The Best of the Week in Twitter – 07/07/2010

Uncomfortable yes, but apt nonetheless.

Chris Sotomayor (@SotoColor) Finishing a book is like taking a dump. You work at it all week, and are so relieved when it's over, but there's another coming next week.

I've blocked out almost all my office experience, but yes, someone on this site used to do that. (IT'S CONOR!)

Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) Remember when you would work in an office and people would print out emails? Crazy.

That being said, I'd shutter the whole production.

Nathan Cosby (@NateCosboom) I dunno. Andrew Garfield doesn't seem like the kinda guy that would do deals with Mephisto.


Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) It may be 2010, but I still love me a good Nancy Kerrigan post-club-to-the-knee impression.

Every day, I want to hang out with Eric Canete a little bit more.

Eric Canete (@EricCanete) "Wearing white undies is just asking for more proof that you dont wipe your ass good enough" Well said, Starbucks barista. Tall mocha please

I don't believe he had cross words with anyone. Even the way he says it sounds sort of nice.

Paul Cornell (@Paul_Cornell) I hope lady I had cross words with comes to panel so I can apologise. She was mean about Russell, but who made me the mean police?

Never has something been so true. Vile, vile smell.

Brandon Jerwa (@jerwa) The air around us confirms my belief that no one has ever not put on too much Patchouli.

I paid for a Candlebox CD once. I can finally admit it.

Chris Ryall (@chris_ryall) This week, I finally found music I'd been trying to track down for 20 full years. Only to realize what dipshit music I liked 20 years ago.

So you're saying it helps to stick with it?

Tom Fowler (@tomfowlerbug) funny. thought about it the other day and the time between my first submission to marvel and my first work there is almost exactly 20 years.

Sometimes I even highlight actual information. Not often though.

Ron Marz (@ronmarz) It's not unusual for artists to carry writers visually. A story you love might be pretty pedestrian if stripped of the artist's innovation.

This is the least amount of tweets James Robinson has ever used to convey a thought.

James Robinson (@JamesDRobinson) Found a new snack yesterday in lieu of chips for healthier eating. Dried Kale covered in dried yeast. Now I realize this sounds like the —

James Robinson (@JamesDRobinson) — Kind of thing a demon might shit in your mouth for eternity if you were sentenced by an extremely malicious Satan to some form of

James Robinson (@JamesDRobinson) — tortuous existence — but actually they're really tasty. Or maybe I'm just partial to demon shit.

See what I'm saying here?  Gold, this guy!

Eric Canete (@EricCanete) My stomach & I had 5min discussion about how PopTarts is NOT a proper substitute for breakfast. His exact words: BLAAAARRGH! Now I need gum.

Seems like a low estimate. People really like to pay for your stuff and complain about it. I wouldn't know anything about that though.

Brian Bendis (@BRIANMBENDIS) I estimate that of my 25K followers, about 200 follow my every word and buy all my books and yet think they hate me. fascinating.

Chris will be appearing Wednesday through Saturday in the Catskills this fall.

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliopoulos) I want to thank my wife for making us have kids. They give and give and give. Stress, burst blood vessels, heart attacks…they give.

I'm thinking we'll see a lot of Mr. T Stormtroopers this year. Fingers crossed!

Kody Chamberlain (@KodyChamberlain) Right now, a dozen guys are debating what character's face they should wear with their Stormtrooper costume. Jack Sparrow? Rorschach? Abe?


  1. I love this feature, thanks for putting it together, Josh. I hate patchouli too, almost as bad as lavender (the scent of death). And Eric Canete is so right about white undies, such a bad idea.

    Hey, any chance of iFanboy undercrackers? I promise to keep them exceedingly clean.

  2. And James Robinson unveils the plot of his next Justice League of America arc

  3. Some of the people I work with constantly print out e-mails.  "It’s for my records" or "It’s for insurance in case something happens."  I guess they forget that the servers keep all that stuff for them too. 

    James Robinson’s post is hysterical and Canete continues to be one of my favorite creators and tweeters out there.

  4. @Mart: I think you need to reread Canete’s tweet.

  5. @Conor, oh yeah, he didn’t originate the thought. Mind. he’s endorsing it! Not sure that means I need to re-read it, you stern fella … I’m praising the feature, here!

  6. Actually, I would say the point of the tweet was that the Starbucks barista was saying something inappropriate at an inappropriate time.

    But we are glad you’re enjoying this feature, as that is the point of this.

  7. Zing!

  8. @josh Aah. Must be a British/American thing – that’s totally normal lunchtime office chat at the offices of my newspaper. Yesterday it was the horror of toast made with granary bread …

    But yeah, this is a real must-read, cheers.

  9. "James Robinson – Partial to Demon Shit"

    What a horrific bumper sticker. 🙂