The Best of the Week in Twitter – 08/11/2010

He can't be contained in a single tweet. Ever. Also, well, you read it.

James Robinson (@JamesDRobinson) You know those days, when you try some auto-erotic cos-play and it all goes wrong you end up ripping down the curtains and blocking up the–

James Robinson (@JamesDRobinson) – Drains? You know? Oh boy, how am I going to explain this to Jann? She's never going to believe the dog did it while I was out for coffee.

A more common comics discussion than you probably realize.

Stephen Christy (@stephenchristy) Just had a debate over what kind of SFX a man bursting through the belly of a space leach should have. We settled on SPLURCH.

Wait, is he going to torrent the toys?

Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) I want those jonah hex toys…but not enough to pay for them…lol.

Have you seen Orc Stain?

Phil Hester (@philhester) Dear Comics, we are still allowed to be as weird as we want. Stop shirking your responsibility to oddness.


Gail Simone (@GailSimone) I wish I could write the all auto-erotic asphyxiation episode of "That's So Raven."

And what is that goddamned operating system supposed to be?!

Matt Sturges (@matt_sturges) Why is it that in TV and movies, computer users never use mice? Whenever they have to do something they just sit down and type really fast.

You have a blog?

Ryan Kelly (@funrama) At cons, I hear: "I follow you on Twitter","I follow you on Tumblr","I follow you on Flickr.", "I Fo…" Ok, I get it, no one reads my blog.

Truer words…

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliopoulos) Best advice ever given? "You gotta burp, Charlie. It's the only way!"

I'd never leave the house. Well, I might eventually go across the street. But definitely not the block.

Duane Swierczynski (@swierzy) Sitting here at the window, trying to write, but distracted by the ladies reporting to work at the gentlemen's club across the street.

People think there's no risk working in comics.

Trish Mulvihill (@trishm) No A/C or fan all day. Arm sticking to the Wacom like hot thighs on a vinyl car seat.

Now, if I can only get Ron to meet me in Delaware.

Matt Sturges (@matt_sturges) FYI: Dueling in New York state is prohibited under Penal Law section 35.15(1)(c). In Delaware, however, it's perfectly legal.

What was it Rick James said?

Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan) Sometimes I'm amazed at what a few lines will do.

I think, somehow, you'll manage.

Bryan Lee O'Malley (@radiomaru) i don't understand any function of the internet not relating to Scott Pilgrim. it's gonna be a tough adjustment when this is over


  1. Dear Gail Simone, I wish you could too

  2. SO ther’s a lot of Scott Pilgrim hype? I’ve been hanging in the dark recesses of the interent becuase I thought otherwise…

  3. @JumpingJupiter  newsarama, yahoo, comic book resources, fark, joblo, pretty much all the sites i got to on a regular basis have featured Scott Pilgrim heavily

  4. OK, I know it’s not Twitter, but there was a funny exchange on Alex Grecian’s facebook earlier this week:

    (FAN): I turned a friend on to PROOF, so how ’bout that? Gave him the first trade and he liked it a lot. He had no idea comic books were not "silly and for kids". 

    (ALEX GRECIAN): Thanks, but PROOF is a comic book about a suit-wearing sasquatch with an IQ higher than yours and mine put together. Guess your friend didn’t notice how silly it is, huh? 😉 

  5. l Simone’s my favorite writer since BoP #1. That episode would be epic.

    Lmfao!!!!! Your Palmiotti comment made me think though… If you could torrent real live things like cars and a house… Would you do it?

  6. I laughed at Ryan Kelly’s tweet. He reminded me of the "The Barnacle". lol

  7. psst! Gail! It’s called FanFic. 🙂