The Best of the Week in… Covers (08/12/09)

Another big week of comics this week and with that, tons of exciting covers to pour over.  Which ones were my favorites? 

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1
Cover by David LaFuente

I was very critical of the Ultimate Marvel comics covers when the line first launched back in 2000.  I hated the color bars on the right and left of the cover image.  I understood trying to have a common look to the books, but I just didn’t like that look.  Now that the Ultimate line has “rebooted” (and say what you will about that…) they have taken the same tactic with a common cover treatment with these new books and I have to say, I’m digging it.  I like that the title and price/date info are at the top and the striking image of Spider-Man by David LaFuente tells me exactly what I need to know or to expect with this comic.  Bravo.

DMZ #44
Cover by John Paul Leon

One of the best things about DMZ for me is the covers.  With Brian Wood setting the tone early on, and John Paul Leon stepping in lately as with this cover, the use of mixed media (the map in the background and other elements), the dark images that hint towards the story inside and the bold typography make this a cover that jumps out at you and delivers the proper message about the comic.  A stunning combination of graphic design and comic artwork make DMZ a winner when it comes to covers.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #4

Cover By Karl Kerschl

As sad as I am to see this series end, I don’t think there could have been any better end to it than with this homage cover by Karl Kerschl.  Bringing back memories of Infinity Gauntlet #4, this cover immediately struck me with the memory of that book and directly correlates to the story within the book as the team faces off against Thanos.  Sure it’s a nod for long time Marvel comic readers and continuity nuts, but that’s a bonus for us.  For anyone else, you get an awesome rendering of Lockjaw in space, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Kerschl’s covers of this series have been the icing on the cake to what’s been a fun and entertaining comic.

Those were my favorite covers – what were yours?


  1. I found the cover of Red Robin #3 by Francis Manapul to be quite striking.

    I also feel the cover of Fables #87 met the extremely high standard James Jean set for the book. Impressive work, Mr. Ruas.

    That Ultimate Spider-Man cover is the reason I bought the book.  Jimski’s vitriol made me want to take it back.  I will read it tonight and decide who is right: my instincts or Jimski.

  2. I like the triple digit counter in the Ultimate books.

    They are confident they are taking these books into the hundreds.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great picks, Ron! I’m really digging the new look for Ultimate Spidey as well.  

    If I were to nominate one more, I’d have to go with Unwritten with that great map design. That series never disappoints in the cover department.  

  4. I think Incredible Hercules had a striking cover. Seeing Hercules as Thor is pretty cool and I love the weapon he wields. Plus the lettering for the title on the cover was sweet.

  5. The variant covers for the Ultimate books were amazing.  I think they were done by Leinel Francis Yu.

  6. And obviously I should check my facts…..Ultimate Avengers (Red Skull cover) was done by Oliver Coipel and Ultimate Spiderman’s variant was done by Marko Djurdevic(sp?)

  7. The variant cover for Blackest Night #2, with Black Lantern Aquaman, was epic in every sense of the word.

  8. I hate that spiderman cover. Like look at his left leg. his foot is backwards. Or is he actually like that in the comic( I never read it)

  9. Anything with "Lockjaw & Pet Avengers" is awesome.

  10. @comicBOOKchris – oh yeah that cover is amazing.

  11. But….but…but Spider-Man’s head?  I mean…does he have some sort of neck problem?  I know of no vantage you could be looking from to see someone whose head looked that way, proportionately to the body.


    Other than that, I’m in complete agreement with you.  But that head?  No.  It shall not stand!  (Not that heads ever stand on their own anyway.)

  12. Blackest Night #2 both regular and variant covers are both great.

  13. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is a wrap-around cover, it should be posted as well, it really shines that way.

    Ultimate Avengers #1 was an excellent wrap-around as well.

  14. I didn’t buy it, but I have to shout out the Blair Butler variant cover for "Booster Gold."  (For those who don’t know, Blair is a comics journalist and she didn’t draw it, it’s her photo wearing a Booster Gold Fan Club T-shirt).  It was a really cute idea and fits my idea of a Booster book.

    So — when will you guys have your own variants, hmm?

  15. If the wraparound cover were pictured above, you would see the rest of the Spider-Man cast looking @%#$ing delighted to be standing there looking at the camera. "Our entire city was eradicated! Everyone we know is dead. The house is gone! Good times."

  16. @ohcaroline: I agree. I bought it eventhough I don’t normally pick it up.  i’d like to get her to sign it sometime.  It was a good idea.

  17. The variant cover for The Marvels Project was awesome. The one with Cap, Namor and Human Torch with no text. I loved it.

