The Best of the Week In… Covers (10/07/09)

These are three coveted spots indeed.  It won’t be long before we see quotes on book covers and artists bringing up the honor in interviews and the like.  Not long at all…

The Mighty #9
Cover by Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is  master, we know this.  I looked at this cover, and I thought, “I want to know what the hell is happening in this comic book!” but somehow it didn’t spoil it for me.  I don’t know how.  But it did come around, and it’s chilling and evil and wonderful.  The covers throughout this whole series have been exemplary.

Batman and Robin #5
Cover by Frank Quitely

It’s all there.  Art by Quitely, an image that tells the story, and one that you notice from across the room.  I also love the use of the red gun.  It’s just that great.

Deadpool #16
Cover by Jason Pearson

While I’m not reading the series, I have to give it up for the cover designs of Deadpool.  They’ve been consistently impressive, and I just really like the design of this one.  Plus, if you’re an X-Men fan, you’ll probably give it a glance.  It leads to the question of why there isn’t a Marvel deck of cards.  Why indeed?

And there they are… the BEST COVERS of the week.  You may now submit your responses.


  1. Yep those are some nice covers. The Mighty cover really makes me want to start reading that series.

  2. lol. Deadpool Fist Bump

  3. Actually, there is a Marvel deck of cards. When they released the original Ultimate Alliance, they also put out a deck of cards. If I remember correctly, the Ace was The Scorpion. Go figure.

  4. Those are some good ones but my favorite this week was the action figure Angel #26 cover. Hilarious.

  5. Very nice picks! I liked the Moon Knight cover too.

  6. My money goes to Superman: New Krypton or War Heroes for cover purposes.

  7. For the above, I’d have to go with B&R.  My favorite cover this week is The Boys, hands down!!!  I can’t stop laughing about how happy baby Mother’s Milk looks.

  8. my favorite is gonna have to be the Doctor Voodoo cover.  Followed by Criminal because the bright colors slap you on the face and tell you to pick up the damn book

  9. i think Luke Cage Noir stole the show for me, just a damn cool cover

  10. Haunt #1 and Witchfinder look cool as well.

  11. All great picks and I love all of them in different ways.

    The Mighty cover is just morid and hilarious. No matter how many times I see it I will always laugh.

    Frank Quitely still doing the covers for Batman and Robin is a good thing. Cause at least we can get a tiny nugget of his brilliance even if he isnt the interior artist.

    Then the Deadpool one, which props have to go for Jason Pearson. He’s done great covers for the series since #4 and this is my second favorite cover he’s done. I still can’t get over the ‘BFF’ cover he did for Deadpool #13 which was hilarious and well done. Like Dave Johnson (who has also done the Punisher MAX covers for awhile) they might be the two best cover artists in the industry right now. At least for Marvel…

  12. Sweet Tooth#2- cool cover with a dark tone by Lemire, looks like its goin to be a long road for Gus.

    Batman Confidential#34- Francisco Mattina + Batman= an amazing cover.

    X-Babies#1-Got to pick this cover by Skottie Young, cuz it just makes me smile.

    i got to throw out some honorable mentions too- Astonishing#31 Variant By Travis Charest is also fantastic and then Zodiac#3 By Nathan Fox, i really enjoyed this mini, i thought Fox’s style was unique and quite good, i hope to see more of it.

  13. There were so many great covers this week. Every Batman book that came out (and there were lots) had great covers, especially B&R and Confidential, I thought the Moon Knight variant was awesome. Sweet Tooth wasnt too bad either. Greek Street had a great cover as well.

  14. I like the Doctor Voodoo, and Planetary covers.

    And is the Deadpool cover meant to be a homage to the Uncanny X-Men #503 cover by Greg Land with the White and Black Queens?  Or is this more of a common theme than that?

  15. While I didn’t read it, I thought Greek Street had a great cover. 

  16. It’s CRIMINAL that you didn’t include Criminal on this list (see what i did there). It was bold and bright, I could see it from miles away. Didn’t think the Batman was amazing, think they should bring back the bright covers that they did for the first couple issues.

  17. Criminal. Not as strong as previous offerings, but Sean phillips is stilla design master. Also, note that Val Staples visits this website. He thanked me on facebook because I gave him due credit for his work my review of Incognito #6.


    Nice guy!

  18. @powerdad: I think it’s just a complex way of showing Deadpool and Cyclops do a fist bump.

    My only nitpick on the cover is that it should’ve covered the entire page. Instead it leaves a good 1-2in margin for some reason. Actually it was probably to get the last names of the creators somewhere on the cover. Either way it’s not that big of a deal.

  19. Those are the same three covers I thought were best at my LCS this week.

  20. That cover was almost enough to make me buy a Deadpool book, but not quite.

  21. @stuclach: You gotta try once man. It’s not gonna kill you. #drugdealertalk

  22. @TNC – I guess that depends on just how hard Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. #Shrapnel

  23. @stuclach To be perfectly honest, he rarely breaks the fourth wall on this series. He did a nice nod to Liefield in the 2nd issue and there’s only been a handful of other times he winked at the readers. Most of Deadpool has been about zany humor and bizarre situations like the good old days. It’s Joe Kelly but maybe a bit watered down to make it into Daniel Way’s sense of humor. #pleading

  24. I think my favourite cover this week was the Doctor Voodoo and the Proof covers.

  25. I don’t read The Mighty, but let me try my hand at scripting the cover.

    "One tonsillectomy coming up!"


    "X-Ray Vision! X-Ray Vision!  Damn it! I always get those two confused."


    "I wanted a _Bud Lite_!"

    How close was I to the actual story?

  26. Superman: wonk. I just couldn’t stop looking at how cool Gary frank’s thanagarian warriors looked. I would LOVE to see a johns penned and frank drawn hawkman book. Or even rucka or Robinson

  27. I’m not interested in reading it, but that Magog #2 cover by Glen Fabry was the best of the week for me. Followed closely by Criminal — the most striking/eye-catching cover of the week, easily.

  28. Wow this was the first time in a long time that I bought all the comics with the best covers.  I also liked the Cable cover this week.