The Best of the Week in Twitter – 04/14/2010


CB Cebulski (@CBCebulski) Hard truth time: San Diego is an amazing con, but it's no longer a good con to go to for artists trying to show their portfolios & get work.

Advice for all

Dave McCaig (@DaveMcKaig) Writers: Please map out and indicate time of day, or it's very hard to tell what's happening and results in blank BGs and random color.

Dave McCaig (@DaveMcKaig) Pencillers & inkers: The more lines you add, the more blacks you spot, the darker a form needs to be colored in order to match line values.

Dave McCaig (@DaveMcKaig) Letterers: Don't assume the panel borders are going to be white.

Lofty aspirations

Mike Choi (@mikechoi) My ultimate goal in comics is to make people feel the way I felt when I finished each issue of All-Star Superman.


Brian Denham (@BrianDenham) If we ever get a Shazam movie I hope the director will use "Big" as a guide.


Antony Johnston (@antonyjohnstonIf only the Del Rey Manga Marvel titles had generated this much discussion when they were announced.

Get on it!

Paul Dini (@Paul_Dini) There's no sadder sight than "someday" vanishing in your rear view mirror. Make your dreams come true today.

But isn't Marvel…? And doesn't he work for…?

Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) "Motion Comic" is an oxymoron.

Style is important

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) I think roethlisberger went to a barber before his public statement and said "give me a haircut that will leave no doubt that I'm a rapist."

The road not taken

Scott Chantler (@scottchantler) 9:13am, and it's already one of my "should have been a dentist" days.

Workplace satisfaction -or- Ivan Reis' lost opportunity

Mike Norton (@MykeNorten) Guess what I'm drawing??? Starts with and R and ends with an ubble!!!

Mike Norton (@MykeNorten) Hey artists, got a massive fight scene with lots of collateral damage? I will draw your rubble!!!!

You might break a pencil though

Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan) Gotta draw harder.


Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) And for those keeping score: It was 40 years ago today that Jim Lovell uttered, “Houston, we have a problem.” No shit, Jim.


  1. Nobody on Apollo 13 actually said that exact line though. It’s a slight misquotation.

  2. Diggle’s and Dini’s are my favourite.

  3. Dini tweets make me miss his column.

  4. Stegman makes me crack up at least once a day.

    He makes me feel uncomfortable at least twice.

  5. Stegman is one of the reasons I love going on twitter.

    Same goes for Hickman.