The Best of the Week in… Covers (12/03/09)

Comics! They have covers!

Ultimate Spider-Man #5

Ultimate Spider-Man #5
Cover by David LaFuente

I love the sense of claustrophobia that permeates this cover. As someone who suffers from it myself I look at this cover and get tense. Wherever Peter is and whatever he is doing, he's in trouble and the world is closing in around him. It's a dynamic and forceful image.


The Boys #37

The Boys #37
Cover by Ron Richards Darick Robertson

I love this cover for both its composition and coloring. The characters in the foreground are silently watching the couple in the background and so are we. Our eyes are drawn right to them. I noticed the couple before I noticed the figures in the foreground. It's not often that your eye is drawn to strongly to on part of the cover.


Jonah Hex #50

Jonah Hex #50
Cover by Darwyn Cooke

Most of the time I judge these covers by covers alone without any regard for what's on the inside of the issue. But not this time. Don't get me wrong, this is a good cover all on its own. It's a stark and powerful image all on its own. When you think of Jonah Hex you don't usually think of an image so bathed in white light. It's a clean image in a gritty world. But then when you read the issue, the cover hits you even harder than you ever thought possible.


Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. I really liked Strange #2. Both covers in the series have been ver nice.


  2. Oh Man, Jonah Hex was so awesome.

  3. The Mighty and The Sword would be my picks!

  4. Black Flash.

  5. The Boys #37, easily my favorite comic this week, actually had a great cover featuring a ridiculously funny depiction of The Frenchman by Robertson.

  6. I thought The Mighty’s cover was really striking.

  7. I thought the House of Mystery cover was perfect.

  8. That’s the cover for the boy 39, Conor. This weeks issue was 37

  9. Indeed it is! Enjoy your glimpse into the Best Covers from two months in the future!

  10. I’d keep the list but replace The Boy’s with The Mighty’s cover (which is amazing and frightening and beautiful all at the same time). I like the idea of The Boy’s cover, but the bland gradient is a turn off for me. I would’ve preferred a setting and background instead. The other two were spot on though. Nicely picked.

  11. I enjoyed the covers to the Dark Avengers Annual, the Empowered oneshot, and the final issue of Batman: The Unseen. Then again, how could I not when Bachalo, Adam Warren and Kelley Jones are three of my personal favorite artists.

    That LaFuente guy sure is divisive in that people either seem to love him or hate him. I’ve heard from about a dozen people and/or podcasts that they outright dropped USM because they found his art awful and inconsistent. Then there are other people like the three iFanboys who seem to love him. I don’t feel that strongly about what I’ve seen of his stuff one way or the other, though. (I stopped reading USM long ago.)

  12. I’d go with the Mighty, Jonah Hex, and Blackest Night Wonder Woman.

  13. Great choices. I love the Jonah Hex cover by Cooke, I need to get this series eventually.

    Torch #4, The Mighty #11, and Sword #20 also had great covers as well.

  14. Every week that Scalped came out and isn’t on this list is a crime to humanity.

  15. The Boys consistently have great covers.

  16. Blackest Night Flash was awesome..

  17. All great Covers! The Cover to Blackest Night#5 really grabbed me by the throat! I wonder why that wasn’t chosen as one of the top three.

  18. @JLA1: Probably because it came out last week.

  19. "@JLA1: Probably because it came out last week."

    And covers from the future are okay?  Can I go read issue 39 this week?  I’ve been waiting for them finally show the story depicted, but that’s not what I’ll find*.  Why not wait a couple months and pick it then?

    *of course, I’ll find the Frenchie’s origin story, which is probably just as good or better 🙂

  20. Hex, HEx, HEX!!!!!!

  21. I like the Hex cover – I’m a sucker for powerful simplicity if you catch my drift.  No big art job to it, but powerful enough in the message it tries to convey.  A big reason why I like the Kuberts’ art.

  22. I liked Blackest Night: Flash #1, Mighty #11 and House of Mystery #20. All great covers!