The Best of the Week in Twitter – 04/28/2010


Erik Larsen (@ErikJLarsen) Tips for artists: sit down and draw, you lazy fuck.

There are also no lots available in Tuscany.

Paul Tobin (@PaulTobin) Attention: People who are not connected with comics in some way will no longer be allowed to buy property or live in Portland. Thank you.

Riveting Entertainment.

Andy Schmidt (@ComicExperience) Um, watching Blind Side with my wife and i kind of like it. Well, I like the nap I'm getting…

Wisdom in Thug Life

Cullen Bunn (@cullenbunn) The hot mustard packet at this Chinese buffet has a Tupac quote on it.

Oh sure, THOSE comics…

Tony Lee (@mrtonylee)  people talk about the LOSERS & KICK ASS not making great $ and if comic movies are dying – But DIARY OF A WIMPY KID has made almost 50 mil!

Quality time

Jeremy Haun (@jerhaun) I realize a lot of shops are phasing out back issues, but there isn't much that's cooler than digging through $.50 boxes w/ the 5yr old.

Archie hates families. And America

Gail Simone (@GailSimone) It's funny how showing ANY amount of violence is fine with these idiots, but showing a gay teen is a plot to destroy you. Good for Archie.

I heard that, brother!

Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) Bed.


  1. Well said, @GailSimone!

  2. Second that!

  3. What idiots is she refering to exactly though?

  4. @actualbutt I presume she’s talking about people who didn’t complain one whit about the level of violence in Invincible, Wanted or any other comic book but did complain about Archie including a gay character.   I can’t remember the last time I read about someone on a crusade against comic book violence. Movie violence / vulgarity sure… but good old fashion comic book bitching?

  5. @ActualButt – @siriam nailed it.

  6. The "comic violence" argument is a strawman as Wanted and Invincible aren’t sold in grocery store magazine racks. If The Boys was displayed right beside the Inquirer and Women’s World, I’m sure we’d be hearing more consternation about the violence sold to children too.

  7. All hail Gail!!!

  8. I hate Twitter…I mean…Really?  REALLY?

  9. there are any number of other outlets for violence to reach children though. Comics or not it is clear that violence gets a bye a lot more readily than homosexuality. From certain quarters of society at least.

  10. Ah the ripple effects of someone just writing "Bed", and then someone else deciding that that’s worth repeating, and then the rest of us reading about it.

    A negative/realistic way of spinning what I think about this stuff: "So this is the BEST that Twitter offers!? Guess I’m really saving myself a lot of time by not being on it."

    A positive way of spinning the same sentiment: "Thanks for collecting this stuff. It is mildly amusing. But since you collect it for me here every week, I have no need to actually join twitter."

    Just pretend I said the latter one.