The Best of the Week in Panels – 10.20.2010

Just answer me one question. Did you fuck my panels?  Did you? Did you fuck my panels?  Just tell me.  Did you fuck my panels? Why did you fuck my panels?

Hulk #26

by Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, Elizabeth Breitweiser

That is a shit-eating grin.  It was the only thing in my comics that made me laugh out loud this morning, and it was wonderful.  That is acting right there.  Background here is that they are watching Thor pound Red Hulk with his hammer over and over.  Also great, is Cap'n Steve losing his cool as well.  He's like a frustrated parent.

— Josh Flanagan


Superman/Batman #77

by Josh Williamson, Ale Garza

I had such a yabba-dabba-doo time reading this issue, a teamup between Supergirl and Damian Wayne, that I couldn't pick just one panel. So here are three great moments from throughout the story. And I thought it couldn't get any better than the recent pairing of Supergirl and Batgirl. More of this kind of thing, please. 

–Paul Montgomery



Batman and Robin #15

by Grant Morrison, Frazer Irving, and Patrick Brousseau

This is just about the worst thing a guy like the Joker can do to a guy like Damian Wayne.  Most impressive is the fact that, with just a few lines, and brush strokes, Irving is able to convey all the rage and frustration in Damian's mind and face.  It's all right there. 

— Josh Flanagan


The Sixth Gun #5

by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt

Before anything else, I'd like to point out that Brian Hurtt not only drew this panel, but he inked, colored, and lettered it as well.  Plus it's coming out pretty damn regularly.  Well done, Hurtt.  Also, he drew a horse.  Do you understand how much artists hate drawing horses?  Besides that, it makes me think of Return of the Jedi just a bit, and the Battle of Endor.  The reality is, this is just one great panel from an issue full of great panels.

— Josh Flanagan


  1. Somebody just watched the Always Sunny Christmas Special.

  2. It wasn’t me. Because I don’t know what you mean.

  3. It wasn’t me either.

  4. Should have put the "Ancient ninja secret" panel from Shadowland: Power Man.  That was a hilarious moment.

  5. Or Raging Bull

  6. Thought the blood-curdling scream he let out after Joker took off his muzzle right after that was better, sorta set the tone for the comic.

  7. That is a beautifully drawn horse.  I just put in a pre-order for the sixth gun vol. 1.

  8. Li’l Matches was the best thing about that very enjoyable Superman/Batman Supergirl/Damian issue.

  9. I wanna read that Superman/Batman issue now that you’ve shown those panels. Seems like that series is hitting it’s stride again since #75 came out.

    My favorite panel was the final panel in Warren Ellis/Phil Jimenez’s ‘Shoot’ story in Vertigo Resurrected. That panel is the payoff of a slow, but satisfying burn of a woman studying why school shootings (and other horrible events) happen. Seriously gave me goosebumps on just how well it was drawn and how Jimenez got it down perfectly. 

  10. I’d also add the moment in S/B after the one shown with Dick, where he says something along the lines of, "Did she hit you? Bruce taught me that if they hit you, that means they like you." 😀

  11. That Superman/Batman comic had several great panels. I also liked the one where Dick ask Damian if Supergirl hit becasue Bruce said that it meant she liked him.

  12. The best panel I think of this week in comics that should have been up here was the last splash page from Batman and Robin #15 were the Bruce Wayne Batman is standing in a frightening shadowy figure stance saying: "it’s all over"

  13. Ahhh Superman/Batman was too much fun!

  14. Bruce Banner is the finally getting to be an a-hole!  Hardman killed on this.  No more running and self hating for being the Hulk.  Now he gets to sit back and enjoy as Rulk effs up!

  15. I would have thought that the last panel of Batman and Robin would have been on here. But the one that did make it is still a good panel

  16. I thought the panel where Thor confesses to Banner that he knew what was going on the whole time was awesome.

    Also, I need to buy that issue of Superman/Batman.  It looks great!

  17. "Plus it’s coming out pretty damn regularly."

    Since I know neither Cullen nor Brian is going to come on here and toot their own horn I, as a shameless Oni employee and supporter of THE SIXTH GUN, am totally willing to steal their bugle.  Not only has Brian penciled, inked, colored, & lettered every single issue of THE SIXTH GUN to date, the book has never once been late! In fact, the only time it was off it’s original solicitation date was when issue #4 was ONE WEEK EARLY!

    Cullen & Brian have done EVERYTHING right.  They’re amazing creators and we at Oni are priveledged to work with them.  Pickup this book people, you won’t be disappointed 😉


    Cory Casoni – Oni Press Dir. Sales & Marketing & iFanboy fan