The Best of the Week in Twitter – 03/24/10

Gerry Duggan (@GerryDuggan): The shamrock shake is like the truffle shuffle, but with more throw-up.

Ryan Kelly (@funrama): Does anyone else cry when they're drawing? Or do I just need to see a therapist?

Tony Moore (@tonymoore): no alcohol as of yet, but i am drunk on Warwick Davis movies. Erin Go Braugh, bitches!

Scott Chantler (@scottchantler): Some people say it's wrong for me to train my kids to kill each other in a home-based gladiatorial death ring. Hippies.

Nathan Cosby (@Nathan_Cosby): Review Of Life Documentary Thing: Not enough hippos, best frog stuff EVER, Oprah wouldn't shut up. Why wouldn't Oprah shut up?

Dennis Calero (@DennisCalero): i think blackest night should be followed up bluest lagoon

Scott Kurtz (@pvponline): Saying it's dumb for Chris Evans to play ANOTHER superhero is like saying it's dumb for Clint Eastwood to play multiple cowboys or cops.

Cullen Bunn (@cullenbunn): If I tell you I shaved my head so Johnny Depp and I would no longer be so closely compared, just accept that it's true.

Mike Hawthorne (@MikeHawthorne): Yes, the rumors are true. I have officially accepted the role of Captain Underpants.

Tim Seeley (@HackinTimSeeley): I've never been quite this jetlagged. This morning I was so confused literally forgot where I keep pants.

Andy Schmidt (@ComicExperience): ARTISTS: Okay, you've all heard it before, but don't agree to deadlines you KNOW you can't hit. This is killin' me today

Gail Simone: (@GailSimone): There are more people mad at me for insulting Tim Hortons than for that time I dated Hitler.

And my favorites of the week:

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman): I really need a slide whistle. Would really add another dimension to my life.

With the reply:

Tom Fowler (@TomFowlerBug): DON'T GET ONE! i have one and i find that as a result i fall off cliffs much more often.


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  1. Yes to Scott Kurtz.  Absolutely, yes.

  2. So what you’re saying is that you have be angry, insane, or a comedian (or all three) to create comic books.

  3. Geoff Johns with his run about sanjay his 7-11 man and princles made me lol

  4. i wish i had a slide whistle……

  5. Great idea.  The site just keeps getting better and better.

  6. Ryan Stegman makes me smile every day. He is such a nice man to follow/talk too and he comes up with bizarre topics.

  7. This represent the exact moment the comic book coummunity’s head disappeared up it’s own butt.

     Do pointless comments really need to have pointless comments made about them?

     Just my point of view. don’t get upset

  8. If the comments are pointless, and the comments about them are even more pointless, what, then, is your comment?

    I feel like we’ve had this conversation before. Which makes it even more… well, you know.

  9. Hey, I’ll take funny where I can get it and there’s some funny shit up there.  🙂