The Best of the Week in Covers – 09/29/2010

Covers. They're not for eating. 


Fantastic Four In…Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K. #1

Cover by Juan Doe

A terrific combo of old and new. M.O.D.O.K. and monkeys and super-deformity plus a hint of Kirby krackle. A breath of fresh air. 



Detective Comics #869

Cover by Peter Nguyen

Absolutely floored by the composition and use of color here. Very stylized character designs, but nothing if not a classic light and dark motif. Batman is an extension of the negative space, a living shadow. The tagged wall in the background really makes this. 



Wonder Woman #603

Cover by J.H. Williams III

The ideal day in WWII involves smoking a cigar with Churchill, raiding an old mansion's wine cellar, and punching Hitler square in the adam's apple. But mowing down a horde of Nazis on a demon horse aint so bad either. 


  1. Demon horses hate Nazis.  It’s Science.

  2. Though I haven’t been following this particular arc in DETECTIVE COMICS, that cover is pretty darn awesome. The graffiti does make the image pop.

  3. I don’t read the comic but the Crossed cover caught my eye. It’s kind of their own version of a Wyeth painting. Are those Nazis punching the horse? Damn Nazis!

  4. Interesting that DC is using a "DC 75th" logo on some but not all books. 

  5. @wallythegreenmonster: They’re using it on the 75th anniversary variants (like the one above). They should be using it on all their books.

  6. Really thought Green Arrow was gonna make the cut this week. Those covers have been stellar. But these are also great.

  7. Did that Fantastic Four book even come out? I don’t see it on the pull list.

  8. @conor–i don’t understand DC’s strategy for celebrating their 75th. They put some logos on very few of their comics, and products. Its almost as if they are somehow ashamed. Its bizzarre and i don’t get it.