The Best of the Week in… Covers (10/21/09)

Not a lot to really write home about this week, but here’s the best:

Chew #5
Cover by Rob Guillory

Not only is this a dynamic image putting us in the point of view of the protagonist of the book, John Chu, but if you look carefully, it tells the story of the issue and reveals the big plot twist. I, for one, am glad that I didn’t look too closely at the cover before I read the issue.

Azreal #1
Cover by Jock

It’s no secret by now that Jock is the master of the dynamic comic book image and we’ve got another one right here. From the flaming sword at the top leading up down the figure’s body to the toes pointed at the title everything here serves an artistic purpose. It’s an exciting image.

Cowboy Ninja Viking #1
Cover by Riley Rossmo

There are a couple of great things about this cover. First and foremost is the unusual title placement that really pops against the blue background. I’m betting anyone could read the name clear across the comic book store. Second, I love how the figure on the cover begins to blot out toward his midsection, like an unfinished drawing that has had paint thinner spilled on it. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the story inside, but it’s a nice visual.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. I thought that the Blackest Night Superman had a great cover.  I also liked Streets of Gotham.

  2. I enjoyed the Tiny Titan‘s cover this week.

  3. Last Resort #3. Cute yet disturbing.

  4. @ powerdad – love the Tiny Titans! Also Hellblazer looks amazing, but I especially like <a href="../../comics/dc_comics/brave_and_the_bold/28/cover-large.jpg" target="_blank">BATB</a> this week.

  5. I had no idea that the Azrael cover was by Jock.  There’s something about the coloring that makes it look very different.

  6. I agree with the first two covers. Chew had a great sorta tease for the issue at hand, and Jock showed me why he is a great artist. Shame he isn’t the interior artist for the series.

    Brave and the Bold #28 had a great cover, only because I have a huge artist crush on Jesus Saiz right now. Also, it’s only going to be me I’m sure, but Batman The Unseen #2 had a fantastic cover. It had a striking image of an ‘invisible’ man while Batman comes jumping threw the window. I know some people are iffy on Kelley Jones artwork, but to me I find this to be one of his best work.

  7. As someone else pointed out in the Azrael #1 comments… he appears to be wearing 90s Parachute Pants. It’s still a striking cover, though. And, while I think Cowboy Ninja Viking has a great cover, I have to admit to not seeing up on the shelf at the LCS I went to this week (not my usual). I found out as I was leaving they did indeed have it.

    For me, Invincible Iron Man had a great cover. Not a scene from the story per se, but certainly speaks to it. I also really liked the Spider-Woman cover.

  8. my favorite this week was The Stand: Soul Survivors #1   just a really cool almost norman rockwell piece of art

  9. @PraxJarvin: When you have to be the judgment for God; you gotta have some style.

  10.  … Hellblazer 260 for me … honorable mentions to the stand, and azrael.

  11. @Prax and @TNC – As someone who is currently wearing 90’s parachute pants, I must ask why that would be a problem?  Do you consider yourself too legit for them or something?

  12. @stuclach: I’m fine with parachute pants, they are very stylish. Plus it gets people to look at you which is a confidence booster for me.

  13. who needs a utility belt when you can store everything in those pants and still have room to breath, if you know what I mean.

  14. @TNC and @cromulent – Jim McMahon agrees. (Are you guys old enough to know who that is?)

  15. @stuclach I know who that is, but he was before my time though.

  16. It was the unusual size that drew me to Cowboy Ninja Viking. It was my favorite.

  17. I thought Blackest Night: Superman #3 had an awesome cover. To me, it had this feel of horror movie posters and also had Superman burning the heads off Black Lanterns. Can’t beat that.

    I also liked the cover to Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #4. Not a fan of the character, I just really liked to Scarface homage.

  18. That Cowboy Ninja Viking cover is so good I may have to pick that up tomorrow.

  19. 1. Air #14

    2. Stuff of Legend #2

    3. Superman/Batman #65

    I have to throw out a couple runners-up that were as equally eye-catching as my 3rd pick- X-Men Legacy #228 and Elephantman #22.

  20. Thank you @praxjarvin for pointing that. Now whenever I’ll look at an image of this artist all I will hear is "Hammer Time".

  21. Pretty weak week in covers.  Sorry for being a downer.

  22. I’m glad the big two are trying various layouts. For a while there I thought all I’d ever see was "logo at the top".

  23. I loved the Azrael cover. Definitly my favorite of the week.

  24. Huh… Cowboy Ninja Viking Huh?…. Anyone else thinks he looks like Logan? I mean seriously… XD

  25. Strangely enough I thought it was a good week for covers. Cowboy Ninja Viking gets the orange nod but I’m more partial to Amazing Spidey 609, Invincible 67, M Avengers 30, Xmen Legacy, Hulk 603, Scalped and Batman Confidential than to the Azrael and Chew (although the Chew cover is good that said). 

    Still, horses for courses.
    Also: why the flying flump are we still only on Invincible 13 online and 67 on paper? It’s the comic series that has bought me back to comics and I want to read more dagnabbit.
  26. Ex Machina 46’s cover is fantastic. It pretty much tells the entire story of The Great Machine/Mayor Hundred up until this issue.