that was my birthday…

  12. First off…happy birthday.

    As for the greatest comics-related gift…

    Two summers ago, I was so poor and behind on my bills that I asked anyone who was planning to get me a b-day gift to give me cash instead. My only actual present that year was volume 6 and 7 of Preacher, which my mom had sent me. Those two trades were enough to get me through some tough, tough times.

  13. Happy Birthday Connor! I know what you’re going through, I just hit 22 last weekend and everyone kindly reminds me that I’m either “half-way to 44” or “Your next birthday worth celebrating is 30.”

    Best comic-related present? I got the Leonardo and Donatello statues for Ninja Turtles last year. Those are pretty sweet.

  14. Happy Birthday! I hope the rest of the ifan-mooks buy you a Guinness to celebrate.

    My kids got me the Mr. Potato Head “Darth Tater” one year. Only thing I ever got comics related for a birthday present.


    I think my best comic present was when a buddy of mine went and tracked down every issue of the Batman: Hush series (in perfect condition). It was neat that he actually put effort into it to find the issues. It was really cool.

  16. Happy birthday Conor!

    I think my favorite comic related gift came two years ago. My mom didn’t really understand comics, or that there were different styles of them at all. She tried, but for Christmas I ended up with a pile from the quarter bin including an issue of the Motley Crue comic and an issue of Ninja Turtles.

    She got a better hold last year. I got a few good ‘uns.

  17. Happy birthday Connor.

    I am 22 but i look forward to being 30, in a strange “i don’t really want to be there right now but i can see the appeal” sort of way.
    The appeal that i am talking about is that people kinda have to listen to you now don’t they? I mean i am not saying that i only listen to the show every when Ron and josh do the pick, because who really wants to hear what the young one has to say right? I mean for all i know your going to be talking about Johnny DC and Archie Comics and who really wants to hear that? But now that your thirty, that makes you an adult and so now i can feel confident that we have moved past all those childish ideas and gained some real wisdom.

    Oh and last year i got some Archie comics that i just loved, though i can’t really make out most of the words quite yet.

  18. Happy B-day, Bangs Fists on Table For Comics! (Your Native name now 😉 )

    My wife gave me a nice copy of Ra’s al Ghul’s first appearance in Batman #232 for my birthday a few years back (before Batman Begins). At first, I was a little perplexed as to why it was this issue. I am a big Batman fan yes, but knowing her, there had to be another reason. Well, she pointed out the cover date to me. I was born when this issue was released. I was blown away by this gift. What a great idea, eh? Seek out a key comicbook that represents the period when you were born.


  19. A very Happy Birthday to you good sir!

    Last year my Brother picked up Ultimate Alliance for me.

  20. Best comics birthday present? $100 gift certificate to Golden Apple. I got it on Saturday when I turned thirty. 🙂

    (Though, FYI, Charles, Conor’s a Scorpio…)

  21. Happy Birthday, Conor!
    Best comics-related bday gift– this year my wife bought me Absolute Kingdom Come. Pretty sweet.

  22. Happy Birthday Conor!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    Best comic-related prezzie I got was a Jim Lee Batman statuette – very cool!

    So what did Ron & Josh get you?

  23. Happy Birthday Connor… You’ve accomplished a lot. Including but not limited to HELLBOY IMPRESSIONIST.

    Cheers on your day!

  24. Happy Birthday Conor!

    I received The DC Comics Encyclopedia last birthday, which came in handy reading 52.

    PS – Sorry to point this out on your 30th, but you’ve actually just entered your 4TH decade!

  25. My last birthday I asked for Absolute Dark Knight my b-day rolled around and it didn’t come (I got a PS3 though) then a week later I got a big box in the main and there it was!

  26. Happy birthday, boss!

    Even though you’re too drunk to read ANY of this right now. Haha!

  27. Happy Birthday bald one!

    My best comics-related birthday present was when I was 16 and working on’s message boards. The .com people in NYC comissioned a fairly large (nearly poster-sized) piece of art by Bulletin Bits artis Chris Giarusso depicting Spider-Man, Ultimate Wolverine, Daredevil and Punisher eating birthday cake that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!” then had the department sign it, as well as Joe Q and Ralph Machio. Pretty amazing gift.

  28. Happy birthday!

    I never got comics for my birthday, unfortunately. I am always getting comics for my nieces’ and nephews’ birthday. The only one that had any more thought behind it than “they’ll like this!” was when I got Michaelangalo #1 (the first appearance of Klunk) for my niece because she named a stray cat she found Klunk after seeing Mike’s cat in the cartoon.

