The Best of the Week in Twitter – 04/07/2010

Lessons learned

Trish Mulvihill (@trishm): Today we are learning the hard way *not* to shrug off the expiration date on cinnamon rolls. Oof.

Fashion wisdom

Ben Templesmith (@Templesmith) Also, overweight man with "Hustler" T-shirt on. You impress me greatly.


Matt Fraction (@mattfraction) THIS IPAD IS SO TINY IN MY GIANT GIANT HANDS

Optimism shattered

Brian Reed (@BrianReed) Windows in office open. This is as close as I will get to enjoying the really nice weather. Soon, 10,000% humidity will arrive.

This industry has a problem

Paul Tobin (@PaulTobin) I wonder where comic book conventions rank on a hotel's "How much booze should we stock in the bar?" chart.

Bitter truths

Brian Michael Bendis (@BRIANMBENDIS) i wonder if there will be an ipad app to help the whiney realize thier childhood is over and life changes & the world keeps on turning.

Bitterer truths

Scott Chantler (@scottchantler) But if "Two and a Half Men" goes off the air, what will old people ask me if I've seen?

Technical shortcomings

Fred Van Lente (@fredvanlente) Final Draft doesn't have "Asgard" built into its spell checker. Or "hungover". LAME.

He'll be missed

Chuck BB (@chuckbb) I know you're all wondering if I survived the earthquake… I did not

Fashion wisdom part the second

John Layman (@themightylayman) Back in Milan. White, skintight "No Fat Chicks" muscle shirt making me fashion toast of the city. #Laymantoursitaly


Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) What is sadder: That "Boston Public" show alum Joey Slotnick is now doing Staples commercials, or that I know Joey Slotnick's name?


Ryan Kelly (@funrama) Yes, I know I didn't draw nipples on Morrissey. I never draw nipples. Why do men have nipples? As a defense against predators in the wild?

Deeper meaning

Tommy Lee Edwards (@tommyleeedwards) I had a dream last night that Obama was my dentist. He was mean and angry about having to fix my busted & falling out teeth on his day off

A man, defeated…

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliopoulos) You know…all you iPad owners be quiet. I already feel like crap for not having one. I look forward to the 2nd gen to rub in your face. 🙂

three days later:

Chris Eliopoulos (@eliopoulos) I am weak…WEAK!


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  1. Ryan Kelly you are so funny and so right

  2. Following the @eliopoulos iPad saga on Twitter from launch day to his eventually explaining to his wife why he needed one was one of my twitter joys of the past few days.

  3. I remember Joey Slotnick as the shady plastic surgeon on Nip/Tuck.