The Best of the Week in… Covers (11/04/09)

Covers are a wonderful thing, they give us a snapshot into the world of the comic book that we may or may not read.  Here are my picks for the 3 most engaging covers of the week, which feature artwork done by the artist on the book – no cover artists this week!

Stumptown #1
cover by Matthew Southworth

I have to give it up for Oni Press, the design of their covers have really moved up a notch in quality, as evidenced by the cover for this first issue of the hotly anticipated Stumptown.  I love the design elements of this, by using color to pop the main character out and the mood that it sets.  The perfect beginning to this series.

Sweet Tooth #3
cover by Jeff Lemire

Hands down my favorite cover of this series so far.  I love when the title of the comic is used in a different way, in this case as the background, stretching in the same way that Sweet Tooth, the character, is being stretched.  Such a great and subtle effect that grabs your eye.

X-Men Origins: Iceman
cover by Phil Noto

These series of one shots of the X-Men Origins are hit or miss, but this cover was instantly striking to me and I immediately “got it” with the quiet sereneness of Iceman in full iced/snowed up form.  Like a snowy day in December, this cover glares back at you to share a subtle, quiet moment.  Breathtaking.


  1. Agreed with Stumptown and Sweet Tooth.

    The X-Men Origin is pretty cool but I really dig the Mighty #10’s cover. I love how the covers actually have to do with the story and how striking the color work is.

    Haunt had such a derivative cover. With minimal redoing that would be a Spider-Man cover.

  2. Of the above I like Stumptown.  My favorite of this week was the Cinderella cover.

  3. I personally loved the Victorian undead #1 cover it instantly caught my eye and made me want read to find out what its all about. a zombie sherlock holmes who wouldnt be intrigued

  4. I vote for the cover from the "Cinderella" Fables mini.  Really eye-catching and different.

  5. Ice Man kind of looks like Dr Manhattan. I loved stumptown in every way. The interior art is beautiful 2. Strange Tales’s Hulk is pretty cool too.

  6. My vote this week is for the cover of Age Of Reptiles #1 from Darkhorse.  It’s a beautifully rendered wrap around cover from creator Richard Delgado.

  7. Iceman definitely won the battle this week. It’s a simple looking cover at first, but it’s so striking when you just look at the subtle details of it.

    Secret Six #15 had a great cover too; it just shows how badass Deadshot is.

  8. I’m not generally a fan of Spider-man, but the cover to issue #610 is to my liking.

  9. Yep, that Cinderella cover is really good. A bit of a Tara McPherson knot-off but not bad

  10. Your cover bias is showing, Ron. But I do like these three as well as the Oz and Mighty covers. But I gotta give it up for Finch’s Psylocke and Greek Street too. That’s about frat houses, right?

  11. @stuclach if only the interior lived up.  Lowest rated ASM in quite some time.

  12. Secret Six had the best cover for me, this week.

  13. I live in Portland, (Stumptown, P-town), whatever you want to call it.  Anyway, that cover is also awesome because I can pretty much place the area where that background is being referenced, which to me, is pretty frickin’ cool. 


  14. I’m with @ ohcaroline, @edward, @powerdad on the Cinderella cover.  AMAZING artwork by Chrissie Zullo.  She was actually at my local comic shop this weekend.  I got a SWEET Snow White sketch.  She’s supercool and  I hope Vertigo can find some more work for her.  I wanna see more!!!