The Best of the Week in Twitter – 04/21/2010

A Familiar Tale

Josh Fialkov (@JoshFialkov) Very seriously debating buying an iPad for the trip tomorrow. I really want to wait for the 3G, but… still…

Six hours and one minute later

Josh Fialkov (@JoshFialkov) I am one iPad richer.

The Pursuit of Passion

Mike Norton (@MykeNorten) Perfect Book = Blue Beetle + Pugs + Rubble. YOU HEAR ME DC? MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Ivan Brandon (@ivanbrandon) right now, dustin nguyen the comic artist is recounting the story of the time he met dustin nguyen the costar of 21 jump street. honestly.

I'd always suspected

Paul Tobin (@PaulTobin) When you think about it, it's inevitable that at some point during his multi-billion year existence, Galactus has tried on women's clothes.


Jason Aaron (@jasonaaron) Treme won me over as soon as I saw Bunk with a trombone.

If you didn't know this…

CB Cebulski (@CBCebulski) Another piece of advice for new writers: don't get trashed at the con & make a fool of yourself leaving a bad taste with editors/creators.

Evil. Delicious evil.

Erik Larsen (@ErickJLarsen) If I knew becoming a villain meant superheroes throwing Hostess pies to stop me I would have turned to a life of crime a long time ago.

Seriously, who is this person people keep mentioning?

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) Hey, Justin Bieber just walked into this reataurant! Wait, no… That's just what all kids look like.

And mildew!

Chuck BB (@chuckbb) Why do thrift shops smell like sadness?

Artists appreciating art

Sean Phillips (@seanphillips) Watching 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time in 15 years, forgot how amazing looking it was.

Ande doesn't have a video show.

Ande Parks (@andeparks) Spent the day doing what everyone should do the day after a big convention – not a goddamn thing.

Cut to a single tear on Ron Lim's face.

Erik Larsen (@ErikJLarsen) As much as people gripe about Image United–would readers be happy if the last couple issues were by Sal Buscema or Ron Lim?

Been there Rob. Been there.

Rob Levin (@roblevin) "Bitter tweet that I'm too smart to let get out there." But I'm thinking it.


  1. After that tweet I got Mike to sketch Blue Beetle, a Pug and Rubble for me.

  2. I would love to see some more Ron Lim art.

  3. Is it Treme ryming with stream, or Treme creme?

  4. @JesTr –  I agree.

  5. Sorry, left out words, Treme ryming with creme

  6. Truh-may

  7. I fear what goes on in Paul Tobin’s head.  And strangely tend to agree with him.

  8. Re: As much as people gripe about Image United–would readers be happy if the last couple issues were by Sal Buscema or Ron Lim?

    No one can speak for all readers, but, after the first two issues, I don’t think anyone cares much about who’s on the book anymore.  Lifeld trashed it.  Liefeld.  He said "It goes without saying that Image United is a massive embarrassment. Damn shame the enthusiasm for the book not shared by all."’

    Watching him and Larsen’s tweets that day was kind of amazing.  Some things I agreed with, some I didn’t, but very informative, and improved my opinions of both of them as people and creators.

    That said, Kirkman has really started to suck since his promotion at Image.  Haunt, Image United, Pilot Season, Invincible Returns; even Walking Dead has slipped in quality.  He totally deserves any money and respect that comes with his new title, but I wish ihe was just a figurehead or…dare I say…Chairman Emiratus for Image but had no responsibilities besides writing comics.  Because right now, his wiritng is suffering.

  9. I might be actually interested in it if Sal Buscema or Ron Lim drew it.  Just sayin’.

  10. Does anyone who works on the site read anything with Stegman art?

    I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t. His Incredible Herc run really showcased his talents.

  11. I judt love Sal Buscema’s artwork, but even non-fans might agree the man deserves respect for his major contribution to Marvel Comics.