The Best of the Week in… Covers (09/10/09)

The cover is the window to the soul.  No wait, that’s not right at all.  I suck at poetry.

Incredible Hercules #134
Cover by Rafael Albequerque

There are all sorts of reasons why this is funny.  Some of them depend on your having read the story, and then at the same time, you want to know why this scene is happening.  Why is Hercules in a Thor costume looking like that?  Etc, etc.  You can’t go wrong with the universal symbol for sexuality a la the Graduate leg either.  Throw in the awkwardness of a kid, and you’ve got a really fun, narrative cover that totally captures the mood of the title.

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6
Cover by Mike Mignola

I’ll admit that I like this cover a lot more after the fact than I did before I read it.  Normally, this is kind of what Hellboy covers look like, and you get used to it.  However, after reading the story, and looking at the cover, it’s a really great one.  The story is all right there for you to take in.  It’s almost spoiler material.  Plus Hellboy looks really freaked out, which makes me laugh.

Kick-Ass #7
Cover by John Romita Jr.

Yeah, I know that this was the Pick of the Week, but it’s a pretty damn good cover too.  Continuing the narrative theme of the week, I like this cover not so much for the artwork, which certainly does its job, more for the fact that this cover sells the book.  The stark white on black typography in the logo to the wordplay of the proclamation beneath to the story told by the picture all make you look at this cover, and notice it.  It’s a good cover design, and if I didn’t know what the book was, I’d sure as hell pick it up and look at it.


  1. That Hellboy cover is absolutely beautiful.  It also perfectly represents the story.

    The cover for Unwritten #5 was also a very acturate representation of the story (and beautiful to boot).

  2. I agree on the cover to my comic.  They did a good job showing "Me" at that time in my life.  Eh, I hate seeing me like that, but it happened.

  3. I thought the Thunderbolts cover with Fury and Osborn was pretty good.

  4. that cover makes me want to read Incredible Herc, it looks hilarious

  5. Though I never read it, the whole Kick Ass thing strikes me as smugly self aware for some reason.

  6. @mikegraham You should!

    Awesome covers this week. 

  7. Looking back on the run of Incredible Hercules made me realize that for the most part the series’ covers, discounting variants, have been a throwback to a time when the cover actually had something to do with the issue’s content—not only capturing the title’s mood but hinting at the narrative within.  Now if only this were a trend among other Marvel/DC titles … what a world that would be.

  8. Wow didn’t see you picking Incredible Hercules. But I agree because it’s a wonderful cover. Also great font for the title of the book.

  9. Secret Six had an amazing cover this week.

  10. I finally cracked and picked up Incredicble Herc. I don’t know why I ever hesitated. Fred Van Lente!

  11. I loved the Hellboy cover, the Uncanny/Avengers: Exodus cover, and the Ultimate Avengers cover this week. Thats about it though.

  12. Hercalies Hercalies!!

    …sorry I am bored at work and I had to.

  13. Out of those three the Hellboy cover dominates.

  14. HellBoy has a great cover. is kick-ass any good?

  15. The Unwritten #5 should be up there. Its one of the best covers of the week, if not the best cover of the week. Then again, that is my opinion, so I guess it’s ok that it isnt up there.

  16. Kick Ass’s left hand freaks me out.

  17. Can’t believe no Adventure Comics #2 pick.

  18. It nearly was.  Great cover on Adventure #2, but I ended up with a variant that wasn’t the good one.

  19. Adventure #2’s cover was both beau-ti-ful and showed something from the story.  yay!  It was my favourite. 

  20. I read my issues sporadically and spread accross the week, and I just finished the Hercules issue. It cemented my belief that it is the best book out by Marvel.


    "Of course. I am thor. And I assure you my…hammer works just fine."

    I haven’t laughed this hard while reading since hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy.

  21. kick ass…lmao

  22. dont like the herc cover. hellboy one is cool.