The Best of the Week in Twitter – 07/21/2010 – San Diego Edition!

Tony Lee (@mrtonylee) There is a Stormtrooper doing the weather forecast on channel 6. #SDCC has started.

It's all about the destination. Not the journey. Wait.

Brandon Jerwa (@Jerwa) Southwest Airlines is Esperanto for "sweaty gliding anger tube".

Brandon Jerwa (@Jerwa) I accidentally placed an order from something called "Skykea". The stewardess just delivered 3 shitty particle board bookcases to my seat.

Joe Cool: trend setter.

Ivan Brandon (@ivanbrandon) in redondo beach even the dogs are hipsters

Sweet Knights of Columbus!

David Petersen (@mouseguard) The only thing I want to see on San Diego local news: Ron Burgendy interviewing Dewey Cox…then jamming together: Guitar & Jazz Flute

Remember Mase?

Fred Van Lente (@fredvanlente) Writing obscure villain Puff Adder. Desperately want to make him sound like Puff Daddy. Alas, that would require me listening to Puff Daddy.

If she had a nickel…

Tommy Lee Edwards (@tommyleeedwards) BLVD #SDCC quote of the day: "That's not a bad lookin homeless chick."

Too soon.

Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) At the party there was a cake made to look like bruce lees face. Had a piece of his chin.

The oldest form of currency.

Tim Seeley (@HackinTimSeeley) Don't wanna leave for SDCC. Would feel worse if I wasn't going. Only thing that will even it out? Bring me He-Man guys for sketches!

Scent memory.

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliopoulos) The woman behind me at the deli had such BO, I felt like I was at SDCC. 🙂

The siege begins.

Steve Lieber (@steve_lieber) Now is the time when the comics industry takes over Portland International Airport. #pdxcomics #forreal

Food science.

Si Spurrier (@sispurrier) Dear Those Who Suggest A Banana As A Snack: Your Mouths Are Full Of Wrong. The word "snack" IMPLIES both Crunchage and Savouryness.

The guys in cell block H LOVE Dextar.

Fred Van Lente (@fredvanlente) I got one of those in prison. Along w/my neck tattoos! RT @ GailSimone I find it almost impossible to write the phrase 'white power ring.'

Game Over.

Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) I read Scott Pilgrim 6! It is very good! When does volume 7 come out!?


  1. Did they pay NBC Universal for that cake?  Or was the cake served by NBC Universal?

     Nerdy joke based on the obscure knowledge that NBC Universal owns among its many IPs the likeness rights to Bruce Lee.  Not his movies, just the rights to make posters and t-shirts and maybe a Game of Death CG movie.

  2. Explaining jokes makes them better.

  3. Nah, you’re alright.

  4. oh, Jamie.

  5. I always thought shitty particle board bookcases were supposed to fit in the overhead compartments.