The Best of the Week in Twitter – 03/17/10

Joe Quesada (@JoeQuesada): If Millar were holding an Oscar, how much taller than him would it be?

Ron Marz (@ronmarz): Oh, wait … I won't be picking up the new "Twilight" manga. Forgot that it actually appears on my list of Things I Will Never, Ever Do.

Rob Levin (@roblevin): You know it's time for a break from the Internet when you accidentally find Jetsons porn when looking for antenna ref.

Jim McCann (@JimMcCann): 42 Essential 3rd Act Twists: (Awesomely hilarious)

Gene Ha (@GeneHa): I don't usually tweet about this, but John Byrne (or his twitsistant) is following me. The 15 year old me is yelling, "That's wrong!!!"

Jhonen Vasquez (@JhonenV): My 20,000th follower will get a lugnut fired from a rubber band straight to the temple.

Denis Calero (@DenisCalero): i just spent like 300$ on spiderman and villain busts

Paul Tobin (@PaulTobin): Nothing like researching a character and then finding out he's an extra-dimensional Gerald Ford.

Bill Willingham (@BillWillingham): I have to create three new monsters today. Dear God how my life and job sucks.

CB Cebulski (@CBCebulski): Don't ever bring your portfolio to the bar after the con. When the show ends, work ends, and the creators & editors just want to unwind.

Matt Fraction (@MattFraction): OK food here's the deal. I'm gonna eat you, and you're not gonna go shooting out of me in either direction. Or I will punch your barfy face.



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  1. I love these "Best week in.." articles. Are you planning for this to be an ongoing article?

  2. Matt Fraction’s is my favourite


  3. There’s Jetson porn? Flintstone pron I understand, but Jetson…

  4. Yeah, that Essential Third Act Twists table is great. When Dresden Codak isn’t busy being pretentious nonsense, it’s actually pretty brilliant.

  5. I remember reading fraction tweet and lunch time, hilarious.

  6. Fraction is my favorite writer on twitter. He’s in my top five for current comics but on twitter he rules all

  7. I made sure to keep a laptop in my car somewhere in the parkinglot. Every other hour or so I would run back and respond to about 40 twitter messages on my eccc account. That could be how I got so exhausted by sunday……

  8. Meeeet George Jetson….

  9. I too share the horrors with Rob Levin on the fact that Jetsons porn exists.

  10. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    What I’ve learned from twitter is this: Geoff Johns loves everything and Ed Brubaker hates everything.

  11. That’s a fair assessment.

  12. Nobody "accidentally" stumbles on Jetsons porn.



  13. @diabhol  What if you’re roommate printed out a whole bunch and left it in the middle of the hallway?

  14. @RoiVampire: I probably wouldn’t even notice.

  15. I thought the Gene Ha comment was funny, but unfortunately it just isn’t the real John Byrne or assistant.  John makes it clear he’s not on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, et cetera.

    His site states:
       Topic: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc…
       Just a reminder, since one seems necessary from time to time,
       that here in the Forum is the only place I ever post online. 
       I have no accounts anywhere else, and if you see a "John Byrne"
       claiming to be me, it is not.  So, be warned!

       This applies, also, to anyone claiming to be me who turns up
       as a "friend" on any of these services.


    As I understand it, John Byrne does his work from a small shack in a woods in Connecticut with a typewriter made in the 1950s.  He hands off each piece of typed paper to his army of mole-men who painstakingly re-enter each sheet into his website or to IDW to be turned into Star Trek comics.  So please, let’s be real here, the mole-men just don’t have time to deal with Twitter messages and Facebook updates.