The Best of the Week in Covers – 10/06/2010

If all goes according to plan, this piece went live minutes after I arrived in Penn Station for a weekend in New York. I'll be Brooklyn bound with my pal Timmy Wood, and after a quick tour of his apartment and I dunno, a pumpkin muffin or something, it'll be time to head back into Manhattan all over again for NYCC. My first stop after the press registration room? Artist Alley, to scour the aisles from many of the artists covered in this weekly feature and many more who'll turn up in the weeks and months to come. No jokes for this week's intro, just a whole lot of excitement for words and pictures and pictures and words together. 

Here's a few of the terrific covers that stood out from the pack this week:


Wolverine #2

Cover by Jae Lee

Hell never looked so good. 


Baltimore: The Plague Ships #3

Cover by Mike Mignola


Some might gripe, "You've seen one Mignola cover, you've seen em' all." To those people I say, "$%&#  %^&&%# ##$$%^^&#@@  $%%^#!!! @$%#@!!!" This composition is haunting. The negative space speaks volumes. Even the logo is cool. 


S.H.I.E.L.D. #4

Cover by Gerard Parel


This is not the intended reaction when pregnant people show off their ultrasound photography.


Scalped #41

Cover by Jock

Now, if someone cheerfully asks if you'd like to look at their ultrasound photo and pulls out a Polaroid of this situation…


  1. The Wolverine cover is surprisingly lightly colored. I guess it’s a pleasant summer’s day in Hell.

  2. Looks like an arid summer day in Phoenix. So… yeah. Hell.

  3. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    My gripe is "You’ve seen one Mignola cover, you NEED to see them all."

  4. Yep, common misconception about Hell. It froze over and now has all 4 seasons since the price drop.

  5. I’m planning on taking a vacation in hell next week!

    *reads brochure: HELL-A LOVELY COMMUNITY*

  6. Those were all great, especially the Wolverine. I love Jae Lee’s art. I also really loved Skottie Young’s cover to the Amazing Spider-Man/Howard the Duck one-shot this week. 

  7. Very dark comments this week Paul. Also very funny. 🙂

  8. I love Jock so so much. Also Jae Lee. Also Mignola. Not familiar with Gerard Parel, but let’s face it, i probably love him too. I’m like a big ball of love is what I’m saying here.

  9. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I don’t read it, but thanks to your kick-ass site I got to see the cover for Buffy. It’s real horror show! That pallid green (in the banner and on the corpses) just freaks me out. And the collapsing classroom just screams ‘Doom!’ Happy Halloween, Darkhorse!