The Best of the Week in Panels – 07.14.2010

You wanted the best panels! You got the best panels! (KISS…)


Officer Downe

by Joe Casey, Chris Burnham, Marc Letzmann & Rus Wooton

Sometimes a man tries to bring law and justice to a band of bloodthirsty killers, and sometimes that man gets his arm severed at the forearm, and sometimes… sometimes that man goes on to fight all the more. 

— Josh Flanagan


Mystery Society #2

By Steve Niles, Fiona Staples & Robbie Robbins

If you're not reading this book, I am forced to make you feel very, very, very left out. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want to know wha'ts going on up in this.

— Paul Montgomery



Chew #12

by Lohn Layman & Rob Guillory

I kind of want to see this chicken go up against the Red Lantern cat.  That'd move a lot of units, you know?

— Josh Flanagan


  1. I know what you could call a book about a demon rooster and an angry cat, but I don’t think it would get past Standards.  o.O

  2. I never want to stop reading Mystery Society.

  3. Is that rooster wearing a luchadore mask?


    if so, that is possibly the most aweosme thing i’ve seen all day 

  4. @josh Tuesday Showdown?

  5. Officer Downe = ouch

  6. Well, I have to know how they put Ghost Rider’s flames out 😉

    I know, it must be a set of cos-players off to the Baltimore Comic-Con

  7. Really? These three panels were the best that the world of comics had to offer this week? I find that very hard to believe. What exactly is remarkable about that second panel? Well, I guess they can’t all be winners.

  8. @WonderManFan: Many people find the truth hard to believe.

  9. @Conor: if you mean that these really were the three best panels, out of all the comics that were published this week, then that does not speak highly for the current state of comics. How sad.

  10. @WonderManFan: These are the three we thought were the best. You may disagree. We’ll all survive. So will comics.

  11. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Ugh!  These panels make me want to dive into my stack that much more.  Looking forward to fun weekend reading.

  12. I’m having a truly hard time wrapping my head around how a person cannot comprehend the existance of an article that is about the favorite panels of individuals. Oh well, such is life.


    Both Chew and BPRD are great books in that they always provide these quirky and bizarre panels. It makes me want to reconfigure my comic budget and include these books again in my pull list.

  13. Anyone still think I’m the one who hates fun?

  14. @josh You love chickens in lucha libre masks. That’s all we need to know.

  15. Poyo, yo.

  16. @josh If you add in the turkey from Hellboy to your animal kerfuffle, then I’m in.

  17. Chris Burnham is a fantastic artist. I think I might have to pick up Officer Downe.

     And the cat from GL would totally win. I also just thought of a dirty joke. Good Lord. 

  18. Mystery Society — SOLD!

    (Issue 1, anyway, via IDW iPad app, which is handy because I’m not sure how easy it’d be to track down in paper format.)

  19. Dex-Starr would totally own this chicken.