The Best of the Week in Covers – 09/22/2010

The best covers are like Otis Redding popping up on shuffle. The worst covers are like going into labor in a bumper car. 

These are the first kind:

Fables #98

Cover by Joao Ruas

I have no idea what we're supposed to be fighting for, but sign me up. 


Power Girl #16

Cover by Sami Basri

The opposite of coming home to find a package from DCBS. 


G.I. Combat #1

Cover by Geof Darrow

My kind of war story. And look at all that dirt! 


Justice League: Generation Lost #10

Cover by Cliff Chiang

There is really, truly nothing not to love here, aside maybe the bar code. The mod style. The flag. The contrast of blue violet and yellow orange. It's all pretty sublime. 





  1. Love that Fables cover.  Oddly, reading the issue didn’t really reveal what we are fighting for either.

    The simplicity of that Generation Lost cover is sublime. 

  2. Fables cover is the best easily. That Justice League is too retro for me.

  3. G.I Combat cover all the way….

  4. Fables all the way. Still can’t find generation lost. =(

  5. One of the strongest weeks of covers in recent memory. Really like the Generation Lost one.

  6. I really liked the Supergirl/Bizarrogirl ying and yang cover. 

  7. I really like the Generation Lost cover!  Also the Power Girl cover is cool even though there isn’t really a whole lot to it.

  8. I spotted that Chiang cover from across the room. Stunning.

  9. Love the Fables & JLA covers.

  10. Spirit #6

  11. Geof Darrow that’s a name I haven’t seen in years.  Good to see him back

  12. Nothing not to love on the Batman cover except the logo, the text, everything that isn’t the art in fact. Shudder. Even the flag text is a little off in comparison to the aceness that surrounds it.

     The Fables cover is extraordinarily good and while it would have been better without the barcode everything else works in sympathy with the whole, which is nice 🙂 

  13. I started buying fables at 96 just for the covers. I hope they stop being so awesome because I’ll be buying a book I don’t read. 😛

  14. makes me wish I thought fables was good

  15. All of these covers are good but I second ctrosejrs’ mention of the Supergirl cover.  Very creative and well executed.

  16. At first glance I thought that JL:GL cover was by Darwyn Cooke!