  29. Happy Birthday Man!! This weekly podcast is sort of a strange phenomenon when I think about just how much time I have spent with you guys. I have been getting each new episode weekly since the 3rd week and I have never missed a week. You all seem like the friends that I talk about comics with.

    Best Comic related gift was last Christmas when my parents bought me the Alex Ross Superman Forever Statue!!

  30. Thanks, everybody – it means a lot!

    And Marshall’s right, I’m not a Libra, I’m a Scorpio.

    And Josh and Ron got me The Complete Calvin & Hobbes.

    And now I sleep.

  31. Happy Birthday hope your transtion to the next decade of your life goes smooth!
    The best comic related birthday present was when i was in elementry school one of my friends got me 3 amazing spider-man comics(my first comics ever) and binder with 3 binder bags and boards. Before that the only comics i got to read were my cousin’s old ones.

  32. Sorry for the belated Birthday wishes. Hope you had a great one.

    Best Comic present. Uncanny X-me #1. That’s right the beginning of it all.

  33. Happy belated Birthday big guy! Cheers to many more (hopefully hundreds) of excellent comic reading.

    As for my best comic related gifts: Last year my mom got me the 300 hardcover because I loved the movie so much. After I opened, she told me that she flipped through it and thought, “The art is really pretty.” I agreed with her, but then as I read it and saw a bunch of naked dudes, I got a little weirded out. Still though, it was nice of her to make an effort to show interest in my hobby.

  34. Happy birthday, sir.
    May you enjoy many more years of time wasted to come… Checking Will Smith’s birthdate in each…

  35. Hey, hey, hey! 30 isn’t old, damnit! 30 is the new, well, 28, but still…

    Anyway, hope you had/have a great day. Have a beer and a steak and enjoy yourself.

    Best comics b-day — for my 30th, the wife and I went to Atlantic City for three days and took a day trip to Kevin Smith’s comic shop in Red Bank. Can’t really remember what comics I bought, but got to meet Walt Flanagan (he really does work at the store), picked up some View Askew schwag, and see all the props from the flicks (no rubber poop monster, though). Had lunch in a Broadway-themed little restaurant across the street and picked up the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog CD for the ride back. Really a great day.

  36. happy birthday conor

  37. happy belated birthday conor!
    I got the calvin and hobbes hardback set myself last year, hope u enjoy it!!

  38. Happy Birthday Conor!

  39. Happy Birthday Conor

    who knew I would feel old at 37.

  40. First: Happy Birthday Conor! I just turned 30 last year myself.

    Real quick, about Netflicks: I simply wasn’t thinking about y’all when I signed up. I know you guys always say how. I was basically giving you an excuse to plug it again. I honestly haven’t listed to any shows since the San Diego Comic Con. I am back in college and I just don’t have as much time to mess about. I just turned in my finals for this session, so I am in a position to slack for a few days. Anyway….

    When I turned 12 years old, my dad and I went to the local swapmeet in Yuma, Arizona. It was at a greyhound race track. Anyway, as we were looking around, I found a guy that had box after box of comic books. I had recieved 100$ for my birthday, and I was in heaven. I was furiously going through all the boxes, pulling out golden age gems. After I had a pile way too big for my scrawny arms to hold, my father came over to me and said, ” Hmm, you wanting to buy some of these comics?”
    I rolled my eyes at him and said “Dad, you’d have to know I was gonna buy some.” “Well, you can’t buy any of them son.” “What!?!”
    “Well, you can’t buy any because I already bought you the whole batch!”
    I about fell over. It was better than any christmas or birthday present I ever recieved. There were literally thousands of amazing comics. This is how I first read “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, among many classics that would shape my comic tastes. This was also where I first got into Captain Marvel. The Marvel Family was in Crisis, as well all the DC comic’s Shazam books that I got.
    All in all, it was an amazing experience.
    Sadly, while in a 6 year live together relationship with a young lady, I was stripped of my whole collection by trickery. Oh well, as karma works, I have since recieved somone else’s collection. i am almost back to the amount I had previously.

  41. “I simply wasn’t thinking about y’all…”

    Happy birthday, Hunter.
    Happy birthday…

  42. Happy Birthday dude!!!

    One Love

    And my comic related gift was Zero Hour the trade.

  43. happy birthday!

  44. Happy Birthday, Conor!

    The only comics-related present I remember getting was the very first trade of Marc Silvestri’s Cyber Force, complete with the gimmicky shiny and embossed cover. I still have it on my shelf and read it every now and then.

  45. Happy birthday man…I’m 37, married with 2 kids, a mortgage, career, dog, etc…and only started reading comic books like 1 and 1/2 years ago…

    You guys rock, and Connor you have pretty much impecable taste in comic books.

    Happy b-day..your 30’s beat the shit out of your 20’s.