  18. I have to admit, I loved the stock cover treatment of the Ultimate books. I also like this one. However, I’m bothered by Spider-Man’s near-spherical head. That DMZ cover is good. Sadly I still haven’t gotten my books yet, so I haven’t seen any in person but my eye keeps being drawn to Adventure Comics and oddly enough Starstruck #1.

  19. @SteenAR That is probably my favorite cover since the JG Jones painted Final Crisis covers.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

  20. @Jimski – They don’t remember what happened because…we will NEVER speak of that comic event again!!!

  21. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Ok, I’m not the only one who thought LockJaw #4 was an homage to Infinity Gauntlet #4. Was kinda worried it was all in my head.


    The variant Blackest Night with the Dead Aquaman on the giant sea horse was my favorite this week. It made me snicker like Bevis and Butthead.

  22. @ohcaroline I second the idea of iFanboy variant covers!

  23. The DMZ covers are great. Make me think of the 100bullets covers for some reason, which were also great.

    cool spidey cover!

  24. If I hadn’t seen the Cover for Blackest Night 2 plastered EVERYWHERE for the past few months, I might have picked that.

    To be honest, all the BN Tie in Covers were bland, I mean this is 4 weeks or so into this run, and though It’s just getting started, I’m feeling a little zombie’d out as far as covers are concerned. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying the Books, by far is that not the case, the books are good even though GLC 39 made me stratch my head and get that: "My Continuity Senses are Tingling" feeling, they’re still some of the best books I’m reading. I’m just tired of the Zombies on each cover, although really, it’s been on only 3 or 4, but I know that I’ll see at least 6 more months of Zombies on the covers.

  25. Is it me or does Spiderman’s head look a little bit to round

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Zero problems with the Spider-Man anatomy. It’s exaggerated. So what?

  27. The cover to Batman by Andy Kubert was stunning.  

  28. the full wraparound UC Spidey became ultimately my desktop (horrible pun intended) 

  29. I have to admit Charlie Brown headed Spider-Man is eye catching.

  30. Yeah, Im not feeling the Ultimate Spider-Man cover at all. His head is just……..weird.

     The other two are great though. The Lockjaw cover is terrific! 

  31. Spidey’s head is weird, sorta, but that’s just an exageration upon the previous Ultimate Spidey, which in itself is exageration of the regualar Spidey.(I’m reminded of Tropic thunder now, "I’m the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude.") And really, there is no continuty on spidey’s head or any part of his body, when was the last time you saw the Web wings? They’ve been there since day one, yet every single action figure of spiderman I have has no web wings under the arms. In the end, when you overlook the head, the cover really is wonderful nastalga of the kind of Ultimate Spiderman covers I saw when I bought it back in 2002.

  32. For me it’s a taste thing and I’m in no way saying the Spider-Man cover is poorly drawn but yeah I hate it. 

  33. If I could see iFanboy on a cover of a comic I would die.

    Especially if it could be conor dressed up as Batman. That would be wicked awesome.

  34. that is a badass DMZ cover

  35. =| Ultimate spider-man was my pick. Mostly because I don’t read DMZ… need a raise.

  36. I hate that ultimate spider-man cover.  the head/face is horrible.  eyes are way too big and the head is too circular.  

     main reason I didn’t buy.

  37. Phil Jiminez does it all the time with regular Spidey and I don’t remember seeing too many complaints. My opinion is that I like LaFuente’s stuff over Jiminez’s.

  38. You should add a list of worst covers of the week.  Then I would add this week’s Amazing Spider-Man.

  39. That Spider-Man image is just all sorts of wrong heads too spherical, arms too stumpy and the right foot is the wrong way around. Some people may call that an artistic choice I call it poor anatomy

  40. Ron, great call on the Lockjaw cover. However, I concur with the overwhelming masses that I want to barf when I look at that Ultimate Spider-Man cover. I swear, I bet 5th graders could draw anatomy better. It looks like substandard work at best.

  41. LaFuente is a bold choice there. It reminds me of Scott Mccloud/Will Eisner’s theory that comic pictures can be just a step away fom writing. It’s as if the iconic Spidey head has been abstracted into a pictogram.

  42. Spider-Man looks almost like he’s rendered in the chibi style, though his head would have to be bigger to really fall into that category.  It makes me think this would be a kids’ book.

    I totally agree on the DMZ cover, though.  I don’t buy the book, but it definitely caught my attention in the store yesterday.

  43. Every Kerschl cover for Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers was gorgeous.  The one from #1 has been my desktop background for months.

  44. Amazing Spidey had a nice cover as well. Ultimate kicked but too.

  45. fables was awesome