The Best of the Week in Twitter – 06/23/2010

Socko even.

Eric Trautmann (@mercuryeric) As I watch "The Road," I can't help but think someone, somewhere will be CONVINCED it'd be a boffo musical.

There's a lot to be impressed by here, but mostly, Kirk Chop.

Eric Canete (@EricCanete) Oh, and if you end a sentence w/ a question mark and its NOT a question *AND* you use 'like', you need a Capt. Kirk chop to the throat. Hard

Say no, go, and call someone you trust.

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) Trying to pet my cat. He purrs, but spins around like I'm not petting him right. Makes me feel insufficient. I think he's abusing me.

Well, for one thing, he talks like he's from Brooklyn, but he's Canadian.

Scott Chantler (@scottchantler) Honestly, what the hell is wrong with Todd McFarlane?

Well, the most obvious question would be 'are you a Nazi?'

Gabriel Hardman (@gabrielhardman) Why is Netflix telling me I would "enjoy" Triumph of the Will?

Is that a euphemism?

Gail Simone (@GailSimone) I loved the characters on LOST right up until the point where I hated them all so much just the sight of them made me punch my parrot.

I laughed…

Ryan Kelly (@funrama) Sorry I haven't tweeted in a few days I've been waiting in line at the bank.

SWEH-JIN! God I miss him.

Ben Templesmith (@Templesmith) Newspaper headlines you will never see: Al Swearengen's taint found to cure cancer- to get own musical.

Same kind of goes for people in my line of work. Of course, there are only like 3 of us.

Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) Protip for comic artists: do not wear a spider-man t-shirt to a party where lots of people will ask you your profession. 

Father's Day humor, or odd internet admission? Both?!

Cameron Stewart (@cameronMstewart) Boy I sure hope one of my kids calls me today. I'd love to know their names.

Better than the bank joke, but only right at the end.

Ryan Kelly (@funrama) Let us remember all the greatest fathers through time: Daddy Warbucks, Papa Johns, Father Ted, the song "Father Figure" by George Michael…

But this might be the month it gets good, and there's no way I could go back and buy it later.

Ron Marz (@ronmarz) There are SO many good books being published, and they could all use more readers. Spending money on what you DON'T like seems crazy to me.

Pretty much any movie, really.

Mike Costa (@MikeCosta) Every kids-movie that has a trailer showing before TOY STORY 3 should be totally embarrassed that it's trailer is showing before TOY STORY 3

What about pouches?

Rob Liefeld (@robertliefeld) My only concern about the Green Lantern movie is that mask. Ditch it….FAST! He doesn't need it! IMHO

That means maybe there's a chance I'm not a nobody.

Phil Hester (@philhester) Comic books is a funny business. I know superstars who have no idea the leverage they possess, and also-rans who think they're HOF'ers.

Doctor Who's been pretty good. I guess.

Eric Powell (@goonguy) We can't stop oil spills or these Twilight movies from happening. Clearly we have lost our way.


  1. Rob Liefeld’s next tweet suggested that the the Guardians of Oa wear giant split-cuff gloves, and the addition of 4 pouch belts and giant shoulder pads to Carol Ferris’ costume.

  2. I believe Liefeld alsio wants to replace that silly ring with a huge-ass gun.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t post any of Harris’s or Larsen’s insane ramblings. God that are annoying to read.

    Hardman’s tweet was pretty funny, I’m sure a lot of people think that whenever they’re offered that film. 

  4. Oh and none of the characters have feet!


    But he is correct. Green Lantern has no need for the cowl!

  5. @TNC


    And I’m with Liefeld on the cowl. It’s not needed at all.

  6. I’m gonna make a Ryan Reynolds shirt that says "I’m with Liefeld".

    Nerds will beat me with a stick.