The Best of the Week in Twitter – 06/16/2010

Why not just cut the fin off Dragon, Larsen?!

Erik Larsen (@ErikJLarsen) I haven't read every Jonah Hex story–has he ever voiced a reason for not cutting that hanging flesh so he could finally eat a cheeseburger?

Too soon? Too… I'm not even sure.

Trush Mulvihill (@trishm) Coloring at the speed of Flo Jo. Only, y'know, alive.

Have you met Tom Katers?

Josh Williamson (@Williamson_Josh) I really believe everything can be made better with more Gorilla Grodd.

Further proof that they animal world is trying to drive Tony Moore insane.

Tony Moore (@tonymoore) god damn son of a bitch motherfucking raccoons. i'm gonna invest in some of those ridiculous giant garbage cans. all my best efforts foiled.

I thought I recognized you as I was driving by.

Steve Lieber (@steve_lieber) Just saw some Trucknuts.

If I get to wear the Donald Duck suit, we might have something.

David Lapham (@DavidALapham) New Rock Band 3 to feature a keyboard. Don't know if that's good or just a gateway to Elton John.

Really? Why? I'm terribly interesting, you know.

Paul Tobin (@Paul Tobin) Advice for Seducers (in particular the guy one table over): Let the woman talk now and then.

Seriuosly, what would you give to know who he's talking about?

Eric Powell (@goonguy) If egos were talent, the comic book industry would be amazing.

I thought it was like a social contract kind of thing.

Rob Levin (@roblevin) You could fit several oceans between twitter and followthrough.

It really makes you wonder if the BBQ is worth it.

Bryan Lee O'Malley (@radiomaru) I'm in an oven — wait, no, they're telling me I'm in "texas"

And don't forget to tip appropriately.

Geoff Johns (@GeoffJohns0) Friday Flash Fact #1: Anyone who's a jerk to the waiter, is a jerk. (I know, I worked in a restaurant for 4 years as a dishwasher/cook.)

This could get awkward. Again.

Erik Larsen (@ErikJLarsen) There's a thread on CBR about what superheroes Donald Glover could play and it really hits home just how crappy most black heroes are

You bet on radio? That you have to pay for? Well yeah.

Ande Parks (@andeparks) Finally dumped my Sirius stock. Bought at 4, held at 9, and sold at just over a buck. I should stick to buying comic art and hats

I think you just have to start clobberin'. The question is how.

Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) Every time I read the Thing going "It's Clobbering Time" I wish my life involved saying "It's Clobbering Time".


  1. "Why not just cut the fin off Dragon, Larsen?!"

    Because it would grow back. Duh.

  2. Geoff Johns: Secret Origin!

    Part One: The Dishwasher Years!

    (Also: Me too, Mr. Gillen. Me too.)

  3. "Milady, tis be the clobberin’ hour."