The Best of the Week in Panels – 09.29.2010

Gorilla Grodd Edition.


Avengers: Prime #3

By Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Javier Rodrigues, and Chris Eliopoulos

Tony Stark. Naked. On a horse. Being chased by a dragon.

— Josh Flanagan


Action Comics #893

By Paul Cornell, Sean Chen, Wayne Faucher, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh

Ths was the first moment in the issue where you knew this issue was headed in one direction and that direction led straight to Awesome Town.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Amazing Spider-Man #644

By Mark Waid, Paul Azaceta, Javier Rodriguez, & Joe Caramagna

For this entire arc, Spider-Man has been desperately trying to keep a new born baby alive while being attacked by hordes of super villains. When Spider-Man finds out that he (apparently) failed the moment is devestating, for him and for us.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Action Comics #893

By Paul Cornell, Sean Chen, Wayne Faucher, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh

The biggest combat spoon might have its roots in the chairleg of truth, but I'll take it just the same.  If you don't think a spoon is scary, it's clear that you never watched Oz on HBO.  Regardless, there's nothing that's not good about this full page panel.

— Josh Flanagan


Chew #14

By John Layman, Rob Guillory, Steven Struble & Chris Fenoglio

Rob Guillory's work on Chew contunues to astonish. There might have been flashier or funnier panels in this week's issue but I kept coming back to this one because (a) I'm still creeped out by the blood licking, and (b) The vision that Agent Chu is having while licking the blood (shudder) is full of dynamic energy.

— Conor Kilpatrick


Action Comics #893

By Paul Cornell, Sean Chen, Wayne Faucher, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh

I love that this moment is completely unexpected and I love the sound effect.

— Conor Kilpatrick


  1. I can’t even describe the emotions that combat spoon panel provokes.

    It’s like awe mixed with terror and curiosity. Terrawsity.

  2. I wish I had a combat spoon….

  3. The combat spoon page made me explode with laughter.  I <3 Paul Cornell 🙂

  4. Great great selection of panels.  I thought the one just AFTER he bit Lois on the head was better but awesome list all around!

  5. has one issue ever received so many panels of the week?

  6. There were so many great panels in Action Comics.  Agreed on Grodd sucking on Lois’ head.  That shocked the hell out of me.

  7. I just love the fact that Grodd has various sizes of combat spoons. One for every occasion, I presume.

  8. In the word of the Big Blue Bug of Justice:


  9. Did Grodd come up with the Combat Spoons before or after he saw the three shells in Demolition Man?  Both items are frightening and intriguing. 

  10. I want to hear audio of the discussion when a panel of experts decided what the sound effect would be if your head was devoured by a gigantic, super-strong, telepathic, talking gorilla evil genius warrior king. 

  11. That seals it. I’m buying that issue of Action.

  12. I’m glad that action comics 893 was chosen for three panels, that book was really full with awesomeness

  13. @Zarathos81 – That is exactly what I thought of when I read that panel.

  14. @WeaklyRoll – I’m pretty sure there was an issue of Jonah Hex that got the hat trick in the past.